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  1. Ike

    "Nothing happened" :laughing:


    I don't like AMV either but it wasn't bad.


    My One Piece t-shirts from UNIQLO arrived today, they are having a sale if your interested.

  2. Ike

    (post was too long so I split it)


    You can equip items to make the Strawhats strong, one item I got for Luffy is his backup he had in Skypiea I think and you can actually see it which is always a cool thing. Haven't found anything else that changes appearance yet though. I think there's an item combining mechanic but it's in Japanese so I have no idea. :/


    The actual maps are bit basic, they do have a little exploration but it's not too interesting. The main story maps have been pretty square, but the side quest maps are a little more rounded and slightly more interesting. The first stage had a running segment and you had to press buttons to break down doors.


    The story starts from the beginning and it goes to at least Marineford. Cut scenes have a manga style panel to them and uses stills from the anime. Even got a fully animated scene after the Kuro battle.


    Music's not bad, still don't use music from the anime but it has a new opening song.

  3. Ike

    Viz Weekly Shonen Jump app is out now. £1.91 per month for a sub.


    Seems you can't buy manga volumes on it though :(.


    Edit: Never mind, you can buy manga on this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vizmanga.android&hl=en although shows in USD for me. Bit confused which one your supposed to use.

  4. Ike

    Ah, so he has a gravity ability? That makes more sense. Interesting...


    Shiki's ability wasn't really that great for combat, Issho/Fujitora's seems a lot more powerful.


    Viz's translation of 730 came out yesterday and it was a lot better then the fan translation, it actually made sense. :p


    Was trying to decide what the worst Devil Fruit power was, think it's probably the Rust ability one of the Marine Captains had in Enies Lobby who broke Zoro's sword. Doesn't seem like an ability you can do much with. :laughing:

  5. Ike

    Ah, that sucks. What/how did you get spoiled? Some of One Piece forums are really bad for spoilers sometimes. I had Marineford spoiled. Although I sorta had a good idea of what would happen anyway. The games are pretty bad since they all take place after the time skip now so if your not caught up they spoil a lot.


    Think I'm going to rename Punk Hazard to the Running Arc since that's what they do most of the time. I was surprised that Luffy ended up beating Caesar so quickly - but then it really wasn't the end of the arc.


    The Colosseum stuff has been great so far, didn't expect to see a certain returning character. And I thought that about Rebecca as well, wouldn't put it past Oda if it turned out they were sisters or something. :laughing: Don't think their backstory matches up though so probably not. I thought she might have had dark hair for some reason but it's not shaded so your probably right.

  6. Ike

    Ah, that sucks.


    Nope. Not really, not very interested in the other series. Jaco was good (done by Akira Toriyama) but it was just a short series and that has ended. Pretty much just buying it for One Piece at the minute. :laughing:


    I hear that One Piece manga boxset comes with one of the Romance Dawn pilot chapters. Isn't that out this month?

  7. Ike

    All according to keikaku.


    Amazon's got Unlimited World Red up for preorder. Wii U is £45, 3DS is £35. Hoping those prices drop closer to release (which Amazon is cailming to be 27th June). Shopto haven't got them yet.

  8. Bad Dem0. Just go without food for a week or something, haha. :P


    Erm, well I've used it once properly since I got it when Dead or Alive came out which was March so that probably answers your question.


    Honestly I was quite underwhelmed with the machine, sure it's powerful but it's lacking something for me, maybe it's that Nintendo touch but I'm not sure. I found the OS very confusing and still do. The d-pad isn't as good as everyone says. The screen is nice I guess.


    I mostly bought it for the new Ys and PSO2 if that gets localised, admittedly I think I bought it too early and should have waited for Ys to come out first.


    Also doesn't help that I've been playing on the 3DS all the time.


    Might be worth it for you if you think there are enough titles you want to play but at the moment it's been sat in my draw for 2 months and to be honest I kind of forgot I have one.


    Oh, I think I saw you mentioned you took a break from gaming a few weeks back, what was up with that?

  9. Ike

    Decided to watch Film Z over the weekend. It's sooo good. Leagues ahead of the first 9 movies.


    Great story, the animation hasn't been this good in a long time. A certain character returning. :o


    Did you watch it? Don't want to say too much much and spoil it. :p

  10. Ike

    Depends, since they only went up to volume 12 with the 3-in-1 books it's up to you if you want a matching collection or not. The paper is a bit cheap as well which is why it's cheaper. Plus you don't get the proper covers. They are bit heavy if your holding them as well.


    Personally, I would just get the single volumes.


    Travelling Man, Forbidden Planet and Waterstones often do 3 for 2 deals if you have any nearby that can help.


    Just a warning though; they do call Zoro, Zolo. Doesn't bother me but I know it's annoys a lot of people.


    I thought about getting a few volumes in Japanese, but I never got round to it. I do have some of the data books and Colo(u)r Walks. Thought about picking up some of the LOG books but the shipping costs too much.

  11. Ike

    English Strong World trailer!


  12. Ike

    Err, not too sure on the Punk Hazard/current arc, feels a bit different than what we usually get for some reason, can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's been a bit less action focused?


    Current arc is getting pretty interesting, don't want to say too much in case I spoil anything, had some funny moments and a rather surprising moment.


    Not sure if I trust Law or not, but Luffy's just going to do his own thing in the end.


    Going to let the chapters build up again now.

  13. Ike

    Few more:








    I'll stop spamming you now. :)

  14. Ike

    Foxy has the best laugh. Unfortunately I can't find a decent video on YouTube. :(


    Although Brook has the best non-villian laugh.

  15. Ike

    Good idea, I usually test a 3rd party seller by how fast and what they respond to emails. You should't get any duplicate/missing volumes though if it's sealed like it should be.


    How far have you gotten through your One Piece box set so far?


    I've gotten into Nisekoi although I'm not sure why as I normally wouldn't and it seems a bit generic. Used to read Haruhi Suzumiya but I haven't picked up any of the new volumes for a while. I pick up the Ghostbusters comics when they come out but otherwise it's just mostly One Piece at the moment.

  16. Ike

    Good opening, not my favourite (which is Brand New World) but it's pretty good. The song might grow on me, took me a while to like Crazy Rainbow, but the song is pretty catchy, it was stuck in my head for a while this morning.


    Love it when they animate the colo(u)r spreads.

  17. Ike

    Got the One Piece Film Z soundtrack in today. Got some interesting songs, but nothing super amazing so far, only half way through listening though. One Piece has some of the best background music ever.


    Preorder bonus was a set of stickers but it turned out to just be the cover art, which is still pretty cool.

  18. Guess someone answered you already, but yeah it's pretty much the same as the original CPP. It doesn't add much size to the XL so it's not big as you would expect and doesn't add much weight to the XL. I found it a little more comfortable then the original as well. As for wear and tear, I haven't really used it too much to have any, but I don't expect it to either really. My original is still good as new. :)


    Depends if your going to use it much, I think they might release it with Monster Hunter in March but that's speculation on my part so it depends if you can wait 2 months and see if they do or not. Importing it would guarantee you have one and in a week or two though so that's a bonus. Worth getting one though, can't play RE: Revelations without it myself.

  19. Ike

    Guess we know what Rebecca's hair colour is now.




  20. Ike

    Haha, is real?


    You read the latest manga chapter, 695 by any chance?

  21. Ike

    Haha, just not my colour really.


    Saying that I ended up buying it and 3 others (including the one with the Crew's Jolly Rogers, which is also yellow :P) which arrive today! :yay:

  22. Ike

    Haha, that was a lot funnier than it probably should be. :laughing:


    You probably saw in the Anime thread but I got my copy of Strong World so will be watching that this weekend when I'm not so tired. Excitement!

  23. Ike

    Haha, well at least you'll have plenty to read. ;)


    Just seen this will browsing Play Asia. It's a Law plush that turns into a cushion!



  24. Ike



    What ability does he have? I can't work it out, seems to be some sort of Earth ability? Dropped a Meteorite on Law when they fought at Green Bit and seems he can use his ability to fly by standing on a piece of ground.


    He's who I think will be fighting who:


    Doflamingo - Luffy (and possibly a Luffy/Law double team)

    Zoro - Issho

    Big Mom - Sanji

    Pekom - Chopper

    The egg dude - Brook?

    Nami on support?


    Not sure about everyone else. :p


    Luffy's going to have to drop out of the tournament if he's going to go after Doffy.



  25. How would you rank it out of the other movies? Waiting for FUNImation's release before watching it for the first time.


    Z's Ambition arc is supposed to set up things for the movie so watch the filler first. I decided to skip it so I've only seen 1 episode.