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  1. I got to the final boss in Golden Axe once, but there was a giant hole you had to jump over, and I wasted most of my lives because I wasn't able to make the jump.

    Similar with Comix Zone, I got to the final boss but couldn't work out what to do and ended up getting timed out. Subsequent playthroughs I used the invincibility cheat code but there was a ledge with a lava pit below it that I could never jump up without landing in the lave first, but due to the cheat code the game would crash. Never figured out how to do it.

    I beat both later thanks to save states.

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  2. Started off looking more like a traditional Fire Emblem (more than Three Houses) then they showed the Tokyo Mirage-esk fusion system.

    Funny because earlier I it actually crossed my mind if they were going to somehow shoe-horn in Lyn and low and behold, there she is (kinda). I didn't know anything about the leaks.

    This is actually coming much earlier than I would like since I need another playthrough of Three Houses and probably at least 2 more for Three Hopes. And Pokémon is coming up.