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  1. Does it? Never seen it do that before. Got excited over nothing then.
  2. Paper Mario Thread.

    Yeah it's great, missed this one on N64 with n64 games being rather expensive. it's already made me laugh a few times. Question: can you not defend in battle just before the enemy hits you, like PM2? Or was that M+L...
  3. Wow, the Animal Crossing stage looks amazing, can't believe they put in K.K. as a timed stage event. I hope they put more stuff like this in other stages.
  4. yep, glad I decided to stay up until midnight to check ^_^
  5. So, any chance of EU getting Paper Mario tonight?
  6. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    mmm game looks good in English
  7. Mario Kart Wii

    I noticed one of the tracks from the DS game was in the trailer.
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    Sorry about bumping this thread, but I didn't think posting a seperate topic would go down well :P Funimation announced the VA cast for their OP dub and here's the lineup: Luffy: Colleen Clinkenbeard Robin: Stephanie Young Sanji: Eric Veil Usop: Sonny Straight Nami: Lucy Christian Zorro: Christopher Sabat Not suprised about Sabat playing Zolo (or Zoro apparently FUNI is going to call him Zoro in the uncut dub). Sonny as Usopp is lol (Krillen from DBZ). As for the other actors I'm not sure as I've never really heard them before. Nami I like. Luffy I'm unsure about though I'm glad they are using a female to voice him. Sanji unfortunatly I don't like. And Chopper. Robin is a massive improvement though :P Funimation will be dubbing the original intro's () and they will be dubbing Movie 8. I hope they include the Japanese dub on the DVD's as I like them better overall. Also for reference I'm going by this toutube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZXleljtkYA
  9. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    JP: April 21st 2005 US: Oct 17th 2005 [5 months after Japan] EU: Nov 4th 2005 [< 1 month after US]
  10. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    It hasn't been given a date anywhere outside of Japan unfortunatly. I'm hoping it'll appear in English at E3 though along with a release date. Path of Radiance was localised pretty quickly, I think it only took 5 months for the US version to come out after the Japanese version. And it's been nearly 5 months since GoD came out in Japan.
  11. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    At first i was unsure if I wanted this game, but after watching a few videos it looks like random Wifi battles will be fun.
  12. Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland

    Can't believe it's coming out in EU! It's one of my most wanted DS games. I nearly imported the Japanese version. I'm going to try and buy this on launch.
  13. Sonic Games In The Future

    His Japanese name was always Eggman. In the English versions he was called Dr Robotnik up until Sonic Adventure 2 when they decided to change his name to Eggman. Though why I don't know the reason behind this. Most likely for consistancy with the Japanese version. He's still the same guy really. There were various references to his name Eggman in SA1, such as Eggman Empire, and Sonic and Co. calling him Eggman.
  14. Super Paper Mario

    US version, I'm not that bothered about a few weeks wait. The thing I can only afford one game ATM unless I make some more cash between now and September.
  15. Super Paper Mario

    Man, now iI have to decide if I should cancel my PW3 pre-order, get Tingle RPG or this
  16. Virgin Media Traffic Management

    Well, it's working fine now so I don't know what the matter was. My ports are forwarded correctly, etc. Oh well. Nice to know Virgin don't block any ports.
  17. Virgin Media Traffic Management

    Is it me or have Virgin blocked the uTorrent ports?
  18. I remember the US got it, but I didn't know we got it as well.
  19. Huh? When did the Lylat Wars update get added?
  20. Well the return of online = me happy
  21. Well, they've taken them down now
  22. Might download it later when NoE sort out the Stars for Wii points. Downloaded DCK2 but i still need to finish the first one :P
  23. Nice gonna buy DKC2. What about Mario and Yoshi, worth buying?
  24. Yes, I miss E3 Funny i was thinking about E3 and May a few days ago.
  25. Oops totally forgot about this game, was online confirmed then?