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  1. I heard this ages ago its pretty much a rumour i dont think this was in England but in some other countries, thats just cruel though supposedly HIV infected people were somehow putting HIV in the needles and leaving them for more people to sit on and get infected too to die I dont think its any more than an urban legend as it hasn't been anywhere on the news, newspapers or the media, nothing to be scared of
  2. Watching: - Naruto Gundam seed Destiny Rurouni kenshin One piece Full metal alchemist (soon) School rumble (soon) Gundam seed (soon) Trigun (soon) I want to watch:- Full metal panic Neon genesis Evangelion Bleach Inuyasha Maburaho .//hack sign bo-bo-bo-bo-bo bo-bo Other stuff i've seen bfore: - Dragonball Z Dragonball GT Dragonball Escaflowne Yu Yu Hakusho Tenchi Muyo Cowboy Be bop Outlaw star
  3. A new next-gen console improved graphics, gameplay, with online, download capability and DVD for £99? not very likely, after about 1 1/2 years maybe but not at release no way, that isn't even enough to get proper earnings with
  4. They will be spectacular, Nintendo is innovative in almost every aspect of their company the graphics of the revolution will be revolutionary not as powerful but just the same look as PS3 and 360
  5. PS3 when and if the price goes down, XBOX 360 no way just dont like XBOX
  6. Looks pretty awesome i love the concept of you being a ghost and possessing practically anything in site, and i cant wait it supposedly comes out tomorrow! its not even that bad so why did they give it a 17
  7. I always use y its just easier, X is just difficult for melee you'll rarely find me using it
  8. LOL imagine that me owning Miyamoto, no offence to him though, i wonder how good he is, he certainly said he would wipe the floor with Reggie, i bet he's alright
  9. Nice with rev it should be really innovative, probably with online play like 20 ppl on a server that would be awesome
  10. Absolutely, i was totally stunned when i saw the Star wars Revenge of the sith ad on TV and at the end, it shows, PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC, even DS but not Gamecube
  11. Hyrule temple Mainly because of the size its just a fun level to play on and also the biggest unlike pokemon stadium where 1 smash will knock you off, theres just more space to fight on and have a good time without having to annoyingly keep falling off and dieing, its also a good point for arching and use of items as the battle can be widely spread across the playing field.
  12. NO and i never hope it will, Gamecube doesn't need trash
  13. Currently i'm still an active Naruto fan, up to the latest and im getting Rurouni kenshin, Gundam seed, Seed destiny and Full metal alchemist....
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