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  1. General Movie Thread

    Toy story? Now is not popular the Titanic? I miss the LaoBan Titanic
  2. Now listen to music, watch movies, seems to hand a ipad, but to a game fans, owns a PSP, can not only playing the game play tired of listening to music, watching movies, so how to PSP consoles, to prevent dust and broken, there must be a carry PSP cases. Because you have to pay a lot of buy your new PSP, pay a little more to buy for you to save a lot, to protect your console. Your first priority should be to buy expensive game, and not worth. Some people probably don't even put your PSP and others will carry out of the home they everywhere. Even in the house and all the other things into your room, you may destroy it cheap xbox 360 controllers or it dawns on you drink, so carry cases may do the work of armor. Others get on the train travel or travel, they and all of the other bag, luggage break it has a better chance. Holster, aluminum alloy enclosure and soft case, will help you in different occasions.If you are a than a rigid and soft inside the bubble aluminum cover too rough users can from extreme impact, water and dust to keep your console safety. Also many design distinctive appearance make your console to through the case. A playgear street case is designed for the free customer hands, so you can be in three different ways, or over the shoulder across the chest or at your waist.
  3. Teacher: we conduct ourselves in to keep conscience clear, is the so-called comes to LiangXiuQingFeng when naked. Student: somehow still get the clothes.
  4. Halo Anniversary

    I've had a boatload of fun with the Bungie-made Halo titles. But I'm not sure what to think of Halo 4 now that Bungie doesn't want to work on Halo anymore. Also, I'm not too keen on buying the exact same game again, no matter how much shinier it is. Because honestly, the gameplay runs on the EXACT same engine, as you can switch back to the old engine with one click. Actually, that feature is pretty impressive, but still not worth spending $40 on.
  5. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    I've heard some vaguely interesting things about that game. Sadly, I've also heard that it isn't coming out for PC, which puts it beyond my reach. Oh well, hopefully it turns out good.
  6. PS3 or Xbox 360

    I've been playing my xbox for about the past 4 months, and had my ps3 since the day it came out, but I'm getting it for the 360. I find the online experience muchc more enjoyable.
  7. Killzone 3 or Resistance 3?

    Sorry if this was already posted. Which one is better?
  8. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Can't wait to play the Vita while eating a cheesy Pita.
  9. Crysis (360 and PS3)

    Looks damn good for console footage.
  10. Saints Row 3

    I will be getting it but not right away since I will be playing Skyrim around that time.
  11. PokéPark 2: Beyond the World

    LOL feel bad for the people expecting a mainline Pokemon. Or a worthwhile pokemon spin-off like Mystery Dungeon.
  12. Modern Warfare 3

    Not sure how this is going to work out. I doubt it will even come close to the regular versions, but I suppose they could do some interesting things with the motion controls if they put some hard work into it.
  13. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

    This game excites me for some reason. Combine this with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and you have a bunch of trippy rhythm gaming on 3DS.
  14. Should Nintendo Develop for iOS Devices?

    Nintendo can do whatever is best for them. But why not Android? Android has a bigger market share than iPhone and continues to grow at a much higher rate.
  15. Wii Play: Motion

    good stuff, this intrigues me