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  1. Hello. I work for a UK based developer. I have some news for you guys, probably very good news. According to my sources, an agreement was made between IBM and Nintendo. IBM wants to join the console business, formerly they wanted to do that with Apple, but Apple agreed with Intel, so they have chosen Nintendo instead. They have all the money they need (the funny thing is, they have a shitload of money because MS have ordered lots of very expensive PPC processors from IBM to be used in XBOX360), and the state-of-the-art technology (which is Cell, of course). The previous rumors on this board about Nintendo inventing something, a way to developed amazing visuals with much lower specs and costs compared to the PS3 is somewhat true. In fact they did not "invent" anything, they will use ray-tracing for graphics, that's it. The hardware of Revo (the name of the console is in fact 'Nintendo Blue') will be far superior to that of the PS3. The PS3 and XBOX360 are more than obsolete compared to the new Nintendo.
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