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  1. Modern Warfare 3

    We have Callsigns, Titles and Emblems for the Wii!
  2. Nope, not a clue yet. Can't wait to find out though

  3. Ok, do you know what the next game is gonna be? Remake from old Games? Pkmn Grey?

  4. Na, even though I transferred Celebi over to get Zorua, I didn't want to use it...I wanted to go with the developer's vision of going through with nothing but new ones.


    Na, that's not my team persay, just my favourites from Gen IV...have used them all in teams though.

    My HG team is (or was, as they're in BW now);

    Honchkrow, Electivire, Magmortar, Gliscor, Starmie and Meganium

  5. No Celebi?! :o.


    So your HG/SS Team is your avatar right?

    I named my Celebi Serebii :D

  6. I've had three


    Japanese Black which was for game coverage;

    Samurott, Sawsbuck, Unfezant, Simisear, Gigalith and an extra slot


    Japanese White which was for fun (and so I could cover both);

    Serperior, Archeops, Zoroark, Volcarona, Galvantula, Lapras


    English Black where I went with ones I wouldn't have decided to use normally;

    Emboar, Escavalier, Golurk, Hydreigon, Beheeyem, Whimsicott

  7. Can I know what's your Pokemon B/W In-Game Team? :D

  8. Thank you. Very glad you like it :)

  9. Amazing site you have there mate. Love it.