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  1. Geometry Wars 2

    I know we have the arcade thread about this is too good. Who has it? How're you doing? thoughts? addiction prediction? GO!
  2. A big thread to discuss the myriad joys of iOS, Windows Phone and Android gaming. I'm thinking of switching from Android to iOS myself, mostly because of the games (plus some other app related stuff) so what are the big ones to look for, Apple fans? Everyone should also check out http://www.hookshotinc.com/ - a new gaming news site dedicated to all things quick and digital.
  3. Stellastarr again =)

    you probably remember me mentioning these guys a couple of weeks ago. well, i just recieved an import (not out in the ok, but cheap impolrt from amazon marketplace) of their 2nd album, samples of which are on http://www.stellastarr.com currently on track two and YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS! damn it's good. i know a few of you took well to what you heard before so go go go! anyway, carry on. my work here is done.
  4. Shadow Complex

    No thread, apparently. Outrageous. Discuss!
  5. Morning all. I heart Rocket League. Rocket League is ludicrously good. Everyone knows this. If you somehow don't know this, get on it. It's the best sports game in years and isn't even about boring old smelly sportsball. What isn't good is playing with randos who think that how you play Rocket League is to chase the ball around the pitch like a demented gaggle of ducks, interrupt perfectly good striking opportunities for their own team ( because ball) and generally turn the beautiful game in to a complete cluster fuck. Anyway, point is: great game, less great players when you play solo. Let's get a forum team going similar to how we roll in the awesome Destiny thread. Go!
  6. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    I'm free Sunday. Afternoon some time?
  7. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    Mutators then eh? Sounds like we should arrange some custom games! mashup playlist is a hoot. Except beach ball. I hate beach ball.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yep. Definitely pretty manageable. You just might not want to stop. One thing though: it's rate hard in places, especially early on. Plus some really wonky difficultly spikes - though you can at least change the difficulty (and back) mid game.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yo! It's awesome man. Really great modern take on the CRPG like Baldur's Gate. Very sandbox, amazingly clever combat, fun writing. Very much recommended.
  10. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    Grand old time, gang. Hopefully can get a couple more on next time and get a 3v3 private game going.
  11. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    Just tell them about the rocket powered flying football. They'll understand!
  12. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    You'd be in good company! Able and willing: say about 7:30 tonight? @MilaGi @Rummy @The Peeps I'm making some dinner then taking the world by storm. Holleerr
  13. Destiny

    OK since we're short an Oryx kill, I've made a poll to see who's around when. http://doodle.com/poll/kv8pbe4qakg33dz7
  14. Destiny

    Yep! @Sheikah @Daft @Shorty @Zell @Eddage @Dan_Dare I'm free from around 7.30.
  15. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    I am...not clever. Thursday!
  16. Destiny

    Sounds good gang, will update the post once I get to a computer!
  17. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    OK need to organise this properly. Game on Wednesday eve - 7.30 start. Holler if you're in. We'll organise teams beforehand if enough are keen.
  18. Destiny

    Organising another Hard Mode King's Fall for next week. I can't do Tuesday so suggesting Wednesday. Usual start - around 7.30-8 depending.
  19. Destiny

    Decided tonight isn't the best for me so gave my slot to @Drift_Kaiser Happy hunting!
  20. Destiny

    Yo! Keen for a run if I'm free. Think I am...
  21. Destiny

    Agreed. Actually really like the changes. It's harder but also fuller, with more meat on the bone. The Warpriest is especially good. Golgoroth could have been more different but the change is still really decent. Night and day compared to Crota HM.
  22. Destiny

    Further reminder - we really want to *start* at 4, so if you need to sort your inventory, buy synths or whatever, please try and get on beforehand. HM is likely to kick our asses. I'd rather not add 45minutes of tower ambling and character swapping to the ordeal.
  23. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    Well if we play customs, that's 8, but otherwise the way we do it in Destiny is to make a post like: @[yourself] @[forum member] @[forum member] @[forum member] Start time is [time] on [day] Then everyone replies to claim a spot. If the session fulls up, you can just start over and open a new session.
  24. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    It's a shame the cross platform is only in matchmaking but, yes, was thinking primarily ps4. I have a fairly busy weekend coming on - how does early next week sound for a kick about?
  25. Starting a regular Rocket League game

    S'ok I'm shit lawl