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  1. I've been sending them at the turn of the night phase, a bit old school. Some habits die hard!
  2. Anyone who has not yet sent in their target may do well to PM me first.
  3. Oh yeah! We can just PM each other, can't we?? Hahaha I keep forgetting how open this game is
  4. haha that's a very good point. I've submitted my application, but I will consider it if my power gets turned down.
  5. haha glad I didn't lay down the hammer now So I guess there's one left now! Anyone wanna plan night actions?
  6. Interesting developments! I may lay a vote down when some of these questions get answered... Heh, looks like Peeps beat me to the punch. I'm currently sitting pretty on a triple vote, so I'll wait for people to have a chance to speak before making the kill.
  7. Fair dos. Any info on what you did do, or anything else you know about that?
  8. Oh! Hmm. @Cube, know anything about this?
  9. I don't suppose you'd be inclined to reveal how you knew? Or do you think it would endanger you?
  10. Interesting...so DuD knew about your passive? Any idea how? Rummy, going to have a re-read and get back to you on that.
  11. That strongly suggests a redirect power, but how did you know about the attempted kill?
  12. I see @DuD viewing the thread - got anything today? Any info from last night?
  13. So was putting your name in the writeup part of that power, or do you think it was part of Peeps'?
  14. Yeah that's what I've been doing all game, haven't clashed once. Have had a couple things turned down/modified though. We could come up with some powers that would have a strong positive feedback loop when combined, could be fun...
  15. so Rummy why not immediately alignment check someone
  16. Pretty much anyone not in the public cleared list so far. But you know, there are people in that list that aren't necessarily cleared, just tied to lots of public information at the moment.
  17. anyone you suspect Rummy?
  18. @Rummy - you're saying you didn't send in any powers yesterday, or today? @ReZourceman - any idea why your name appeared today? everyone else - got anything? I probably wasn't targeted last night.
  19. Yup, that's what Mr Paul did.
  20. @Mr\-Paul I promise not to tell if you mention me...
  21. I can only check the target of people who mention me
  22. Haha oh ok cool so, everyone else please mention meee I misread misreading my PM! Sorry I'm very tired. Jonnas checks out.
  23. wait, I misread my PM. Jonnas seems to have targeted himself and Jimbob, I think
  24. It is true, we often text each other that we are mafia...then again, you did just fail a lie detect... Jonnas targeted Jimbob