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  1. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    ahh! yeah I skipped that, my mistake. I seem to have power checking powers too. Normally that would set us on opposite teams though, no?
  2. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I'm pretty certain Diageo is town. I still say we should kill Smeagol ReZ how do you know three people targeted Smeagol?
  3. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    so the killer is either: Sméagol The Peeps in fact, vote Smeagol
  4. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Rummy is a reverse tracker
  5. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I actually managed to get to Rummy last night! Holy shit!
  6. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    If I was your mafia partner like fuck I'd chime in
  7. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    remove vote
  8. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    That sounds more like it. I'll remove vote if you do
  9. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I've given my character and my targets?
  10. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Right but you're saying you really think my position is somehow inconsistent? Here's the information I have - I can't get to you for two days in a row, and you deny being responsible or having an innate power. Then you claim that voting for DuD is non townie behaviour? His play was so lazy that I am actually more suspicious of people who didn't.
  11. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Yeah I feel like right now Rummy is most sus. Nothing about my behaviour has been weird (DuD was THE pick last phase, his behaviour lead to voting him being a strong townie move), and I've tried to target him twice with the same result both times. He denies the power instead, and OMGUS votes me - if lightning really does strike twice, he's town, but all indications point to mafia deflection. Vote stays.
  12. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I'm just a zombie
  13. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I'm a zambambo!
  14. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Aye aye, that's the one
  15. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    no, would we have one in a game of this size?
  16. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    vote Rummy He was "shielded" again tonight, I think it's a kill protection
  17. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    vote DuD probably a bomb
  18. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Action/power or I lay a vote too
  19. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I could not target Rummy. Know anything about this @Rummy?
  20. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    vote Smeagol!
  21. I think as an experiment it was a great success, and I think that elements and ideas from this are going to enrich the designs of future games. As a game there were obviously balance issues, but there were always going to be - it's a bit like saying Calvinball is unfair. Really looking forward to the analysis!
  22. vote mr-paul lets seeee
  23. sorry Sheikah, looks like I can't resurrect you!
  24. Well no one targeted me last night! I feel bad for the mafia in this game, I think this free for all is much easier for town.
  25. [Sign-Up] The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I have selected lego!