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  1. some mafia

    votes: 1 - Tales (Cube) 2 - The Peeps (Tales, Jonnas) Majority is 6. Current lynch target is The Peeps
  2. some mafia

    If everyone agrees to not vote, no one will be lynched. Recall though, that only one vote placed will snatch the kill, essentially granting everyone unstoppable vigilante power. Also anyone who has not posted for 48 hours will receive a vote from me. It would take more coordination and trust than I think you're all capable of
  3. some mafia

    votes: 1 - Sheikah (Jonnas) 1 - Tales (The Peeps) 1 - The Peeps (Tales) Majority is 6. Current lynch target is Sheikah
  4. fuck it sign up if you want to play some mafia any mafia I will run a semi-open setup based on the number of interested players.
  5. some mafia signup thread

    10 players: Shorty Cube Mr-Paul Jonnas Rummy The Peeps Sheikah ReZourceman Jimbob Tales We will be playing black flag nightless: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Black_Flag_Nightless
  6. some mafia signup thread

    yep! I'll find a 10p setup instead.
  7. some mafia signup thread

    Proboards is down for me. Starting tomorrow instead.
  8. some mafia signup thread

    9 players: Shorty Cube Mr-Paul Jonnas Rummy The Peeps Sheikah ReZourceman Jimbob we will be playing matrix6: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 I'll do the groundwork tomorrow and start the game on tuesday.
  9. some mafia signup thread

    signups closed. Game rules will be announced tomorrow
  10. some mafia signup thread

    I'll close signups at some point on saturday!
  11. Kickstarter Projects Thread

    Ahh good spot! Fixed, thanks!
  12. Kickstarter Projects Thread

    Fucked up and made a thread, then saw this one. Sorry! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chaos Reborn It's a hex based TBS, where you, as a wizard, summon from a random or selected deck of single-use spells. It has a playable multiplayer prototype to try, and it's super fun. Kind of hearthstone/advance wars inspired with high fantasy style. It needs a bit of a push to reach its goal, so if you're interested please do check it out and lay down a pledge. here is the link to the playable prototype
  13. N-Europe Awards 2013 Results

    ahh nice one
  14. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    Correct, I'm not available to design or run a mafia for at least another month. Please feel free to bump me further down the list. Anyone got something ready?
  15. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Yep, though now it sounds like me guessing right for the wrong reasons! IN the end we lost the game because I failed to convince Peeps I was more town than ReZ. I didn't think we'd have mirror powers in a DIY, but that was a lazy assumption
  16. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Whenever someone expresses confusion about the effects of their own power with respect to others' reported results, it sets off alarm bells for me
  17. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I did mention I knew Diageo was the kill protector, which was why I trusted him. But I agree with Jonnas' assesment, my play was too conservative to give a strong town feel. Life has been really busy, should be freer for more mafia involvement in a couple of weeks.
  18. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Very nice twist Cube WP mafia
  19. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Y'all did not, but at least you took an action. GG, everybody, well done mafia.
  20. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    So it's down to ReZ
  21. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    I'm NOT voting Diageo because he is a kill protector. I find it very interesting that Smeagol didn't vote me right away
  22. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Good. @Smeagol @ReZourceman @Diageo @Sméagol oops
  23. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    Just put some votes down, it's lynch or lose. Willing to be persuaded to vote for someone else
  24. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    vote Smeagol
  25. The LEGO Mafia DIY

    yes I am mafia so barring anything really weird, there are two mafia, right?