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  1. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    uh...thanks? I successfully protected you btw?
  2. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    That's a little much! I will oblige vote animal
  3. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    I roleblocked mr-paul because he hadn't posted a great deal at the time and I was in a hurry. I don't suspect him any more.
  4. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Yep that was me! It's just a flavoury roleblock.
  5. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    If it helps I am also a roleblocker
  6. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    I received a PM from DuD stating that a mistake was made with some of the resolution last night and someone reached me that should not have. Please bear this in mind for your deductions!
  7. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    yeah go on then vote Esequiel
  8. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    that statement is causing me great confusion
  9. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    classic jailkeep cant self target
  10. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    I cant think of any :S
  11. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    when Jonnas said I targeted myself and Jimbob said he was a cop. Doesn't leave many roles that would target themselves early on
  12. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Oh yeah! Totally missed that post. Fair enough! A lot of connected information is getting revealed, which is quite interesting. Jimbob claiming cop, Jonnas outing me as protector...tonight's actions are going to be tough to pick
  13. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    yep that's what the writeup claims. Seems a reverse tracker followed your target. Who was your target Jimbob?
  14. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    So you're claiming the boost made you...track twice?
  15. Shirtstorm

    lol this thread turned into fat shaming? ok
  16. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    So, someone can add information to writeups?
  17. Shirtstorm

    Said I wasn't going to pop back in, but I found a pretty good article on the matter, and general matters of this kind, that I think is worth sharing: http://www.popehat.com/2014/11/17/shirts-and-shirtiness/ which I found from here: http://amptoons.com/blog/2014/11/19/ken-white-on-internet-not-really-lynch-not-really-mobs/
  18. Shirtstorm

    People seem to be getting quite upset, so I'll make this my last post on the matter. He's in a position to be a role model to a lot of people, so I feel like he could have done better by them. I don't demand tears, I think a simple acknowledgement would have been sufficient. I'm a feminist, a person, not a cartoon villain trying to ruin everyone's fun. The cool thing about people being free to express themselves is you can learn a lot about them and the world they live in by the way they choose to express themselves. He shouldn't be BANNED, FIRED, HIDDEN etc for wearing that shirt, but for a public figure to be above criticism? That's ludicrous, and I think getting worked up over me pointing out the shirt is a bad move if you want to look inclusive to women in science is a bit of an overreaction.
  19. Shirtstorm

    Shirtstorm, haha that IS good! It's possible to have more complex relationships with public figures than just love/hate. I don't disrespect the guy, but I do think he made a mistake, and the only response anyone is ever going to give to any criticism from a sexism viewpoint is blah blah feminists are terrible blah blah which I find pretty boring, without merit, and ignores any real discussion we could potentially have.
  20. Shirtstorm

    haha oh yeah You know what I mean. @Grazza there are a lot of examples to the contrary, Laci Green is a good one. No ones saying he is bad at space, but I think someone with all those brains can probably think through a little PR and maybe wear something a little less tasteless. As far as the argument for "better ways to spend energy" goes, don't worry, feminists have an infinite well of contempt to draw from! also I wish people would stop calling things gate
  21. Shirtstorm

    Nothing wrong with tattos. That's a pretty sexist shirt! that's really all there is to say
  22. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    I am gonna vote Jonnas in retrospect
  23. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    That seems pretty much the only possibility if the information is complete yeah
  24. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Eugh, why didn't my subscription for this threddd workkkk. As a result I forgot to send a target