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  1. 007 Mafia Game

    Yeah, I'm interested to see what Diageo as bond says about this. For now I will vote no lynch, but might switch depending on tonights discussion
  2. 007 Mafia Game

    I can confirm this to be the case
  3. 007 Mafia Game

    My power seems a bit weak...it only tells me if someone is or is not.....Boris. So maybe he's really key to this campaign? Or maybe I got the naff power? I targeted Rez, got Diageo, and was told "Diageo is not Boris".
  4. 007 Mafia Game

    Diageo is not Boris.
  5. 007 Mafia Game

    she's got nothing on gandalf though
  6. 007 Mafia Game

    Presumably he's invincible, unless someone has some liquid nitrogen handy?
  7. 007 Mafia Game

    Perhaps the number of guesses we make before getting it right relates to the amount of information we get? If so, good mafia trick to be bad at riddles!
  8. 007 Mafia Game

    Yes, the writeup suggests a woman had a lucky escape - so she was the target. As Rez was evil, he knew he was targeting someone good, so my guess is you're M or moneypenny.
  9. 007 Mafia Game

    Nice! I have another theory about the riddle answer but I might wait until I go to sleep. Doesn't quite fit all of it... maddog, you targeted diageo? I did not target diageo last night.
  10. 007 Mafia Game

    a...shadow? Doesn't quite fit though...
  11. 007 Mafia Game

    So three people targeted Rez?
  12. 007 Mafia Game

    Vote: No Lynch
  13. 007 Mafia Signups

    A friend recommended the mafia games here, though I don't think I see them on the signup list...should have asked what their username was! Thanks!
  14. 007 Mafia Signups

    I would like to try my hand at some mafia...thanks!