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  1. No worries! I'm gonna try and get Fierce_LiNk to donate as well at some point! :)

    I've seen some of the pictures you took, there are some amazing views out there! Keep it up and best of luck with the rest of the walk! :D

  2. At the moment I don't have any Valentine's Cards, and I'm afraid if I make one now, it won't get done/printed in time anyway. =(

    So maybe for next year I can make some! I do plan to make more cards in general once I have settled in in the UK though. But sadly I don't have any right now, sorry!

  3. Ah, not sure I have yet. I'll do it when I get back from work! Rarely use my 3DS so I always forget to add people, sorry!

  4. Can I get the password to your video please? Thank you! =)

  5. Ah I haven't played MK in ages, never even finished 100cc mode. Don't think I'll be playing in any of the leagues, I just can't race at all in this game. Plus I'm not home on Thursday evenings heh. =P


    Thanks for the invite though! Hope you can find enough racers. =)

  6. Just to get another one in before the day is over:

    Happy Birthday!



  7. Haha good idea! I'm sure there's even more sites around, but these are the ones I'm familiar with myself. I hope she finds something she likes. =)

  8. Ah right, well then RedBubble could be suitable for her yes. All you do is upload your image (making sure it's big enough in resolution) and you pick the items you want to sell (she could try and sell anything, never hurts to have the option there). Like I said you get 20%, though you can change this percentage. Though the higher you make it, the more people will have to pay for your item. So she shouldn't expect to earn lots from this, a card will only earn you a few cents heh.


    She could also check out Zazzle, which is a similar site except you can sell things like t-shirts, magnets, stickers, mugs etc. So she could upload her images there too. =)

  9. Hey Rummy.

    Not sure what you mean by the fact she makes patterns/pattern designs. RedBubble is a place where you upload your art/photography and sell them as cards, prints, canvases, or where you upload t-shirt designs which are sold on shirts. Basically the thing is RedBubble makes all the products and sends them to the people who buy them, and you get a small percentage of the money made (default is 20%). It's not a huge money maker heh. As far as I know, you keep all rights to your art.


    Since I don't know what exactly she makes, I'm not sure the site will be good for her or not. Maybe Etsy (or the UK version Folksy) would be more suited depending on her work. Basically it's like ebay, in that you sell stuff to people and you take care of everything yourself (making it, sending it off etc). They charge a small fee for placing the item on there. So maybe that's more something to look into.


    Hope that helps a bit, but feel free to contact me again if you want more help. =)

  10. Tuuuuu dudu duuuuu duuuuuuu, tududu duuuuu

    Tuuuuu dudu duuuuu duuuuuuu, tududu duuuuu

  11. I have to praise you like I shouuuuuuuuuuuuuld!

  12. Pfffff fail, now we need a new song...



    We've come a long long way together,

    Through the hard times and the good!

  13. You forgot 'Right nowww'. =(

  14. Right heeeeeereeeee

  15. Hey boy!

    Superstar DJ's!

  16. Seldom Seen Kid is great! My Last.FM hasn't been updated in aaaaaages though since I never use itunes anymore, but I do love that album. =D

  17. Speaking about seeing N-E people's names, when watching Predator, I noticed someone named John F. Link in the beginning credits haha.

  18. Yayyy, glad you do! =D

  19. Hahah yes! I thought it was time I took a trip down memory lane again! So the cheeky giraffe has finally made its return! =D


    PS: your inbox was full. =P

  20. You're welcome!


    To be honest hairspray will probably work just as well, but I'm not sure how happy your mom will be when she notices it's empty. =P

    Plus you can probably get some quite cheap fixative anyway, there's cheap ones around if you don't care about brands (honestly it's all the same stuff anyway).

  21. Nah charcoal doesn't fix by itself. You can get fixative sprays in art shops (specifically meant for charcoal on paper), or you can try using hairspray (might end up a bit sticky maybe, depending on the hairspray, but it should be fine). Just make sure you spray it from a decent distance, otherwise you'll get spots/blotches. And do it in a nicely ventilated room, cause it smells. =P


    Also, it's likely one layer won't be enough. So spray on one layer now, then wait until it's dry and spray on another layer. That way you can be sure it won't smudge anymore. =)




  23. Haha, I could invite you over or something and buy your film ticket, but I'm not sure I could pay for your trip here. =P

    Maybe you should try and organise an N-E meet-up in Belgium eh? *hint*

  24. Eenuh

    Just to let you know I added your Brawl code. =)

  25. Hahahah that's awesome, I want dreams like that! =D

    None of this crappy zombie stuff!