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  1. Create your own Mii!

    Katie is cute.
  2. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    #4 is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA.
  3. My attempt at drawing anime

    Considering you haven´t drawn anything in three years time, this drawing is very good.
  4. Quest 64 wasn´t such a bad game. Sure it was no epic game but it really don´t deserve title worst game. It was more of an adventure game than an RPG imo. People just had too high expectations of it when it came. The same can be said about Quest. As for me, can´t think of anything. I got myself an american console and the games I got, before the ban of buying import games came along, were all great.
  5. Pong, or a Pong-similar game that my uncle had on computer-console thingy. I also remember some other games for it but the titles are gone from my memory.
  6. Your favorite "Bad" game?

    No games are really "bad" since everyone in this world has different taste. People judging games because of reviews should stop. I´ve played countless games that have gotten horrible reviews and loved them. I´ve also played a lot of games getting great reviews and hated them to no end. Just because a game gets low score doesn´t mean it´s bad and vice versa.
  7. Your Favourite Zelda Game

    A link to the past.
  8. Favorite SNES game

    Well said. But if I have to choose one title it´s Zelda III - A link to the past.
  9. Internet acronyms/slang that you hate

    There are many I dislike. But the most annoying of all is when guys use "lol". I don´t know why but it get´s on my nerves. Especially when it appears several times right in the middle of a sentence.
  10. Nintendo and kiddy gamers

    You read my mind. That is so true. I´ve played Nintendo since the NES days and I see Nintendo more as a family-name than a kiddy-name.
  11. Revolution game list

    I hope for a sequel to Mystic Heroes.
  12. The toys you loved as children

    Transformers and Turtles. I had all sorts of toys but I remember playing with those way too much. Toy cars of all kinds was also a favorite.
  13. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    I spent many hundred hours on Power Stone 2 collecting everything.
  14. Mario 128

    That´s how I want it too. I also agree with Pit-Jr about the classic sound when Mario jumps. I´m not against the voice but the "boing" sound should return.
  15. How much are you putting aside?

    Haven´t started saving yet, but by the time Revolution arrives, I´ll have the money. The pay from work is good so I´m not worried.