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  1. Nintendo Direct - September 13th

    45min? damn that is a long direct! lease be an OS update including that rumoured achievement system! and netflix and Virtual Console
  2. Destiny 2

    I'm LL266 now on my Warlock, need to power level a hunter or Titan at some point Heroic Public events are amazing when you can get people who know how to trigger them, I've managed all except the taken public event which for some reason I've never even found.... Some of the exotic bounties are a real pain in the arse! the one where you need to get multiple kills with the Drang (its the Golden Gun from the same titled James Bond film) 10 times and kill 10 high level fallen with the Drang (ONLY ON NESSUS) is absolutely awful, because every time I was killing a high level troop some other player thinking they were helping stole the damn kill! FML! took me the best part of 2 hours wandering round waiting for events or High Levels to wander the area And it seems theres more to the quest too! Nearly done the Mida Multi tool quest too, but the Mini is fabulous! shreds enemies! Got quite a few exotics now, The Graviton pulse rifle (main story quest one), The Sunshot (Hand Cannon) which like the Pulse rifle causes enemies to explode on death, The Prospector (Grenade Launcher) full auto mode melts bosses, Sunburner's Oath (its a cabal slug launcher disguised as a scout rifle), The Crota esq exotic helmet you get in the main questline, The Skull helmet for void walker and Traverse Steps boots. I have to say though I loved how exotics dropped at lower levels so you didn't have to struggle with crap greens or blues until 20! Barely had time for strikes with the challenges and public events! let alone the nightfall
  3. Destiny 2

    That would explain why i kept getting booted
  4. Destiny 2

    so the ending
  5. Destiny 2

    Had yesterday off work and managed to get some time on this, reached Level 20 and light level 181-192, I would be 192 all the time but I got an exotic from a public event at level 4 Sunshot, attack of 111 enemies ignite on hit, explode on death and it outclasses every other energy weapon I've got so I've kept with that very consistently. I've gone through to the first mission on the 4th planet, I've done lots of the side mission on the other patrol zones and consistently been side tracked by Public Events I've loved every minute so far, its been brilliant! I particularly loved the highlight reel of D1 at the start, brought back some good memories! Public event wise, some seem to have multiple choice to them! the Wraith Witches on Titan, I've been through 10 or so times and 9 of those times we've killed the witches, the portal has opened, waves of thralls run out and then the boss wizard..........but then last night a guy stayed on the plate and shot the crystals at the top as the emblems lit up (like Kings Fall raid) and he destroyed them and out popped a different guy, it was like the strike with the dark blade, almost exactly! Now I'm messing around during events trying to trigger alternate roots! and I wonder what else has hidden paths?!
  6. L.A. Noire (14th Nov 2017)

    I had it on Pc (Steam sale it was less than £10) and played up to the first interrogation, messed it up and switched it off - then something big came out called Destiny and I never went back, but I'm tempted by this a lot
  7. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    People in Leeds are arseholes then and automatically set it to private then it seems! the best place for on going raids in the City are in the shopping centres, where its not easy to see who is raiding
  8. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I'm not overly keen on how Raids work so far, i thought if a raid was on going you'd be easily able to join, but it seems you need to physically find where the people raiding are to get the code or guess it, i'd assumed it was a public event and it would join players up to the cap and then start a new lobby.
  9. Project Octopath Traveller

    Its not coming out this year is it though? we've just not seen enough of it for it to come out anywhere before march
  10. Ghostbusters (2016)

    The stuff on product placement was eye opening, and Feig filmed scenes for hours letting the cast ad-lib them? then juct cut it to what he liked? no wonder the film was all over the place! sounds like the script was one page with scene out,lines and a note to ad-lib them all
  11. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    I have the special edition ordered with amazon for the Switch, sill wish it had a physical cart not just a download code
  12. Ni No Kuni II (PS4)

    Damn! tempting but i don't think i can justify it, might just go for the Princes
  13. Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 Coming To Switch

    My only experience of REV 2 is on the Vita and it was utterly unplayable so i gave in (even tried to get a refund as i couldn't get beyond 30min as it crashed or stuttered so much, but sony no refundy), so i'll be glad to have the chance to play it on a handheld that should* be capable *unless they port the vita version......
  14. Do you get offended?

    Can i just say, no you should not feel bad, they should feel bad for being a racist ass hole! i get why you'd feel bad initially but seriously if you have to resort to race to insult someone, or your only reason to hate someone is the pigment of their skin, then fuck me they are utterly stupid arse holes
  15. Do you get offended?

    I can't say i'm never offended (well maybe mild internal annoyance is more true to what i feel), but i don't create a scene, being offended doesn't hurt anyone, it doesn't hurt you, its just somethign you feel, some annoyance and thats it! getting all prissy and causing a scene over personally finding something offensive is about one of the only things that genuinely offends me to be honest, so you personally don't like something so you don't want others to do it? or you aren't happy something was said because in the past yadda yadda uadd and i should have known? er no, be a grown up, say politely if you don't like something and either remove yourself from the situation or ask for it not to be repeated in your presence. You make an interesting point about skin colour, i work for a local authority and we get bombarded with the latest politically correct ways to say things and 9/10 times its a load of nonsense, to the point people have gotten quite annoyed by how people try and avoid certain phrases or descriptions, for example, there was a bloke who worked in our office for quote some years (he's moved to a different better job elsewhere now) called Pete, Pete is black and one day he went off on people in the office, i can't quite remember exactly how the conversation started, but a white guy was trying to describe a bloke in another bit of the building, this bloke was black and he made every effort to not ever mention he was black and Pete was sick of it! for god's sake he's black just say he's black its not offensive to describe someone etc etc. It calmed down but you could see the frustration in him, he was sick of people deciding you can't describe someones colour of skin, he actually found the latest politically correct term for ethic minorities (people/person of colour) to be confusingly offensive, as previously people were coloured and that became offensive and suddenly an oddly similar way of saying that is the correct way? I totally agreed with Pete, had some great discussions on the absurdity of race relations and the silly decisions and things that people took offense over and how suddenly things were now not correct or offensive, he had a real problem with the modern idea of cultural appropriation too, a problem i share, we've been encouraged for year to integrate, accept and enjoy each others culture and now it seems a loud sub set of liberal people don't like that and consider people emulating others culture as appropriation, society and peoples evolve as the integrate each others cultures into one another its almost like some people want segregation to prevent......being offended,and that seems to be a massive problem, people don't know how to deal with being offended and favour censorship and avoiding anything that causes offense, rather tha addressing why you are offended, what causes offense and working something out through discussion. I miss Pete, i'll never for get Christmas 2015 when our works do was at a fancy restaurant, he drank a bottle of wine to himself, got pissed (and loud) and when his desert was brought out, hid it under the table and claimed he never got one so he could have seconds! it was hilarious how a serious jovial, but equally angry middle aged man turned into a teenager through a bottle of wine
  16. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Trump scares me more and more each day, how he implemented a plicy that blatantly discriminates against trans people, that has gone unchecked is disgusting and does not paint America (the land of the free) in a good light! I'd suspect he has the idea to reinstate don't ask don't tell as well His posts about not worshiping the government worship god (the christian one) again shows America is no longer a free society, its becoming a secular one All in all Democracy seems to be dead for American's, Trump is running it like a Kingdom! do as you are told or get sacked, he makes policy on a whim, he makes proclamations on a whip, he threatens people/states with the financial chopping block if they opposing him and he is truely obsessed with how much the people love him! Over night America lost the war of Independence and installed a King
  17. Doctor Who

    The trailer looks so damn good until bloody Bill showed up
  18. Splatoon 2

    I'm part of the problem too,my stance is i just won't use the shit app and go silent in matches bought it htis morning , played a up to level 7, dualies are awesome! love being able to evade! only got to fresh using them before i had to go out Did the first world of single player Tomorrow Salmon run!
  19. General Switch Discussion

    The answer would be yes and no - its locked behind a paywall! Pokemon Go can run in the background and when the screen is locked ONLY when connected to Pokemon Go Plus! if you don't have that £30 accessory then if you multi task or lock the screen the app stops. Its not made by nintendo sure, but right now the Switch app is identical in how it works in that respect and it concerns me
  20. Doctor Who

    Just think how the rest of us felt who watched Doctor Who first, where it was our first experience of Tennant, it blew my mind when he started talking scottish
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Rummy is right, its not far to accuse people of acting like this is worst case scenario, because as far as i am concerned we are at the worst case scenario - online chat through a phone app that requires itself to be in the foreground and the phone remain unlocked and with no other functions occurring. Those images of the admittedly third party headset are horrifying, and even if the first party solution isn't as bad, it is still not even remotely as convenient as any PC or other console offering. If this isn't the worst case scenario what exactly is? the only way this could be worse is if the app was exclusive to one mobile platform as well Remember this will be a PAID service and right now it barely meets the most basic of requirements, so I'm sure Nintendo will make changes and the app eventually will run in the background or at least with the screen locked, but i have to wonder how much was planned and how much will be reaction to feedback? essentially we are doing Nintendo's beta test of its online infrastructure because its rushed out the Switch due to the WiiU, it might be unpopular but i'd argue splattoon and any online game should have been delayed until the app was better, or released as the single player elements only
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Its embarrassing! can't multi task/run in the background i could almost live with, but being unable to lock the phone? say what now? so my phone needs to stay on evere eating battery due to an active screen that is irrelevant for voice chat AND allowing it to increase in temperature with each passing second?! and no drop down notifications bar or anything else - This is exactly the same as Pokemon Go, only that has a dedicated bluetooth GoPlus that adds in the feature to multitask......amybe nintendo are planning a Switch equivalent? right now this is at best an Alpha of this app, it does it core function and that seems to be it! For this to be any sort of success you need to be able to connect your phone wirelessly to your switch and then use headphones (wired/wireless) whilst your phone is in your pocket with the screen locked As en example, whilst on party chat on the PS4 (Oslevel) in destiny i used my phone to access the in game vault through a dedicated app, and between rounds answered texts. It as also useful for checking out youtube video's on how to do certain difficult tasks, which you can then relay to others via the party chat - none of that will work on Switch as you drop out of chat to do any of it I'm of the opinion this app should be recalled and shouldn't have been released, because it is not going to do Nintendo favours on the reputation front when its major online game comes out and the communications options are this! its merciless abuse on line is justified and should really shock nintendo into immediate action! they are riding a wave of Switch success, they shouldn't thrown their own anchor down and fuck themselves
  23. Doctor Who

    I can understand that, some attempts to promote feminism over the past 5 years (that i've noticed) do seem to stretch too far and again if roles were reversed would be considered wrong, but its a movement that is learning and enjoying the freedom it perhaps didn't use to, i too think the balance will be stuck soon and this sort of complaint will die out Some roles can be genderbent and i think that Doctor Who is one that seems the most easily done as the role of the Doctor is not intrinsically tied to masculinity/Gender like for example James bond is (which has frequent calls for a gender bend, one i think wouldn't work*) I had a list of people i'd love the Doctor to be and Jodie wasn't on my radar, top of my list was Hayley Atwell, so i'm disappointed its not her, but i'm strangely excited for this One thing i don't quite get over the backlash from some chauvinistic men who feel women's place is as an object, is surely they'd like a hot Young Woman to be the Doctor? then they can perv? Or so i'd assume based upon how i'd have thought as a horny stupid teen (which is how i view most people with that sort f view) *i'll explain more if someone asks
  24. SNES Classic Mini

    I've managed to get a pre-order in at Amazon, but i'd rather not have to pre-order why can't there be actual stock!?
  25. Doctor Who

    I've genuinely loved this series, and after the last ones i'm shocked, prior seasons of been a couple of good episodes sandwiched between shit The first part of the finale was very good, but christ alive that was the worst make up ever on Simms, you could see it from the moment he turned up! that said if the Beeb hadn't shown him in any material then we might have been shocked, like i was with Dr Yana Really looking forward to the final part, i can't see how Bill will be saved and hope she isn't78, I am certain Simms will regenerate into Missy, but its odd she didn't remember so i wonder what could occur? (partial conversion process mess with his/her mind on regeneration?) I also suspect the Doctor could die and regenerate too, with the Christmas special him being in being a two doctor special to introduce the new doctor and give a nice send of for Capaldi