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  1. Questions

    Yeah iPhone still (and honestly not sure why these days, i kept it for my music but i use Spotify now) Looks all good now, just need to reset up 2FA thanks @Ashley @Shorty and @Ike for all the help and advice
  2. Questions

    Yeah please can you turn it off, I authorised my home PCfor 30 days so istill have access here, but ihaven'ta clue when that runs out. Once i've foudn the right app to do it (authy or the one @Ike mentioned might be worth a try) i'll reactivate it myself. The google Authenticator app supposedly can restore 'accounts' you have in it with backup codes, but you need to generate them before hand and there seems to be no other alternative i've found yet.
  3. Questions

    There’s a HQ? Man I did not know that! do I go down a green pipe to get there? seriously though, I now have an intense dislike for 2FA through an app. do I need to pass security questions? Perform an elaborate improve comedy show? Lie detector? Do I need to do a captcha to prove I am not a bot? Might have difficulty with that last one
  4. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

    I loved the first one, never bought the second as it didn’t come out on ViTa like I wanted so I’m very happy with this!
  5. Its on the East of the map about the far side, a little bit down from center if memory serves me right
  6. Questions

    Yeah that seems to be the gist of it, I thought a backup code let me restore the account in the app on my new phone and only had one for Google itself. But it seems its app/phone specific on Googles own app and you need a backup code per account you had set up to be able to restore them - i fundamentally misunderstood how it worked it seems, so i'm shit out of luck. When i researched it the answer seems to be for the site admin to disable it on an account, I had to do it for ResetERA, who asked a lot of security questions before doing it. got to be honest i'm now not even sure if i want to reinstall 2FA until i work out how to have a system in place if this happens again. Its just a little too secure it seems to the point that if you loose your phone and can't get your account back through speaking to admin, you loose the account overall - so i'm glad i never set it up through the app for PSN, which i kept as texts/calls etc for 2FA
  7. Questions

    Can someone who has access remove my 2 factor authentication please? i've got a new phone and lost access to the google authenticator app and don't seem to be able to find backup codes
  8. Destiny 2

    Theres nothing wrong with Monster hunter, but they are all shit, proper n00bs and i just can't take it! plus there always 5 online and since i'm last in from work i'm left out
  9. Destiny 2

    Can i rejoin N-e's clan? Everyone bar 6 people have left my clan and and they refuse to come on, too busy with Monster Hunter or The Division 2.... I'm still a warlock, light level 689
  10. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    Other buckets! It had arrived when i got home and i just left it waiting for 1.02! Thanks for the update because i'd have been very confused later if i couldn't update it and probably would have left it longer
  11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    Tell me about it! its on its away, but my god reading everyone else having fun is not helping the wait
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I'm glad i'm not the only person not entirely sure how to take that, I mean they've only done up to Midgar, thats not even disk one of the first game! and it seems to be implied that is all they have developed so far! So if Midgar approx. 50% of Disk one is the first installment, what? are we getting like four installments? Episode 1 Midgar Episode 2? World Map and up to Capital of the Ancients? Episode 3? Corral Valley to Life Stream? Episode 4? the rest? and that's assuming they don't try and incorporate Advent Children or anything into the game! and if each installment takes 5 years? Christ i'd actually prefer them to give up and not bother because thats too long to wait
  13. How dare you! we don't have enough Ghost Pokemon to start bashing them. The comparison to Ni No Kuni is interesting, because Mindfreaks post made me realise thats exactly how they should do this for this Gen and beyond - you didn't carry over familiars because the games story, protagonist etc was different so it made no story sense to do so - why not do that for Pokemon? no carry over - you are a new trainer, have new pokemon, or make it post game only to transfer over level 1 clones of pokemon you want to transfer. Really its not that bad a thing. the bigger issues are how the game looks, when Nintendo create a world the size of BOTW on switch, by comparison, Gamefreaks efforts for one open area and limited towns seems, well, poor. if its been sacrificed to retain hundreds of mon, then they needed to be braver and cut them down to no more than 200? 300? 400? and then expand the world. And a new gimic of making supersize pokemon seems terrible, like they got stuck watching season one of the anime and loved that giant gengar episode, or the one with the massive clay doll from whatever season. They could have stuck with Megas and been more simple and just given us a new story in a new area which is really all people want. Who wants a new Gimic that will be dropped by the next game? especially one that amounts to changing the scale of the Pokemon
  14. As selfish as this may be, i'm utterly indifferent to loosing pokemon for a few reasons; I didn't use 90% of them Some were cool looking but in reality unusable without specific teams at the start of recent games i planned what team i wanted and bred pokemon before hand to transfer as eggs, which made the usual choice between three starters an even larger choice That said, losing Mega Evolutions is bad, Mega's solved glaring problems with some pokemon (Charizard being an actual Dragon, Gyardaos loosing Flying since it made no sense etc), so i'm very disappointed in that. I suppose however my opinion may change further if pokemon i liked and used are omitted, like Tyrantrum a fossil pokemon i loved, i bet it will go. I typically gravitate towards Ghosts too and i bet we'll lose some of them. What about Eevee evolution? if even one goes that's stupid, Legendaries? whilst not a pokemon i'd keep in a team unless i was having a fun play through, its a shame to loose them (although i suppose makes them legendary) Really they should just soft reboot now, redesign, retype some pokemon and just leave the past in the past. The thing that bothers me though its, whilst the game looks good, it does look more basic considering other games on switch, so with the sacrifice where the extra 'stuff' going, is the world going to be large? there obviously isn't a drive for all pokemon in game, hell even the wild area looked quite sparse on spawns.......I feel like because Pokemon Games sell no matter what, Game Freak either haven't got the talent to deal with a game like this now, or are being lazy because they know it will sell anyway - the previous news about Pokemon Home suggest its more of the latter and that the original plan is out the window to meet a deadline. I think for the first time, i'm just gonna not buy this straight away
  15. And my Axe! I just can't tell the difference, people bemoan BOTW's performance but aside from a few bits where it obviously dropped i never saw the issue.
  16. I saw a good idea on reddit that there is an overworld and an underworld, you play as link in one, zelda in the other and switch betwee the two for puzzles......i never knew i wanted that but i really do
  17. That special edition looks cool as! I liked the Zelda maker element they revealed, soft test the waters for a stand alone?
  18. Well I for one am exstafic, the best Zelda is getting a sequel! Looked like they found the source of calamity Ganon - Ganondorf. So I guess set some time after BOTW after the kingdom is being rebuilt? But then prequel also makes sense, would be a good way to reuse the over world but have it be different, unless an underworld will be the new area? I suppose without it being crossgen it might be able to expand somewhat
  19. Pokémon Direct - June 5th: 2pm

    Well i liked it all,but my only question..............Why doesn't Hop have a nose?
  20. Nintendo at E3 2019 - 5 Predictions

    add to that some Link's awakening and the next Zelda tease and i'm sorted. E3 seems to come round super fast, until its the last two weeks and then it seems so far away
  21. Ghostbusters

    I loved the online too, played that game to death on PS3 and i still play on the PC (not online since its dead) its a brilliant game! It would be brilliant if some of the planned maps for the multiplayer are released too, think there was a river of slime and shandor roof top map if i remember rightly
  22. Game of Thrones

    I was generally okay with the Finale, I went in expecting the worst and wasn’t disappointed
  23. Game of Thrones

  24. Game of Thrones

    I agree with all of that and feel that they are rushing things massively now for no good reason at all
  25. Game of Thrones

    I loved the episode