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  1. Starfox 64 3D

    I can understand your point of getting excited about a 13 year old game but but i offer a counter point Why are we ignoring new games in favour of a 13 year old ones? I'd say that's more a reflection of recent games quality than anything else! I mean we all know OoT and starfox were excellent games 13 years ago (and still are now IMHO) but the fact that even now they are better than some games that have recently been released who have age and hindsight on their side, just shows how developers have lost sight of what is needed to make a great game. To much focus is put on polished graphics and online multiplayer for example, the Max Payne games, they were great story driven games with a reasonable good game play element, which on release had above average but not the best graphics for that time Max Payne 3, early screens show it has some gorgeous graphics, and developers have said they are focusing on delivering a multiplayer experience in the game.... Multiplayer on a single player story driven game series... That obviously means that time is being split between the multiplayer and Singleplayer, when really time should be spent on only a single player not shoe horning in a multiplayer it happens too often these days, developers tack on multiplayer and ignore the game they've made, or they release buggy games that require constant patches I can understand why a 13 year old game is appealing given that
  2. Stargate TV Shows

    I also can't get on syfy's page I'd suspect its due to DDOS/LOIC attack, over the past week I've seen on some...erm notorious imageboards (without mentioning names) that a lot of the "memebers" weren't aware of the cancellation and we very annoyed at syfails destruction of the franchise, even if they didn't like SGU itself, and it was mentioned an operation should deal with them
  3. Starfox 64 3D

    I completely agree, it doesn't need multiplayer for this remake, it would have been a good extra but its not required Lylat Wars was a predominately single player game, i think i played the multiplayer once but i'd want an on-line co-op for any new games! or something I hope it has some sort of Street Pass function
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    Another six days isn't all that long i suppose, but i was looking forward to playing A link's awakening and Super Mario Land maybe their are testing security so they can't get hacked and have to close their network down....
  5. Doctor Who

    yeah i can take that into account, but the leap is still a bit huge i mean his pirate shit had a wheel, compass etc, the TARDIS with its retro implements had some of these, which would allow the Captain to gain an idea how modern equipment works, but the bridge of that ship was very futuristic Artistic license i suppose, its not worth loosing sleep over. Still a decent filler episode This weeks looks very interesting
  6. Super Mario 3D Land

    Very good point, it would be nice to see a mario game at launch again, we haven't had one since the N64, and that game alone sold a lot of consoles I understand the 3DS idea of leaving off major 1st party games to favor 3rd party but they went from one extreme to another, i hope they get the balance right with the "café" But i've high hopes for the game, given galaxy's recent brilliance it should be very good indeed
  7. Doctor Who

    I'd not thought about earth not being at that same spacial location in the dimension the ship was.....that works i suppose i can ignore the pirate spaceship bit taking into account artistic license and "a ships a ship" very very very good point :p but does anyone else feel like i do, that something is off so far this season? that each episode has had a scene(s) cut that hindered the story a little?
  8. Gaming news websites?

    you could try MaxConsole.net :p well only if you want fanboy news, or to troll zeus
  9. Doctor Who

    It wasn't a terrible episode, but i've not liked any of them this season what so ever, they've all just felt...off and i can't put my finger on why, actually i can they've all felt like they were shortened, like more of the story was supposed to happen in the scripts but was cut due to time constraints and little bits be just show horned in, that's how i expect the missing pirate occurred, the scene was chopped I'm sure any DVD releases will have deleted scenes which would improve them. But can someone tell me did i miss something with that episode? i recorded it on SKYHD and i've played it back and still think some things not been recorded some how
  10. Mass Effect 3

    I agree wholeheartedly I like JRPG's don't get me wrong, but sometimes they can be overly complex for no apparent reason. I like the style of RPG done,its a natural progression of KOTOR's style (wish we'd get a new KOTOR not an MMO)
  11. [SPOILERS!!] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I expect at E3 you'll get your wish I just hope they don't say its going to be a timed release with Cafe....
  12. Stargate TV Shows

    Its a huge shame what syfy have done to the franchise weather your in the SGU was good or bad camp, syfy have single handedly destroyed the franchise under their pressure Atlantis was dropped to focus on SGU, this made many fans angry who in turn boycotted SGU (which subsequently hurt the line) which is understandable, They then decided on a Sci-Fi channel to acquire failing WWE brand Smackdown and place that on Friday nights and move SGU. its just madness, 1st WWE is not sci-fi, its not fantasy, its fiction or a drama of sort and should not be on the channel, second it moved SGU to a timeslot with statistically bad ratings Then when the expected ratings on the bad slot occurred they used it as justification to cancel the entire brand. It all falls down to the management, the lead exec "Hammer" publically stated she didn't like geeks or the stations demographic! what sort of mad man put that person in charge of a channel catering to "geeks"? its blatantly obvious she is trying her best to change the channel I hoped when comcast took over, maybe we'd see a shake up, but nothing has happened now we have cookery, wrestling, makeup artist reality shows (tenuously sci-fi) and Ghost hunting Syfy deserves to die a death, and as much as i like some shows they have produced, they are probably already on the chopping block, so i hope the entire channel is cancelled, the only way they could alienate us more as viewers is if they started showing MySweetSixteen or Jersey Shore I just Hope MGM revive the line on another network
  13. Super Mario 3D Land

    In regards to the Wind Waker i offer the following with an action replay (on a gamecube only i'd say) you can access the unfinished remanants of one of the planned (and possibly even completed -see below) dungeons arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2006/07/4796.ars Seems the link is dead - lol use a fairy? but supposedly the dungeon's in wind waker were; To get the third pearl (and bombs possibly) but this was removed in favor of blowing up a wall to get to jabun...... The remaining dungeon(s) are ambiguous, some speculation says you were expected to do a dungeon or mini dungeon to get the fire and ice arrows rather than just teleport into an island this could be combined with.... others suggestions that a 3rd and/or 4th dungeon for re-powering the master sword along with corresponding sages were included, i'm of a mind to think its only a 3rd re-powering dungeon mainly due to being only able to think of a third sage - a Goron, but i suppose they could have had a Gerudo? or Impa descendant Its also theorised at least one would have taken place in expanded sections of the submerged hyrule The fetch quest was always intended, but probably expected to be done over the course of the game rather than bumped to the end only, after all you can get several charts before completing all the dungeons. The game is awesome as it is, but could have been much better
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    yeah As Serebii has said, supposedly there is even more:bouncy:
  15. Super Mario 3D Land

    I've never understood the Hate for either Wind Waker or Sunshine but Sunshine is the only mario game i've ever sold, because for me the replay value just didn't exist, thats my issue with it, some of it just seemed a chore to do Wind Waker on the other hand was unfairly judged because people wanted a realistic Zelda, which although understandable, it didn't make Wind Waker a bad game, its actually one of the best, and due to its graphical style the game still looks good today. My only gripe with it (and several zelda's) is its unfinished, removing dungeons to keep a release date is the wrong idea Anyway onto Super Mario 3DS how the hell will the gyroscopic controls work? you'll have a difficult time maintaining 3D all the time. i hope its optional, or for camera controls in conjunction with holding down a button like L
  16. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    Seriously thats Greece's Pre-Order Bonus's? damn i know we won't get anything as good in the UK! I can't wait for the game, i haven't played OoT in a few years and i'm looking forward to it and the Master Quest (with fixed issues) I'd extremely interested in the supposed "additional content" that supposedly is included, but Nintendo normally announce things like that very close to the launch might move to Greece
  17. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I'll keep a look out, mine's agent gibbs obviously, i keep the same uniform name across all consoles
  18. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I keep getting a few hits in Leeds City Centre, i can never decide where they are coming from though, probably a game shop But i have had them in some random places; i went to see Fast Five and had my 3DS in my jacket, got a hit of a Jap 3DS (recently used software was Jap), i also got one at Xscape while in Nando's oh and Hi thought i'd join a new board, i searched for street pass in leeds on google and this site poped up