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  1. Marvel's Phase Three

    I'm not sure what era its reminding me of, but i'm getting this 70s/80s bad sci-fi vibe from those costumes. I know Medussa uses her hair as a weapon, but i was hoping it wouldn't look quite so fake, give her normal hair and then CGI the effect, that looks almost like they've gonna make her twirl her wig like a lasso
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    "Ahhhhh my nipples!" Guardians 2 is AWESOME
  3. Korok mask? well i might actually bother to get 900 seeds now
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    was it Chain, Fleetwood Mac? I can't remember what was playing then now, but remember that was one of the awesome tunes during one of the action bits
  5. Could have ridden the Switch hype so well, meh the Direct will be good no doubt either way, they can't fuck up the Switch now Can they..........
  6. New Nintendo 2DS XL announced

    Ive absolutely no need to own one of these, but man does it look sexy!
  7. I did not know you could do that with them! damn there is something new all the time Is it 30 hearts Max? i couldn't remember at work and assumed its the usual 20 max
  8. You can only max out hearts or stamina, theres only enough shrines for that I have max stamina (three wheels) and 17 hearts(out of 20 max), like whise you could choose 20 hearts and then have three less segments of stamina So i properly went through Hyrule Castle last night, took on Ganon and completed the game! WOW it was amazing, brilliant game from start to finish, its a close to perfect as i think a Zelda game could be. In a weird way i found the final bosses quite easy, not because they were easy, just by the time i reached them i'd be come quite adept at fighting (although bloody Lynels are still awkward to fight), Perfect Block is by far the most useful skill and makes anything that fires lasers very easy to stagger and hit And now i realise its over i feel sad, roll on the Story DLC!
  9. General Election 2017 Voting Intentions

    I'm floating between Labour and Lib Dem; I really do not like Corbyn or momentum and the direction they are taking the party, the whole attitude of not engaging the working class who they see as racist is utterly at odds with my outlook, yo don't win by appealing to a core audience alone! and i just cannot get over the hipocrisy of being so anti EU and then half heartedly supporting the remain campaign, his floundering there cost us that vote! if he had unified his party correctly and actively campaigned to the working classes, discounted the lies spouted by the leavers then i fully expect we'd be still in the EU I've done a few online polls and whilst they carry some weight they never take into account how a certain policy can massively detract from a party as a whole - A few polls i've done have me 60% Tory, 60% Lib Dem, 53% Labour, i know why, i think Nuclear Weapons are needed until a unilateral disarmament and i think harsher prison sentences and punishments are needed. Those push up the tory percentages, when i vote the traditional liberal view on those topics tory's drop to the low 30% I'd not vote Tory given their stance on the NHS, Brexit and their social standards not that i like the Labour policies as such either, i feel the talk about massive taxation for those they see as rich is disgusting and completely at odds with bettering our economy and society - pay caps on private firms? what intensive does that say to people wanting to set up an business and excell? why would they want to be world Class if the Government would cap their pay and heavily tax what's left? it feels like something King John would have done with the Sheriff of Nottingham! I can understand requesting more tax and think that should happen but i feel closing loop holes and making those massive multinationals pay tax would have a greater benefit that targeting normal people And then theres Brexit, i don't like it, i don't want it, but if its forced upon me i damn well don't want May at the helm given her odd sense of urgancy (although maybe she knows which way the french election will go and how that will impact on brexit?) so i'd want someone better or more liberal at the helm.
  10. General Election 2017 - MJ popcorn gif edition

    I don't want LePenn to get it but there is an awful part of me that wants too see what would happen to Europe, mainly to shut up the smug french twats on Gaf who say good riddance to all the Brits In reality though i really don't want that, i'm considering France and Canada as my alternate living options should shit it the fan with Brexit Pie as always spot on
  11. Well i got all 120 shrines, i kept going to points where there was a gap in shrines and exploring, my 120'th shrine was a bitch to find until i realised i had one shrine quest uncomplete (the lost brother?) Now i'm just farming monster parts so i can upgrade my tunic, surprisingly Dragon parts are easy enough, its finding about 20 bits of honey! jesus i can't be bothered with korok seeds, if you could track them i'd bother but right now i've got 120 odd of em and its enough inventory space for me, if with the DLC they let you track them then i might bother I don't want the game to end though! i've had so much fun with this game. I remember what i wanted this game to be; a zelda take on the skyrim world with mixes of other bits and pieces and boy did i get that, this game surpasses Skyrim, theres only one game with a better open world i can think of and even it could take queues from Zelda (and likewise for Zelda) now i've just got one problem, i realise it will be atleast 4 more years before i get a zelda game and boy is there one hell of a bar to reach
  12. I use a horse fairly frequently, although i haven't for about 20hours now after i couldn't take one in to the desert I'm on the home stretch, all DB freed and 116 shrines down, these last 4 are being a bitch to find though
  13. General Election 2017 - MJ popcorn gif edition

    I was going to write a huge post, but it would be so similarto @sumo73's that theres little point Labour are too left leaning and ignoring their original core voters, if you read some sites they don't care because they are closeted racist conservative scum, that right there is the attitude of hardline left Momentum etc and its as utterly abhorrent as extreme right wing views, ignoring the middle ground is hurting Labour ! and for a part thats supposed to be on the left and all about being inclusive to anyone its hilarious (but as i've posted in other threads thats generally a problem with the left at the moment, they've become extremely militant and intolerant to alternate or even slightly differing views) Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader, he has lofty ideals and is better off as a policy man, a cabinet member or a front bencher, he doesn't have the leadership skills and speaking skills to be the leader of a party I've got to hand it to May this is a shrewd (in a dark sense) move, the opposition parties have no hope, in scotland the SNP are loosing popularity so may have a worse election result, thus reducing the threat of an independence vote - its a safe election. And as per that post of Kav's its awful, we are choosing a megolomanic over someone who means well. It just highlights the plight of British politics, opposition parties have floundered since either the coaliton or the 2015 elections and nothing seems to be getting better I fear the day the tories inevitably win as it will be taking old yella out back to the other parties
  14. Legal advice: leaving job during redundancy period

    Very true and would have been picked up on a CRB check, but this man is applying for Civil Engineer jobs, and rather shockingly even though you can have contact with children and do jobs for/near schools that could interact with children and/or rquire you to be surveying/taking photographs near schools........you don't need a CRB check! mainly because its not essential, its work dependent
  15. It could be that he intends for the Sith and Jedi orders to end and them to reunite as the original Jedii/Whylls who wielded both dark and light sides and kept the balance within themselves
  16. Legal advice: leaving job during redundancy period

    Companies can't give a bad reference but they can refuse to give a reference or request the company call and speak in confidence about an ex employee, i know his because a guy who worked for us suddenly left about 3 years ago, just upped and walked out one day saying he was off on holiday and then never came back Two weeks later we all had to sign releases and have a meeting after he left we got notified by the courts that he actually went to court on charges of child grooming Long story short we've over the past three years had requests for references and we've effectively refused and when they've called told them exactly why Bare in mind our jobs can take us near schools, so regardless of if were on merky ground we don't want this man working for another local authority (as he keeps trying)
  17. Yes we can Given last line of how the Jedi need to end, i'm now fearing that Luke is Snoke, the poster makes him look like he is the big bad guy
  18. Third party AAA games on Switch - A lost cause?

    To be honest i think that Payday is great and might be a fun game on the switch, but i suspect the timing of the direct means no other Third Party has announced games because theres this huge slightly unheard of games conference in a month or so's time
  19. Persona 5

    Its not much of a complaint really, that i'm annoyed i can't spend more time with my in game friends rather than going to bed. other than that i've nothing i can complain about so far, other than i'd much rather this be on a portable device too.
  20. Persona 5

    There was a great guide i found on the talking mechanic to getting persona's it relates to the nature of the persona Upbeat shadows like joking answers Timid shadows like kind answers but dislike vague or joking ones irritable shadows like serious answers but dislike vague or kind ones gloomy shadows like vague answers but dislike serious or joking answers http://www.kotaku.com/hidden-persona-5-tip-will-help-you-nail-every-demon-neg-1794089838 I don't remember it happening this much though, it seems more frequent! i think i just had over a week straight of being told to go to bed by a cat who told me i needed rest I'm only just in the first day of the second Palace and its felt very restricted on my time so far
  21. Its fun how you can do things differently I was in the Yuga clan base, there is a stealth element like Oot and you are meant to distract guards and get past...I didn't like that idea and went to sneak strike one, it survived and then bomb arrows came out, everyone died and that was the end of the Yiga clan I say may way was cannon since they never show up again in the timeline
  22. Persona 5

    Is anyone else REALLY irritated with your mother Morgana - "go to sleep you've got a long day" "you have exams you should get some rest" seriously stop letting me manage my time in a time management game! i want to watch a dVD or read or craft some shit for the forced dungeons you've just put me in! I don't remember this happening to Yu in P4, you could do pretty much anything, the perks of staying up for the midnight channel eh? compared to the criminal and his bedtime
  23. Lego City: Undercover (Switch)

    How are the loading times compared to the WiiU? some times it took over a minute to load and i just couldn't play it
  24. Persona 5

    Wait is it out today? why hasn't my order shipped from Amazon?