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  1. A title that just popped into my head that could have a very broad appeal would be Elite Dangerous. The potential for a great control scheme could be there as an option with motion controls. The idea of being able to play that portably would probably end my life. Do people think it would be possible on the hardware?
  2. Yeah it may also be the whole soft launch thing. Maybe they are actually prepping it to be good so it hits harder for near xmas. Although, ive given up speculating!
  3. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a unit at some point as everything that I've seen so far has really impressed me (Nintendo are even being honest about the battery life!). Hoping that E3 is going will be filled with lots of thing to get excited about. Even though I'm getting pangs of wanting to buy this, all consoles that I've really enjoyed in the past 10 years have been purchased much later. So maybe by Christmas, maybe a little later, I think I'll be joining you for fun. I know lots of people are excited (and I'm looking forward to your impressions) but I don't mind waiting a little longer :-)
  4. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    So I'm getting pretty damn super excited about this. They've just announced a "retro feature" where you can switch between the new version and the original in a click of a button. Literally loving everything about this title:
  5. Word bro, WORD. But if there's anything better than Rogue Leader it's Co-op Rogue Leader!
  6. Super Bomberman R

    I think it looks fun although a little run of the mill. Very surprised that they're charging so much for it though. Might be more to my price expectations by the time I get a switch though.
  7. Super Bomberman R

    Konami published the opening to the game yesterday. Not quite what I expected...
  8. They need to get Gang Beasts and Duck Game. They'd suit local very well.
  9. But you could use the same headset and just have it plugged directly into the console, just like people do for PC gaming. That means that you get the audio of both the chat and the game coming through the same device and it's won't all get picked up by the mic. Unless there's something really smart going on where the app tethers the phone to the console so it can be used as a control interface and the audio/mic is streamed between the console and the phone then I don't see this as a solution.
  10. Project Octopath Traveller

    I really liked the style too. It's a shame that it's basically at pre-alpha stage right now though.
  11. @Aneres11 Have you tried a system like this before? Whatever mic you are using will pick up the sound of the game itself and then everyone else get to hear that. Multiply by 3 people and it's noisy as hell. You want combined sound coming in over headphones.
  12. Trailer looked fantastic but I'm pretty concerned about how they are characterising Zelda. She's one of Nintendo's strong female characters and her being all sobby and pathetic just feels out of sync with my tastes now. I'm sure it's very popular in Japan but "no thanks!" to Japanese school drama levels of crying for me.
  13. That was incredible underwhelming for me. Not only was the presentation just kinda muted and quiet but there just isn't anything on offer there that I want to play apart from Mario and Zelda. I'm not going to go into a list of things that I didn't like, just to say that there wasn't that much that I did like. Just very ok but not good.
  14. Do we know what all of the buttons do? And the location of the NFC plate?
  15. There you go! He said it! Proof! :p
  16. Oh absolutely, I was just trying to put into some perspective that this isn't as simple as some people may think. And although I know what you mean about their own deadline, this is a huge span of control we're talking about here. From the firmware on the Switch to the physical and digital release of every game on release in every territory (well mostly). It's no small thing. But yes after 30 years they really should be able to handle this by now. Especially as several of their release day games are going to be revamps of Wii U titles.
  17. @Ashley - An honest view of the physicality of the unit would be great. Stuff like build quality, weight, screen quality. You know, just so we know if we need to be careful of breaking that kickstand off or the Gcons catches wearing out.
  18. The versions coming out in each territory are different SKUs and as such have to be submitted for standards checking (even for 1st party titles from what I hear) and as such, they will be tested separately. The game will be likely released in EFS (English, French and Spanish) in the US and EFIGS (with Italian and German added) in EU/Australia. As it's a different SKU the EFIGS build will have to be tested in all 5 languages even if the EFS has already been done as they are different builds. Oh and then there's the fact that it's coming out on 2 consoles too! That's just one small reason for the delay. That's not to get into exchange rates, logistics, manufacturing, releasing on an unreleased platform (tons of compliance testing to do for each territory just for that!) advertising, retail, server load and legal issues. I'm not saying that it's impossible but it's damn hard!
  19. Here you're just detailing why Nintendo have an uphill battle with 3rd parties though. And I'm not saying you're wrong but Nintendo need to give customers a reason to buy the 3rd party titles. In the switch's case, that's the portability. I don't think anyone minds a bit of a graphical downgrade of the PS4 version to get it portable but to start removing features would be too much of a trade off in my eyes. I suppose that begs the question doesn't it: What can you compromise in a game to make it run on the switch without losing it's spirit?
  20. And I was able to do it on mobile 5 maybe 6 years ago. To answer @Hero\-of\-Time 's question though, it's got to be Splatoon surely? As a team game it needs that communication, it's just not as essential in an all vs all scenario like Kart or Smash.
  21. I can't think of a better company for Nintendo to be cosying up to than Blizzard. They have SO much in common and frankly Blizz could teach them a thing or two about letting people do what they want, rather than having to be constrained all the time.
  22. Doesn't that mean that FPS could be popular on Nintendo platforms too then? Nintendo may have perfected that genre but there has been an audible groan about the lack of variety on the Wii U. Surely spending some more time in other areas was a better idea? @Serebiii - Yes, Splatoon could actually prove that actiony/FPS games could be popular on Nintendo! That's exactly what drahkon is saying! I'm not surprised that you didn't enjoy it or Overwatch, it would explain why you find it so difficult to understand many of the points of view on this board.
  23. Hey I'm not knocking splatoon, I'd say that it's proof that Nintendo need to work on more new things and stop scraping the Mario/Zelda/Pokemon barrel quite so much. Ask yourself why it was successful. Was it because it was actiony in a way that no other title was offering on the Wii U? Was it because it was an interesting an innovative take on a genre that people already know? Was it because it had Nintendo charm? Was it because the Wii U was quite starved for a really great game? And whilst we're talking about saturated genres, maybe you guys could turn the same logic to 2D platformers on Nintendo? By that thinking, they should have stopped making so many of them too.
  24. I'm sorry did you not enjoy DOOM or Overwatch? One a completely new title and the other a great reboot that captured the feel of the original. Why can't we have more action based games on Nintendo systems? Or challenging ones? Is it because the audience for those games has gone elsewhere? I don't see a problem with drahkon wanting Nintendo to do something different as their current approach isn't working.
  25. So I completed this last week. Have to say that it was a blast! Quite different to most of the other games but it was nice to see them exploring Apollo as a character a lot more. I've always felt that he's been pretty superficial in previous entries. The final case is damn great too. Has to go in there with one of my favourites. It does feel like they have made the game overall a bit easier too. Like they are trying to encourage people to just enjoy the story which I think is a good idea. One of my major gripes though was that there wasn't quite the level of amazing meltdowns that we're used to but the general animations were a lot better. The voice acting was a bit mixed though and I did end up skipping the Dance of Devotion because of the girl's breathy simpering voice. And holy crap the DLC is expensive. I'm not THAT interested Capcom!