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  1. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    Ah YEAH! Can't wait for this! And a surprise on the 22nd? I wonder what it could be? *secretly hopes for a Wonder Boy / Shantae mashup*
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Guys, please PLEASE no one do this. I agree with everything that the guys says about the antenna placement/type and the fact that the right joy-con uses an external antenna. Was going to do a lengthy write up on this but life kinda got in the way and he beat me to it (might still do it anyway). Soldering on a piece of wire like this makes a defacto antenna of sorts but is likely to have several implications. Firstly, the antenna line will now be completely mis-matched to the tuning of the broadcom chip causing a high amount of something called vSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) which essentially reflects power back into the radio. This may work for a short time (personally think that he's lucked out on this massively btw) but is very likely to FUCK the broadcom chip. I don't know for sure how much this guy knows about RF technology but from the way that he talks, I'd think very little. It's not that he's dumbing it down for the audience it's just that the vocabulary seems pretty wrong.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Well I'm glad that you're still basing your conclusions on absolutely nothing. First it's that the Switch wasn't selling enough, and now it's not selling quite as well as it should for completely made up reasons. I've got a reason backed up by some actual evidence. It's called supply constraint.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Based on what? There's not free stock anywhere in the UK. Game shops have alla of their known stock allocated to a 3rd wave of pre orders.
  5. Switch Accessories

    I thought that it was thea other way around! Good old internet misinformtion
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah I know I said I'd wait but totally just ordered myself a neon Switch.... and now waiting O_O Must admit that the reports on the hardware, Zelda and the slate of indie games has really swung it for me. I think that I'll be busy on it for ages as I don't really tire of Mario Kart as I play it mostly casually. I think it's going to be my local multiplayer console and my PC will be my online gaming/socialising machine. Helps that I'm away a lot on business too.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Thank Space! (and @Ashley who was also my very frustrated guinea pig!) This has answered a mystery on joy-con internal components that I shall reveal soon!
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Does anyone fancy doing an amiibo test for me? The short version is, I need to confirm exactly where the scanning plate is. I've got a feeling that it's actually around the edge of the right Joy-Con, not above the joystick like the videos show. Can someone have a go and let me know?
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Ive been looking into the detail and the BT chip in each is exactly the same. Where the chip is isnt really important, it's more down to the antenna. They are a printed part of the PCB in the joycons but I only have high rez images of the right one atm (and I cant find it in there!) Going to to do some more investigation and should have a proper write up on the wireless soon. This was quite a good read: https://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2017/02/nintendo-switch-ethernet-lan-party/ EDIT: And these guys have some suggested 3rd party adapters, they say that the wii u adapter will work too: https://www.primagames.com/games/nintendo-switch/feature/how-connect-nintendo-switch-lan-internet
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Thanks for reply dude. Sorry to go all ranty about it. Im super ill sitting at home, so apparently I get all Cranky Kong! Also im a qualified wireless specialist so just trying to add something useful tofor the, discussion. I think that the strangest thing is thata the left joycon is the low tech one. There's not logic to Nintendo having each jpycon work in a different mode as the right one would always drain the battery faster. One possibility is that the contention of the connections between each of the controllers and the console is actively managed. When the medium gets busy, the airtime for the left joycon could get left a bit short and not have enough bandwidth to transmit the data. I think that this would be fairly unlikely though unless additional interference wad an issue.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    @Serebii and @Debug Mode : I'll just be quiet then. Ive actually done quite a lot of research into this already but not going to carry on wasting my time if no one is going toto engage in a discussion.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    @Debug Mode You know that Ive been talking about the bluetooth for the left controller at length right? Am I just in everyones ignore list? No one is engaging with what im sying about it at all.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Did you see my post earlier about that? If it turns out toof be an antenna design issue then I'm just saying that I totally called it.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    So having watched a lot of video reviews, it seems to me that the inconsistency of peoples issues with the left joy would suggests a quality control issue in manufacturing. Im guessing that even digital foundry did not test mutiple units. Some people are not having any issues.
  15. Seems like DPD political issues could be contributing to delivery issues: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/mar/03/sick-dpd-couriers-face-150-charge-if-unable-to-find-cover
  16. Getting pulling the fire alarm!
  17. Nintendo UKs logistics are pretty bad. And well Royal Mail? Surely thats enough said? EDIT: sorry I know people are urgently awaiting deliveries. Im sick, it makes me mean when I dont mean to be. EDIT: sorry I know people are urgently awaiting deliveries. Im sick, it makes me mean when I dont mean to be.
  18. Urgent training on left controller issues id recon
  19. General Switch Discussion

    No necessarily. Im not 100% up on BLE but if the transmissions require an acknowledgement (very likely) then this could be as much of a receiving problem than a sending one. Pumping up the output power might make that worse. My guess is that the issue is poor antenna design like the iphone 4
  20. I'm at home ill and listening to everyone enjoying the Switch and Zelda.
  21. Bluetooth is for the joycon connectivity.
  22. Yeah, I loved the ars technicka review. Really balanced and honest.
  23. Just been watching a bundle of video reviews. Everyone seems to be really taken with it and expect it to be a pretty big success as long as the games are there. This makes a big contrast to the luke warm reception that the wii u got. People are actually really excited! And screw cnet...
  24. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    If you look into the dev diary, im not surprised at all. The creator gave the project his blessing as he got to know the lead designer/coder after he contacted him about data mining the original game to find out where the secret dpprs were. He literally knows the game inside and out.
  25. Nintendo eShop Direct - 28th Feb 2017 17.30GMT

    List from someone on gaf of the games on the poster: Rogue Trooper Redux The Fall Part 2: Unbound Treasurenauts sU and the Quest for meaning RIME Zombie Vikings Mr. Shifty TowerFall Ascension Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Thumper Splasher RIVE Enter the Gungeon Cave Story NBA Playgrounds 1001 Spikes Redout Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Graceful Explosion Machine Pocket Rumble SteamWorld Dig 2 Little Inferno Ultimate Chicken Horse Runner 3 Neuro Voider Kingdom Two Crowns Pankapu Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove The Binding of Issac Afterbirth + Duck Game World of Goo Yooka-Laylee The Escapists 2 Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Blaster Master Zero Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove Space Dave! Tumbleseed: A Rolly Roguelike Terraria Wargroove Fast RMX Has Been Heroes Human Resource Machine Gonner Dandara Flipping Death Snake Pass Stardew Valley Celeste Perception Hollow Knight Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom WonderBoy and the Dragon's Trap Shakedown Hawaii Overcooked! The Jack Box Party Pack 3 Hover: Revolt of Gamers Away: Journey of the Unexpected Portal Knights State of Mind The Next Penelope Mutant Mudds Battle Chef Brigade LIttle Dew 2