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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Would be interesting to hear wht you think of them in the accessories thread
  2. Switch Accessories

    So I got my Ozly case today and I do like it quite a bit. Its a semi ridged case with room for everything that I need for on the go. It protects the screen well and has room for games and small accessories. My only gripe is that the accessories pocket, which is netting with an elastic edge, doesn't keep itself closed because of where its attached. Little thing but would make a big difference. Uk based company apparently so I'm going to give them that feedback and maybe mod mine slightly. Otherwise very happy. My friend has had a look at the themed zelda and Mario cases. Stay away from these. They're horrendously cheap and the printed pattern on the gel covers for the joycons is a total lie.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I leave my on standby all of the time. My battery did get down to about 4% during an important bit in zelda and plugges it in to charge whilst playing. Must have really heated the console up because the fan went apeshit. Weird to hear a far on a handheld!
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Thats exactly what I think their strategy is. Crank out the games at a steady pace whilst stock builds.
  5. Let's talk about this place.

    Although I agree that people need to filter what they post, I cant agree with you in general about not posting negative stuff though. Plenty of fertile discussion can from criticism. In fact, between us im pretty sure that weve detailed everything that has made breath of the wild better in previous discussions about where the series should go next. Discussing what we dont like helps us inderstand what we do like and why. Maybe if you had said something about destiny in that thread then someone could have said "ah dude it sucks as a single player game, let me buddy up with you" or "have you tried tweaking your control layout" or "I think that playing this class may be more fun for you" . If you dont think that criticism of games and Nintendo is valid to express here, doesnt it just end up being a massive circle jerk of blind fanboyism?
  6. Let's talk about this place.

    There is always the difficult balance that as part of the forum and communit, whether you should post about something. Concerning the more negative feelings that people post about, everyone here should be able to express how they much feel about thing (to an extent) or no one can expectfind to have any kind of voice here. But I understand what @Clownferret is getting at. Might be good to look at whether it is the same people who post those opinions repeatedly, whether they are multiple parts of an ongoing discussion where someone is taking a more critical view of Nintendo or if there are just lots or people with the same view. I personally feel its the mix of the last two. But let's at least be a bit honest and try and identify with the MANY people on this forum that have loved Nintendo for years. There are those that have remained happy and those that have watched Nintendo repeated make missteps, in theirthe opinion, and also be constantly promised that things would change. Thats been pretty rough and when the members of the forum who dont feel that way get angry at them for being negative its even more upsetting. All that aside though, ive not seen the kind of positivity around a Nintendo platform as I have around the switch for a long long time. It's quite likely that things will get better around sinpky because the populous is average happier. And im talking about cheering up people that have had issues with Nintendo since the Wii!
  7. General Switch Discussion

    I'm really looking forward to Mario Kart. Really think that the Switch will start coming into it's own at that point. Btw, has anyone had a friends request from someone just called "V"?
  8. Yes and no... I'm fairly certain that when it comes to games that Nintendo makes the highest margin of any publisher. I'm happy to pay for it but after spending so much on the console with no pack-in game, I think it's asking a lot for that price.
  9. Goooooootiiiiiit. Promise I'll stop whining now
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Finally got holda of it! Tescos website was lying and they had stock at £48. BOOM!
  11. So this game has become seriously hard to get hold of. Even more than the Switch it would seem. And before anybody asks, no I'm not going to pay 59.99 for it. Was is this, the N64 days?
  12. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    About the internet wifi side of things particularly, I did notice a large drop in signal strength after doing my initial update. Hopefully that point to it being something that can be remedied shortly with another update. Good news eh @Happenstance?
  13. Oh god Amazon, why have do you have enough stock to send me a Switch but not ZELDA?!!! AAAAGH
  14. General Switch Discussion

    My switch finally arrived! (but no Zelda!) If anyone wants to add me up, my code is: SW-2623-8358-7989
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Can you tell me anything about the router itself? For instance is it dual band, can you control the output power? Can you see from the reporting which band the Switch is using and what "data rate" it might be getting? Also where's the Switch? What's around it?
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Dude, wheres your router?
  17. General Switch Discussion

    @Hero\-of\-Time do you think we're seeing a change of generations internally at Nintendo? Was just thinking that with the Splatoon team and Damon Baker that the new talent is finally starting to show its face. I think the era of Reggie and Miyamoto may almost be over. And that's no bad thing.
  18. Switch Accessories

    Has anyone got a carry case yet? I've noticed that most of them are sold out almost everywhere
  19. General Switch Discussion

    I don't think that that's necessarily the case. It's equally frustrating sometimes to have something factually bad happen but people are blissfully positive about it, to the point of invalidating your view. We all come on here to share experiences and sometimes sharing the bad is just as important as sharing the good. All individuals use their communities as sounding boards or a yard stick for the basis of comparison. I know that you're doing it for illustrative purposes but people need to understand that no one absolutely hates something or absolutes loves it either, we're all somewhere in the shades of grey in between. My feeling is that most of us could do with a better job of trying to understand what others are saying to find the nuances of that grey rather than whether they are in the black or white camp.
  20. General Switch Discussion

    So the indie scene seem to really be taking to Nintendo's new attitude. It seems like the the ground work laid by the Wii U in that sense has really given them some allies: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-03-07-indies-on-nintendo-weve-been-treated-like-royalty That's some pretty amazing and honest feedback from developers considering Nintendo's past reputation amongst developers. A huge change in attitude and approach to those relationships But it's not only them that have changed their tune. The sounds coming out of Nintendo are also very interesting. They really sound like they are understanding what they're strengths are: I can't explain how encouraging this information is to me personally. There are a huge amount of devs out there that grew up on Nintendo and are heavily influenced by them whilst at the same time bringing some great ideas to the table. Nintendo said they were learning from mistakes and in this case I'm happy to say that they seem to.
  21. General Switch Discussion

    The reason why I ask is because it sounds like you're trying to have a dig at someone. A lot of your post use terms akin to "those lot", "them" and "all those guys". It just seems like you're generalising a whole group of people into a collective of everyone that doesn't share your opinion and then trying to antagonise them. Not saying that that's what you're trying to do, just how it comes across to me. And in doing so, sounds like you're trying to antagonise people here which I think we can all agree we could do with a little less of.
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Who is that comment even aimed at?
  23. General Switch Discussion

    Whilst Nintendo's reputation as a whole has massively improved, I no longer trust a single thing that Reggie says.
  24. General Switch Discussion

    Wow CF, I know it sucks when members leave (and he'll probably be back after a bit) but I would have thought that a lot of people have had their minds changed about the reality of the Switch. A lot of us were very sceptical about the system before because Nintendo have had a well documented history of ignoring information and promising things that they didn't deliver on. And in my opinion, that scepticism is well justified. Now that the Switch is out and the games are on their way and Zelda is fracking amazing, people are getting very interested. I know my mind has been changed completely. But there are still plenty of things that are missing or unknown in the puzzle at the moment which people really want and I don't think discussing that is bad. This is a forum after all. And we're also a community for better or worse. People will disagree and dislike each other (can you hear me @Hellfire ? :p ) but all families and social groups are like that. N-E isn't a safe haven for people to sit in an echo chamber so they get a chorus of what they want to hear.