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  1. Arms

    OK, n00b question time: - Having trouble with charging hits. Someone give me a beginners guide! - Anyone playing with Min Min much? Are you having much luck with her special moves? I'm not :/
  2. Splatoon 2

    I really enjoyed the Splatfest. It's not perfect but it brought back what I like about the first game in the level design and feel, which I was a bit worried about after the first test-fire as I wasn't feeling it at all. My biggest want right now is for them to separate the sensitivity of the X and Y axis. It's also pretty infuriating that when you are using the motion control that the left stick can't control the vertical axis. Wassatallaboot?! EDIT: in short, I want it to aim more like BotW
  3. So no COD on Switch? Cant say I'm that bothered but heho....
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Hey, I'm not bashing, I just think there's room for improvement. Mechanically, the game still feels very PS2ish.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Here's hoping that BotW gave them some inspiration!
  6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Haha, it's IGN not the BBC. At one point they were a reputable news source but not since the Cube days. And the answers easy, bad news is more interesting than good news. Its all about the clicks andon getting toa top of Google News. And looking silly? Well it would matter if I cared :shrug: Fair fair. Like I said, from what id read. Not going to deny reality but seeing as Nintendo will be getting the online together at the last minute, id expect some things to become available very close to release day, or even after. In short, dont think the whole picture is there yet.
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    From what I read the online services arent even active for MK. I call bullshit. Anyhoo, just finished reading the Eurogamer/Digital Foundry preview and its exactly why I hate tech based reviews. They almost make the game sound average.
  8. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    Short version, don't. Long version, antenna need to be matched carefully or they reflect power into the radio card which will break the radio card. Maybe not right away but it will.
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Kotaku have an article up about Battlemode. Includes video but warning, he's RUBBISH AT THIS GAME! http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/04/19/mario-kart-8-switch-makes-battle-mode-so-much-better
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Oh god, I'm tired! Totally missed that line :p
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Ummmm it's a port of the Wii U game. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying? I would say that Mario Odyssey will be the first true Switch developed game that will push it. Even Splatoon 2 will be using an adapted version of the original engine from what we've seen/played. Having said that, wait until E3. I think that it will give you a better idea.
  12. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    Ah right, sorry I meant completed 99% of the story... I'm not that good! Back in the day it took me a long time. Probably 15-20 hrs or so as I found the desert areas really hard ;-)
  13. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    I see what you mean but I don't think that it fits with what the aims of the project were. Having 99% completed the original (couldn't get into the final boss in the castle) I'm really enjoying this. I think that it helps that Indie games have moved back into this style of gameplay a lot more but it really feels like it fits in with current games. The graphical style and music really seems like the way that my imagination expanded the game inside my own head originally.
  14. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    Well that was kinda the point! The mechanics are bang on the same. Honestly though, there are some small but very good updates that make the game less frustrating: 1) GUI update - layout for the in game HUD is loads better. Makes a surprising difference. 2) Modern save system (but you can still use old-school passwords if you want :p ) 3) Can switch magic really easily and use it easily (there are more than two buttons! ) 4) Hard mode give you a time limit where about every 30 seconds it's like you've been hit. Don't remember that ever being in the original. 5) Just a little more narrative bits here and there that tie the story together in a better way than the original. New players will have some idea of what the hell is going on. 6) I think that there's a little less insta-respawn on enemies.
  15. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    What he said! Dude! Seriously?!
  16. Arms

    I played this this morning. Had quite a lot of fun but I really do wonder how much staying power it has. Unless theres more game modes then Nintendo are asking way too much for this. Feels like theres £15 worth of content.
  17. I think that you fundamentally don't understand the relationship between Nintendo and the Hauser brothers. But back on topic, I've found that people are being a bit narrowly focused about a lot of this. Firstly, the indie support for the switch has been really good so far and Nintendo getting Unreal fully supported is a massive plus. Read up on Snakepass and how easily it got converted to run on the switch for more evidence. There are a lot of third party games already announced and we shouldn't be discounting them because they dont come from the rinse-and-repeat machines that are Activision/EA/Ubisoft. Second, E3 is not far away. Nintendo really don't need to be blowing their load right now about any big releases. The drip feed approach is working well considering the stock shortages and other publisher prefer to do their reveal work at E3. Third, Nintendo will only really have their full online system working for the first time once Mario Kart is released. There are still a ton of unknown quantities on the Switch and I'm sure that Nintendo hasn't figured out yet how much access 3rd parties are allowed to how the online systems work. I can't see anyone like Blizzard having even the vaguest interest unless Nintendo let them forge ahead with their own server styles.
  18. Games you want to see on Switch

    Just far less nostalgia bait (hoooooy small fry!) Im fine with Nintendo using their old IP but I do want new games. I think if something is the second in a row, like Splatoon, then its not too bad but just look what happens when Nintendo re-invent. We get Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime and BotW!
  19. Languages

    Well now youve all made me down duolingo... time to dust of my gcse spanish
  20. Snake Pass announced for Switch

    Ah crap you beat me to it!
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Tried some of the Switch demos too but couldnt do much as was on stand for most of my day. Really surprised at how much I didnt like Gonner. Control scheme was horrendous and the game itself just feels really mediocre. Apart from the visuals it was just dull. Pocket rumble was a lot of fun but im not sure how much legs its got as each character seemed to have about 7 moves which is much less than any fighter ive ever played.
  22. Snake Pass announced for Switch

    Played it today at EGX. Literally have no idea what youre having issues with. Its almost purely physics based and took me a short amount of time to learn. Never felt like anything that went wrong happened for to an unfair reason. Impressions of the demo are that this hits the same relaxing puzzler spot that Captain toad did with a very Rare esk vibe. Interested in picking this up at some point.
  23. Switch Accessories

    I found it best line up the bottom edge around the speaker bits.
  24. Switch Accessories

    When I ordered my case from orzly they sent me a 15% off voucher so im going to use that on yhe screeb protectors. Even better that theyre down to £10