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  1. Nintendos Strategy in full.

    Old.... This was posted at least 2 weeks back non?
  2. I think a lot of what will happen is dependant on a few factors: 1. Nintendo's success is purely based on being able to inspire the current gamers and being able to woo the non-gamers. The non-gaming community are Nintendo's biggest secret weapon in the next gen. Whether they respond or not is completely down to the games, which should appear more regualrly than this gen. 2. Download service. If the catalogue for download is extensive and inexpensive then I see loads of people buying the Rev as a second console as it has a huge games list which is (most importantly) only a click away. 3. PS3's price. I have a very funny feeling that Ken's ego is getting a little obese and he could end up screwing everyone big time. He's been saying some weird stuff, like how people should do overtime to afford their PS3 and that its a premium product. Wouldn't surprise me if the PS3 releases at over £400-450. How many Revs could you buy for this?
  3. I won't... doubt anybody else will. I would feel sorry for the game if you got it. It's llike watching Cid taking away Woody and Buzz. It's a scary image
  4. I get a taste of the revolution.. kinda.

    Oh that thingy sucks. I played that at gamestars and it falls out of calibration sooooo quickly its disturbing. It's all because the whole system works on measuring the tiniest change in angle. As i remember the best way to play is to put as little effort in as possible...
  5. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    #cough# kettle #cough# black
  6. How many downloaded games?

    Didn't Iwata say something about being able to put the info from the the card onto your pc as well?
  7. Also... as we are talking about gesticulation in the other thread.... How about a game like Eternal Darkness but you have to cast all of the spells. I would think the harry potter games would love that too. Black and White would be well suited 'n' all.
  8. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    That basically says no specifications. It only blithers about what the chips are being based on. Wikipedia is not a good source for citing information. Due to the nature by which that information is collaborated it is much better to source an actual games news establishment who recieve actual press releases. Maybe your mystical GR is one of these? Care to expand?
  9. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    Please don't call everyone kids. Nintendo have not realeased any of the specs yet. Everything is speculation. I am talking about the specs, stop trying to weavel out of what you can't explain. "Btw what's that?" - It means "by the way" GR what's that? - Please send all answers with a link to this magical website.
  10. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    Please tell me you aren't talking about games radar. Nintendo haven't released the specs yet. They have not been finalised. Stop wasting everyone's time as you freely keep on hopping between fact and speculation. And also one of the headlines on gamesradar is that "Resi 5 not ruled out". And your English is horrible btw.
  11. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    How can they be right for now? They are right or wrong and as nobody knows the specs they will be wrong. Everyone will be... Oh and it's reveal...
  12. There is a fantastic starwars trilogy arcade. It has a joystick, a few buttons and really good force feedback. It would be a fantastic game for the rev... very suited and is an all-round action/sim game. It's what RS3 wanted to be... http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=S&game_id=9777
  13. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    I don't really understand why people are speculating about specs. Nobody knows and out of all the hardware companies Nintendo is the one who's spec sheet is a very bad measure. It wouldn't be so bad if almost every thread hadn't been infected by a certain form of arguing today.
  14. Next Gen Mario Art

    :shock: Eeek! Is that peach with Bowzer?! Mario has gone all David Cronenberg.... #shudder#
  15. Your Revolution Thoughts

    Wahhht? Can I just make a point that there has been NO evidence so far as to suggest a release date for the Rev. For the people who think it will be in May... Nintendo have released very little about the machine so far. Leaving it a little late non? For those who think it will be late 2006... Remember how quickly N pulled the DS outta the hat. :yes: Anybody got any vaguely hard evidence at all about this?