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  1. Nintendo is right, but you're wrong

    Way to go Shyguy. The fella just asked you to stop being such a hapless biggot of a fanboy. You big up his thread and then instantly return to the type of behaviour which he is complaining about. But then again Mario would make a better Pres than Bush.
  2. Nintendo is right, but you're wrong

    Yeah I'm feeling the better AI, better physics and also most importantly more complicated game engines. But to justify my point earlier, I just don't think that cranking up the GPU power is going to make anything better. Actually, just to throw a spanner in the works, there is quite a good arguement to say that if developers aren't constrained by limitted hardware they will get lazy and just make messy code, badly designed characters etc. I find the end of a generation quite interesting really because devs are working really hard and cranking out some really impressive games considering the hardware. From what I remember, this is one of the ways that the console industry gives the PC industry a foot-up as it is often constrained console developers that manage to find new ways of squeezing hardware.
  3. Nintendo is right, but you're wrong

    Hmmm... i'll try and keep this short. Good games rule, no matter who makes them or what console they are on. However some games have certain demographics of genres which people use to choose their consoles also. I know I do. I like graphics as much as the next gamer (everyone does in honesty). However there are many things I value more, like design and design effort/input. Best example I can think of is World of Warcraft. It is a beautiful game and is my favourite MMO, however when released, reviewers pointed out that it wasn't going to kill your GPU. But WoW is a very graphics heavy game. It is insanely stylised and tremendously atmospheric. But this is all down to the design; I could spend hours just looking at the game cos it's a masterpiece! Many competing MMOs have much more realistic graphic and are technically very GPU heavy. StarWars Galaxies and Everquest II for instance. They aren't anywhere near as nice to look at. Sure some of the water effects are a bit pretty now and again but it just bites in comparison. Personally I don't think that we need more power right now because we will just get more light sources, more polys and more enemies on screen. If designers and artists don't pull they god-damn finger out they can make better looking games, without anymore power. It's what I call cheap game creation and it makes my skin crawl!!!!! This was originally the reason why I didn't get a PS2 btw, cos I just saw too many awful PSX games.
  4. Cmon though Caris... You mention some good points about the new stuff you get with the 360 but is that really worth all the money you are forking out for it? They should just keep making current gen games, update xbox live and release some wireless and slightly better designed pads. Next gen is waaay too soon.
  5. Revo name speculation

    FFS can't you see this subject had been posted like a million times in the past month??!! I'm with Rolf.. MOOOOOOOOOODDD!
  6. :shock: Oh holy hell i can't believe I forgot about this! :shock: We have all been wondering about the reasons why Zelda has been delayed and the answer from Nintendo was that they were adding fantastic new gameplay elements to it. I have often thought that this could be cross gen compatability. So in essence: you put LoZ:TP in your cube and you get an amazing and fantastic game. However when you put it the Rev it will unlock big new sections and new types of gameplay.... in other words... .... Controling Link's sword anyone? Ok well maybe it might just be the fishing game, but hey! Wouldn't Shigzy be the best person to present this news?
  7. PS3's Price Announced

    Ok time to be blunt. PSP is selling really well in US and not that bad in the rest of the world, UK especially. However it is not rolling in Sony much money at all as about 75% of the people I know have hacked their PSP. It's kinda like opening the door to the original PSX pirating. So all hardware sales and quite low software sales make the PSP a fairly unprofitable venture so far. Now they have the PS3, selling at a (from what we can tell) big loss. Again this will be another very large financial strike to the Sony wallet. And they are doing this for 3 main reasons I can guess: 1) A competitive price vs. the xbos360 2) Helps promote a justified use of HDTV, a Sony product. 3) Makes a massive increase in BluRay penetration, again a sony product. But isn't this just a bit of a tight squeeze even for those reasons?

    He was such a lame-ass. He had maaajor problems and it got to the point where we just kept on telling him to shut up. I liked the boards. Random interjection of opinion is quite a creative atmosphere. Plus it help get rid of the dross on the forums.
  9. For the Revolution I wish for . . .

    I think some original peripherals would do me. Like a water jet that squirts you in the face when you get hurt! Honestly though, I'm quite happy. I just wish people (the public) would start listening to the developers (apart from Mark Rein) and realise that the Rev is innovative and fun and has backing and that the other systems are same old dame old. I mean great, you can either have a specialised PC or a tricked out BluRay player as the other two options. Yawn....
  10. Recommended MMORPG

    WoW is possibly the best designed game i've every seen. The look and feel of it shits all over SWG and EQ2. Shows again how gameplay beats realistic graphics every time.
  11. sorry make that the GDC - Games Developers Conference
  12. Hmm... As Nintendo have categorically said "no game 2005" we can rule out seeing games. However there is apparently more to show off about the hardware and the curtain was claimed to be pulled back by the end of this year. So I think we could be looking at a close look into the hardware capabilities. We might get the name but I think we will see game footage at NDC next year. I expect this to be another opportunity for Nintendo to approach developers or to at least reinforce the ideas to idiots such as Mark Rein.
  13. No HD? Oh well...

    Hang on a sec... please tell me that we will be covering motive in this rather frantic episode of te HD generation arguement? Isn't it likely that Sony said somewhere along the lines that they wanted to do HD first? This is likely to do with the fact that if they sell lots of PS3s they will also sell lots of the HD TVs that they make. TVs and DVD players are the fastest shrinking section of Sony's market, so this would explain a lot. So Microsoft hear what Sony are doing and suddenly they are going to have HD (of sorts) too! Supprise! No, not really. It's just Sony/Microsoft one-up-manship.
  14. Nintendo's Role in Sony's Fall

    Similar thinking to me. I don't think that the Playstation brand will have that much clout when it comes to the next gen. It has had it's time and xbox is the one with stuff to prove and it has stirred a lot of interest this time. I just think that the availability at launch will have big implications for everyone. There is nothing to suggest that the Revo will have problems here. But maybe if the PS3 really is gonna cost something like £400 things might be different.
  15. Exclusive FPS for Revolution by UBISoft!!

    Woah there Hal.... I doubt that there will be an Epic game for the Rev for a while, if there is ever going to be one. Mark Rein had a chat with Merrick and they may get a dev kit if they seem willing enough. Rein is just being a **** and licking his wounds at the moment, hence all his "we aren't really that close minded that we won't even TALK to Nintendo about the Rev" bollocks. Only Tony Blair can spout more crap than that man
  16. Make tha cool Revolution name!

    But N64 didn't attract people to play it or feel easy about playing it. I'm thinking in advertising terms here and I think they will come up with something to do with the controller, something that actually communicates. Possibly using words like: Stimulus Impulse Intuition These represent the concepts of how easy the controller is to use but if you want to start conglomerating the concepts of online multiplay and the immersion into games due the the feeling of the controller, maybe words like: Connection (dare I say it) Link Nexus (which I like very much) Which also lead onto a bunch of words like: Touch etc... but these all sound a bit familiar.
  17. Make tha cool Revolution name!

    O cmon... you people must be kidding right? N5? That is the biggest piece of cop-out nonsense I have ever heard.... plus it is very un-Nintendo. N5 sounds familiar.. ...Sounds a lot like the PlayStation 6 5000! I am with Konfucius though. The name should illustrate the system's functionality and it must also be VERY public friendly. Remember, people must feel comfortable to approach the system (in line with the controller design). I find all the names for technical products a bit scary now... mobile phones, cars, even ordering a coffee is fairly user unfriendly. I work in a wine shop and each bottle has it's own personality and a NAME not some stupid serial number.... Out with silly numbers I say, doubt Nintendo would use them anyway.
  18. Metroid Prime 3

    I reeeeally hope they don't make prime 3 FPS based instead of puzzle/exploration based cos the series will then loose all the thinking elements that it had. I am a bit annoyed that MP:H looks to have very little puzzle too but that is yet to be seen really...
  19. Developer Fanboyism

    What I can't believe is how unprofessional Mark Rein is. This guy is the Vice President of a pretty high end games company he should be able to be more diplomatic about what he says. Also I find it disturbing that he makes the equivalent of a buisiness decision (not wanting to have anything to do with Nintendo or the Rev) without any grasp of the facts. He hasn't even touched the controller! What a Microfacist!
  20. Titles you'd like to see on Revolution

    Anyway seriously.... I think a decent Contra/Probotector sequel is heeeavily required. Along with a Starfox game which is completely different. And in that sense I don't mean Starfox Adventures different, I just want to see the developers taking a little more time with it. They really need to start to think outside the box and come up with some new things. I can't believe how many rip-off levels there were in Assault: "Oh no... they're firing missiles at us.... again!" As far as playing some things goes... how about an update to mario-paint! Use the 3D mouse for 3D modeling and what not.... show people how hard it really is! maybe a 3D tetris, pieces fall into the centre point like a planet's centre and the pieces fit in there. It could be quite complex cos you would have to keep on fllipping the view around and spin the pieces in all directions.... Tetroshpere anyone?
  21. Titles you'd like to see on Revolution

    I used to be contender.....
  22. ... Honest! This guy is hilarious. He likes it so he tries to make it sound like he came up with the idea first. Loser. See for yourself: http://gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=12101
  23. Nextgen Zelda - First Person?

    I know Iwata was talking about Zelda being taken from a "different perspective" but do you really need to be 1FP to slash the sword around? I mean honestly, why cant you just be in 3rd person and use the sword? It might be a little harder to judge your slashes but it would still be more zelda-eeey... Maybe they are going to take the perspective from RE4, that would rock. It would make the dungeons waaay more tense plus you would still get all that accuracy and control. Maybe it is time to say good-bye to the good old "Z targetting" created for ocarina of time. It was a monument in 3D gaming progression but sometimes we must move on...
  24. I Swear, IGN Wont Stop

    Meh I don't like that design at all. It's sqaure and flat and has no aesthetically pleasing qualities at all. Ninty will do something more stylish if it is (and should be!) a cradle. Liking the 4 way idea... very practical. But bulky and nasty.... me no like.
  25. Lets have everyones input here......

    Erm... Mortal Kombat using dual wield controllers for those lovely weapons, or your fists! You can have virtual hands with the two controllers and if you hold a button you change to kicking instead. You could build up your own style and have perfect control over things like faking moves and faints. Shenmue 3, this game WILL be outstanding, plus I wanna find out what happens! Matrix Training. An original idea I came up with this morning, get people used to the controller and would be a hot technical demo. Spend some time with morpheus learning how to fight in different styles and use different weapons. Its all about getting used to a new world and reality where you can control both of you hands independantly in the game.