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  1. Introducing the Nintendo RS(tm)!

    I like it. But I don't see why parents would get confused. People can tell the difference between a BMW 3 or 7 series and between a Merc SLK and an ML. Plus it still leaves scope to be called Revolution. The design is good, especially the form of the curves but it seems a little too simple but I think that comes from the flat side of the R. Don't really think they should involve the Nintendo logo into it though. Again (like the name) I think that the logo will reflect the system. Think about it. SNES logo was the four colour splodge, representing the A,B,X,Y colours and also the increased colour range on the system compared to the NES. The N64 symbol embodied the 3D era. The Cube symbol was pretty much well the same as there wasn't really a big change in that gen apart from upgrading. Now we have a big change and I think Ninty will reflect that to strengthen the franchise.
  2. Paper Mario revolution

    I'm a way into PM2 and I like it. It has charm. But it is getting really repetitive. Why do I have to keep aquiring new characters, this isn't Pokemon! Sorry, not to gripe but I didn't think the battle system was that great. Much preferred Mario RPG. But hey it's colourful it's fun and the little runt guys from the forrest rule! But enough material for a 3rd? Dunno... We don't want another Mario Party franchise on our hands do we?
  3. Ppl ppl ppl.... I don't think Nintendo would have given us a trailer illustrating people playing the Revo in a very social setting at TGS if there was a headset. Ninty love social multiplayer gaming and this just seems to go against their philosophy. (Virtual Boy excluded).
  4. IGN = Strange/News?

    Megaton was a big super-hype fest that came around E3 (i think) a while back. Speculation turned into good will and that became faith and then on to believing the lieeeees! Anyways. We saw a similar thing happen at E3 and many ppl got duped by the hype and speculation. It was proclaimed to be Megaton the second coming. This instance of making Nintendo news when there is none is becoming more common and is generally labelled as MEGATON if it is unsubstantiated.
  5. 3D Modelling Thread

    Cloud, I'm guessing that you extruded those highways? You make one "hoop" and then extrude it along a given path yeah? I'm guessing that the city is mostly NURBs too? Sorry I know it sounds like a lot of questions but I'm just picking out the techniques you've used...
  6. IGN = Strange/News?

    Oh cmon guys.... its a joke. It's meant to show that people who want Nintendo news like us are so frustrated that it feels like we are going in circles. The addition of megaton is just adding insult to injury about useless speculation and hype.
  7. With you on the power comment Goku. I'm getting pretty tired off all the "I know about tech waaaaaty better than youuu" stuff. We have: No specs, no screens, no demos, lots of unfounded speculation.
  8. Have you seen the shell?
  9. It's probably because they haven't shown the shell yet, so devs won't know if it will work well with the game. There is another theory that suggests that Capcom are developing another RE game for the rev and would not want to release RE5 as well as they would not want to be competing with themselves.
  10. New Reggie Interview! Takes X360's Name!

    Hmmmm Iwata's confirmed that they must have a pre-thanksgiving release. Looks like autumn could get a little feisty! http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=14163
  11. PS3 Still A Conceptual Design?

    I hope they are changing the controller. I'm not gonna get one striaght away but I think the rest of the gaming world would appreciate not using a bat-a-rang. Sounds silly but I still can't believe they made it look so lame. It's very out of character for them, so it's likely that it was rushed as Nintendo were going to show off the look of the Rev.
  12. ATI interested

    We are talking games that EA make. In a similar way to Nintendo R&D 1 and 2 and EAD. So at the beginning of the game boot up, all you get is the Nintendo logo or the EA logo. I am talking 2nd party devs. You're the one that brought up HAL. And yes, I am sure HALs relationship with the publishing side of Nintendo must be different seeing as Mr. Nintendo = Saturo Iwata = Mr. HAL labs.
  13. I know its a Osaka's Blog but....

    Nahhh... Nintendo wouldn't put their logo in the bottom left. They aren't that patronising as to say "It's a Nintendo... remember?" Apart from that, it's quite a good effort I think
  14. ATI interested

    HAL labs is part of Nintendo. They have HAL's interest at heart. My comment stated that C&C hasn't been all that great for a long time (ever since Westwood got bought up). And Lionhead are not owned by EA, therefore will have the normal developer/publisher relationship. It's only financial support. They have little interest in publishing games that the devs are happy with just what they themselves are happy with. I wasn't fanboyishly bashing EA. "Anymore" referred to the above: "name me 5 good ones" comment. I'm not a fool.
  15. ATI interested

    Errr... C&C not good anymore from what i've heard not that they really make that. It's made by westwood who they absorbed and B&W is made by Lionhead. Anymore?
  16. Launch nights!

    I'll be there. Was at Virgin for the DS release although i didn't have the money to get one bu that was ver fun. The release for Nintendogs was soooo much better though; lots of show dogs and a weird mega sized demo pod in the hape of a bone!! I would say to people if you wanna be in the queue then arrive at the very least 5 hours early. I will probably be there before that but if people wanna hook up thats cool...
  17. A portable revolution

    We have been looking a lot at the console sizes recently and it just hit me. The Rev has a general kind of base station functionality to it and it is weeeee-small. Could Nintendo be planning for people to carry their console around quite a bit? I mean size wise the thing is verging on being comparable with a NES cartridge, so why not take it around like your own personal library? All you do is slap it into the base station where ever you are going. Surely they will have pads too?
  18. Revolution Less than $299

    Can I have one of yours? :P
  19. Revolution Less than $299

    I think £100 would be a smart choice. It puts the rev in a different price bracket completely. It'll be successful then as loads of people will buy it as a second console and also more people who don't play games will think about getting one too.
  20. GP2X!!!.....at last!!

    Hey man any follow up review bits? How do the roms look? Other software, tv out etc?
  21. OK people, we spend a lot of energy on speculation in this part of the forum, from analysing everything anybody says about the revolution to picking apart supposed specs. We should be putting our energy to better use. Please you this thread to post any game concepts you have for the rev or feel free to comment on other people's or suggest modifications. I leave the floor open...
  22. Revolution Game Concepts

    maybe thats the 3rd secret hehehe
  23. X Box 360 sucks

    Oh yeah about the power supply: Is mean to be huge and ugly right? And you can't keep it behind your tv or under anything really because it will overheat? So you have to have that brick out front for all to see? Hmm... not good...
  24. I like your thinking. It has a very Nintendo thinking behind it, especially as Iwata's reasons he quoted seemed a little lame. I think he had to change his mind about what he was going to say at the last minute because Sony didn't show enought at E3. It makes perfect sense not to be very CPU heavy as the machine is menat to be a games machine. Specialised (rather than generalised - Cell *cough*) kit is much more economical in evey sense.
  25. Please help me!

    Errr mate seriously just draw the skin up yourself. It won't take you long in photoshop, especially as the NES has a very square based design. Plus if you do it yourself you might just learn something