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  1. Microsoft handheld?

    It makes no sense for them to do it. They need to make their console gaming a bit more profitable first and then think about expanding. They would be better served to support the DS (which they are doing) and use it as a tool to make money and shit on Sony in tandem. "My enemy's enemy..."
  2. Midway making FPS on Revolution. UE3?

    Viper, Midway released Area 51, I think that was their first attempt. But yeah we should be focusing more on the fact that its Midway. Psi-Ops was meant to be a pretty good game so I'm hoping for something fairly good here. However, you never can tell with cross platform games...
  3. No retro you're a bit off base. They are spying on their own citizens, just like in 1984 (George Orwell). The students r getting pissed because they live in a country that is meant to be based on freedom of thought and speech yet their Attorney General is justifying monitoring people, to check if anyone gets out of line. Anybody see how they are pressuring Google into giving them information on people? That's messed up. I can see why Google did what they did in China but being used as a 3rd party spy service is just low, especially when you try and enforce it by law.
  4. I wouldn't call the student response here childish. From the way the story is reported the AG was probably spouting a rather familiar load of rhetoric that would get students, especially law students very riled. I think their actions are far more powerful than a disgussion. Arguements can easily get swept aside, whereas action (peaceful please!) is a very solid and unified way of displaying a great unrest about an issue.
  5. Microsoft handheld?

    Ahh well. Look how Sony has forced Nintendo not to make any more mistakes. Surely this competition can't be a bad pressure for creativity?
  6. New Spider-Man costume?

    Looking a bit too much like Arana for my liking
  7. Midway making FPS on Revolution. UE3?

    Could be interesting. Lets just hope it's not just a UT clone. It looks like the engine can run on the Revo then...
  8. A bit? Their whole buisiness strategy is riding on the PS3. Bad PS3 sales = bad Bluray penetration. Their only way out if the sales are down is by the xbox pushing the HD-tv sales and with so many other good electronics prodycers making them too, I don't see that this will be much of a factor. But hey... the likelyhood of it selling badly. That's another ball game completely. I would have an opinion on this but Microsoft have left the door wide open for Sony with the 360 shortages. But hey.. we haven't even seen what the PS3 can do properly yet (if at all) so there are too many factors pin it all down. It's gonna be fun though...
  9. OK so the news from Nintendo Power confirms that Ganon is indeed live and unwell in LoZ:TP. But: "I know that everyone's wondering what going on with Link's old nemesis. All I can say now is, we're preparing more than you could possibly ever, ever, ever expect...." Doesn't this have Revo controller written all over it? http://www.hyrule.net/?get=newsview&date=942&lan=en
  10. Exclusive Nintendo event in London 26/01/06

    I can't find the competition anywhere on the website. Dammit.... Can we find out even what show it was advertised or what time?
  11. Exclusive Nintendo event in London 26/01/06

    OK mate... I'm on 3 so I'm gonna need more details...
  12. Owning Ganon, Revo Style

    Sorry mate. But if you wanna get picky I don't think they actually say his name so their is still a slim chance that I might be wrong. Guess you can't please everyone.... anyway, what did you think this thread was going to be about. Use a bit of foresight man...
  13. E3 Revolution

    I'm not surprised really. What with Nintendo trying to break into new bits of the market (older folk and more women/girls) it would only make sense. Nothing spells "geeky-hormone-driven boys" than a festival full of sex advertising. It's about the products and it's a shame companies have to sink to this to promote. It's a wiser and more mature choice. You want the girls to play? Then get rid of the juvenile and boyish image.
  14. If all turns out as we expect (which it most likely will) with a PS3 Thanksgiving release and a high price stamp, things are going to go very odd me thinks. I would initially say that this is probably Sony's time to leave the throne in a similar way to Nintendo in the N64 days. However they seem to be playing pretty dumb at the moment so I'm suspicious that they are brewing something...
  15. Fixing broken PS2s

    Hey all, I should be aquiring a broken PS2 for free soon, if all goes smoothly. Obviously it cheapness is down to the fact that its a bit bust. Well ok a lot bust. It's a slimline platinum model and it doesn't power on at all. From what the person say that I'm getting it off, it's nothing to do with the transformer cos hes tested it with another one. Any clues? I know I haven't had a chance to open it up yet but still... Any ideas on common problems or links to helpful websites would be ace and much appreciated. Tah all.
  16. OK people I've recently sent off my UCAS application looking to do the art side of gaming. I have applied to: Bournemouth: 3yr BA in Computer Visualisation and Animation. De Monteford: 3yr BA in Game Art Design Teeside: 3yr BA/4yr sandwich (1yr in industry) in Computer Games Art Was wondering if anyone had any opinions about any of these courses or has heard anything? I know Bournemouth and Tees are good but I'm trying to find which one I would prefer or which one is better. Any help?
  17. Broken Laptop

    Ohhh... how hot is it getting? I hate bloody laptops for that reason alone! Similar thing happened to me when my friend accidentally stopped one of the main windows processes from Task Manager. Unfortunately for me formatting was the only answer. But don't let me stop ya. Try EVERYTHING!
  18. So a disk shattered in my disk drive

    Hmmm... seriously. I would strip the whole thing down. You should really get every bit of the CD out cos those things really shatter into tiny bits. Even if you did get it working again, if a bit of shard started knicking around at 32X you are gonna get some nasty lazer disruption or some major disc damage. As I said, piece the thing and maybe even hoover it (CAREFULLY).
  19. Resident Evil 5 may be Rev bound!

    Maybe Capcom kept watching the bit in the Revo demo video with the guy using the nunchuck config and using the controller as a gun (think he dives onto a chair during the scene).
  20. Universities for Gaming

    Cheers for the heads up Colin. I talked to Matthew Horton, who is the head of the animation department at Tees I think. He was very excited about me going cos I've already done a degree and my A levels are pretty good. Got a feeling that he even made a note of my name! Cheers for the words too Hem. I know about Bourns reputation, but the course seems very heavy on the programming side. That is why I think it is aimed a bit more at the movie industry. I did talk to one of the staff at my college though and she said a lot of people are there to do games so we shall see... Tees just sounds a bit more games orientated. Plus they have Animex (looks v good from the website). And for other people's reference they said that they have got through the second round of examinations for the Skillset report. See: http://www.skillset.org/games/ This teacher I talked to said she is going to talk to some of her friends to get a bit more info. I'll post it if anyone is interested?
  21. Introducing the Nintendo RS(tm)!

    Maybe the start of some viral advertising? Well then again maybe not. Those curves wouldn't be that hard to do if you know how to use vector based programs, methinks. There's a lot of relecting circles going on there too which makes me think it would be even easier to do. I think Pro is a bit of a misnomer (sp?) because... well just look at the Nintendo ON video. That certainly looks professional to me. Doubt some game artist could do that.
  22. 3D Modelling Thread

    No worries dude, I do symapthise. Yeah I was thinking about extrude along path. Btw if you try and use your masking techniques like template and also fully hiding stuff, doesn't this reduce the memory usage? Or were you still being crippled even doing that? Also did you put the curve in the skyscrper before or after you did the windows? It has quite a cartoony weight to it. I like it a lot. Muchos kudos
  23. I'm Back

    Maybe it's a $10 loss since the price drop.
  24. Introducing the Nintendo RS(tm)!

    Why do you want it to be the Nintendo Stereoscope?