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  1. Is anyone else actually getting anoyed with the lack of info or footage? Would it really take getting on for six months to institue these new features? I'm still pretty pissed off that they only let us have a few screens in compensation for the dealy. Pull it together Ninty, this going to be your last GCN game ffs!
  2. Loads more PS3 Details!

    Why does everyone think that Killzone 2 is going to be great? Any evidence apart from graphics really? @Johelian - If it wasn't for people wanting to change the way we play games you wouldn't be playing those games now. It's all about breaking down barriers, not just on new ways of play but in general creative game design. The change in the hardware just supliments the variety. You don't like choice or are you happy playing the same type of games the whole time?
  3. Loads more PS3 Details!

    Second that my friend!
  4. Somebody has self confidence problems me thinks... Yeah ok it might misunderstand what you say a bit, but think of it more as a surprise game inhancement like the holucinations in Eternal Darkness. For instance: You're playing a classic LucasArts style point and click adventure (pls come to rev, pleeease) and your character has been captured by the villain. You are looking around for things to use and you see a lamp in the corner of the room and you automatically say "Aha! I could use the LAMP!" As soon as you say the key word, the baddy foils your plan, cos you've given the game away! Haha... It could be used to benefit your character too.
  5. What is this..?

    Why do you have USB ports in the front of your PC? It's an ease-of-access thing. Think peripherals Spence.
  6. Ah yes! Just had the best idea! You have a game which has these voice recognition programs built in. But you don't know what terminology it is going to be sensitive to or when. We all know how much people shout at their TVs while playing games. This could result in some quite involuntary reactions from the game making things happen. It would be great! You could spend hours finding out loads of little secrets, hidden words. Also you could get bonuses for doing good impressions of some classic Ninty characters. You get a freebie if you can do a decent "yahoo" or "Babee Wuigi, hehe". Grrrr damn you Nintendo! Not going to sleep tonight now! Too many ideas from this...
  7. Sega

    Sega Bass Fishing ANYONE?!?
  8. What is this..?

    I'd go with you on the power supply look at the cube... USB ports could be in the front
  9. It's been a long time since I've heard someone say, "We have learnt a lot about (blah) by looking at the work (blah) did with/on (blah)". It actually quite a strength to see a good idea and use it yourself. Yeah it's copying but it just makes sense.
  10. Loads more PS3 Details!

    Errr is anybody else seing these "new" features and just going, yeah so? Who are they aiming this product at anyway? Mid-twenties buisiness folk who have over £400 quid in the bank to just throw at a new console? Not very consumer friendly this product... It all sounds far too complicated and expensive. People prefer a toaster, not a toaster come waffle maker come noodle steamer come merry-go-round! Just get a damn pc!
  11. Nope, Iwata said no mics... well, very unlikely to be in the final build i think is closer.
  12. This would be really good for MMO RPGs.... Nintendo have been keeping their eye on that genre (claps hands together and praaaays for WoW on Rev. It would = awesomeness)
  13. What is this..?

    Who said it's a dongle? It's looking like it's another money spinner from Nintendo that both reduces the initial cost of the system while taking the consumer up the ass by getting them to buy another peripheral... yay
  14. What is this..?

    Oh for god's sake people.... "The Revolution's slot-loading drive is unbelievably gorgeous when viewed up close. It really is striking. The drive is not just illuminated, but surrounded by a sleek blue light, and it accepts both GameCube Optical Discs and new 12cm discs designed specifically for Revolution. The interesting bit is that the drive easily takes both sizes without any fuss. Gamers just drop any GCN or Revolution title in and it automatically works. Nintendo indicated that the drive is one of the first to intuitively do that. Power, reset and eject buttons are located on the front panel of the unit. Meanwhile, a flap on the front of the machine hides the slots for the 512MB memory cards that Revolution utilizes for downloads and game saves." Just read this article on full, please do it. It answers a lot of those silly questions that people have seem to forgotten the answers to. Also more importantly there is another reason for the slot in the front. It's the expansion bay that enables the Rev to do DVD playback. Don't believe me? Check here: http://revolution.ign.com/articles/670/670523p2.html Sorry forgot the link for the first quote: http://cube.ign.com/articles/617/617195p1.html Edit by Fierce_LiNk: Try not to double post. Use the edit button.
  15. I know this guy is from MS but I don't really think he has his facts straight. How is Nintendos virtual console a limitted idea? Maybe new, simple games are being made for the virtual console. Ooooops, did I forget to mention that Nintendos online service for online multiplay will be free. Yes FREE... can your hear me Mr. Gates!?!!
  16. Nintendo and kiddy gamers

    Here's a good example... Project Rub. Kiddy game or not? Most people would look at the graphics and say "Oh no that's sooo kiddy, it's all colourful and stuff" but if they actually played it they would fund that it's got loads of pretty "riskai" (sp? I can't!) jokes and material. Not to mention people would claim that the mini game aspect is childish. But heaven help us, at least we have Sprung! *hides behind sofa to avoid being pelted with stones*
  17. Universities Universities...

    It's not that hard from anywhere... plus you can always take your shopping on a bus. Sheesh some people really have a lot to learn about being a student. Imo you don't need to worry about what the Unions are like cos, let's be fair, if you only go to the Union, you will only hang out with other students and you never go ANYwhere else. It's a major disease of students!
  18. What if the worst happens?

    To be honest, if Ninty don't make it bigger this generation then I think it's just a witing game for two reasons. Firstly, Ninty have cash (=time) on their side, making them the healthiest of the big 3 (sorry Gizmondo ). It will be a matter of time before games stops being a point of venture for MS or Sony as they won't be able to afford the investment. But on a more realistic note, games are stagnating. I for one look at a lot of the games industry games line up and give a big yaaawwn. Things haven't really changed since the N64 rea all that much. If the consumer market doesn't start to feel that this coming gen then it is a matter of time til it does. It all reminds me a bit of the film industry in the 80s.... Go Arnie and Sly! (not)
  19. ´Cisco´ interested in buying Nintendo?

    never gonna happen. Bad journalism.
  20. PSP repair question

    It really depends on what kind of sticky we are talking about here. If it's likely to be from something sticky getting in there (cos you've eating sweets while playing or something ) then I would suggest opening it up yourself. You would just need to give it a clean. Also if it is just a piece of plastic fragment stuck in there you should be able to get it out. To be honest though, I've never opened up a PSP so if anyone else is ready to say "NOooooooo... it will makes springs and what not fly everywhere!" then do. But seriously, never underestimate your own skill at fixing things. It'll say you money (around £130).
  21. Retro Games For All!

    I'm guessing that you will only be able to play your retro games on your system. I knoaw it's lame but it one of the only ways to stop the piracy I think. But way to go Penic, I'm really liking the demo pod idea. Maybe you could even take copy of the demo from the pod and take that home, reducing the time you have to wait to get on the damn thing. Then you can trial games in your own free time, just like pc demos.
  22. Splinter Cell 4

    I havent got around to SC yet. Is it the type of series where you should play them all or should i just pick up the newest one at any given time?
  23. Your's is a day before my gf's.... curiouser and curiouser.
  24. What if the worst happens?

    Didn't Iwata-san declare somewhere that the day Nintendo stops making hardware is the day the company shuts down. But honestly if this situation did happen, hypothetically, I don't really know. Nintendo are failry unpredictable in that sense but it would be wise to shrink back to handheld hardware/software and console software. If they stopped making software for the console market then I think that the games industry would seriously change... bit scary that idea.
  25. Wow... the atmosphere here really has changed. We've gone from "OMFG Reggie is gonna be smacking Shigzy up by actually playin rev on stage and it gonna beat Sony and M$ and everyooooonez!" to "Goddamit... it's just gonna be another Megaton *sigh*". Cheer up folks. Reg will most likely give us a tit-bit or two. Maybe do the whole thing where he sits there and states the long list of 3rd party support they are gaining. I will be pleasantly surprised to see anything major as I don't think we will find out anything much until May now.