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  1. The Mr Men Masquerade

    I'm not even sure what you're getting at unless something has seriously changed in these games. As for what it infers it entirely depends on who you are. As an example, you could be making a vague attempt at calling out someone that might try and block you trying to kill someone. But there are many other options and I think everyone has a brain of their own to mull it over with.
  2. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Pretty poor bluff as you will instantly get lynched next round as 1) we'd know who you are and 2) If he dies then we'll all vote for you. You're trying to put a target on Mr Noisy which instantly suggest that you're trying to do one of several things.
  3. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Just one question... if this was going to be a ball then were we all just going to dance with Little Miss Sunshine? Whoever's kidnapped her is a selfish prick. We're just left Broke Back Ballroom Dancing.
  4. The Selfie

    I'm not a fan of them mostly because 90% of them are just awful photography and I've disliked them from back in the mySpace days when you apparently had to hold the camera above you, either to show off your emo glower or you on-show cleavage. But hey, my definition of a selfie is probably if it looks bad, not because it's just you taking a pic of yourself.
  5. The Mr Men Masquerade

    There ain't no Little Miss Sunshine when she's gooooone.... *ahem* Vote: No Mr. Lynch
  6. Mr Men SignUps

    I'm so nervous!
  7. How much do you spend on rent?

    I think it varies massively. Inner city is expensive even for Zone 2-3 London but if you get out to say Solihull way it can get pretty reasonable. Basically it has a large spectrum from city to suburb and cheap dump to pricey nice in a pretty big myriad.
  8. How much do you spend on rent?

    Can pretty much guarantee that a tester's salary will not cut a wage properly in London. PM me about what you're looking for and will keep my ear to the ground for you.
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    - Wonderful 101 seems like quite an original game but not exactly what I'd define as broad market accessible. - Nintendo Land is excellent at showing what the console can do but does not have the punch that Wii Sports did for a whole LIST of reasons. - Pikmin 3 is a nice and solid game but is an evolutionary entry into a relatively unpopular series. - NSMBU is competing with all of it's predecessors that people are still enjoying on the 3DS, Wii and DS. - ZombiU was good but not polished enough by a mile to attract the Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead crowd. I don't think that the lineup has been bad but there definitely isn't a system seller around yet. I'm not sure that SM3DW is going to shift as many units as Nintendo is expecting and going forward I don't see a lot of games that say "this has to be on Wii U" or more importantly, "I have to get the Wii U for this". But it's not just the games themselves, Nintendo hasn't particularly made an effort to make people believe that's the case.
  10. How much do you spend on rent?

    Sheeeet girl, those are like from the same 3 companies. Plus many of them are not London. Surrey is not London. You should check out the Midlands scene. Oxford, Leamington, Coventry and the surrounding have a ton of companies. In fact Leamington is fast becoming the one area in the UK most densely populated by developers.
  11. I'd say that's job done! So happy that you're having a good time. Well I assume it was fun sex, not "so angry I'm going to actually kill you by breaking your pelvis" sex.
  12. How much do you spend on rent?

    Funny thing is, that Oxford's not much better! You get off the train, walk into town and BAM, Nando's bitches.
  13. How much do you spend on rent?

    Part time employment to go back to full time? I think I got away with it!
  14. How much do you spend on rent?

    Remind me why you're leaving again? :p
  15. N-E Picture Caption Game

    When a mummy transformer and a daddy transformer love each other very much...
  16. Killer Instinct

    Meh, I didn't like it all. It feels just as clunky as it did back on the SNES which was fine for then but poor for now. The graphics are very pretty but fuck knows what's going on with some of the body proportions. It's like they've tried to go for stylised and realistic at the same time and botched it. I'll stick to BlazBlue thanks.
  17. How much do you spend on rent?

    Seriously don't do it. This thread is a perfect demonstration of why almost everywhere else in the county is a better balance of where to live. You can still visit London, you don't have to live there!
  18. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Wasn't aware that the manufacturer had changed. It would explain a few things, if not simply that Sony is not in direct control of their quality control and working conditions. I still think all of this squawking about the release hardware is a massive over reaction as it will be with the Xbox One when it inevitably happens with that just as it did with the Wii U.
  19. Mr Men SignUps

    I'M IN!!!
  20. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    As you might have seen around the forum @bluey has set up a StreetPass group for Banbury and look at the bloody Nintendo Zone map for the area!
  21. Do you think this is dangerous too?

    So it's ok to prosecute them once the person is already dead, rather than for them taking actions which drastically increase the chance of someone being killed? I'd prefer if the problem was solved before anyone got hurt. More likely to be because few women from this culture drive as it's generally seen as a male thing to do. It's illegal in Saudi for a woman to drive. Think you need to chill a bit though dude, seems like your trying to find a fight to have rather than posing a discussion.
  22. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    *eagerly awaits signups*
  23. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Oh giantbomb... you actually thought that a console would be fully functional on release? Bless...
  24. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    From the look of the unit, it's the standard one. If you press down on the menu screen, it takes you to a different carousel where all of the Indie games one. Four different playable ones :-)