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  1. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Interesting question as (frankly) I don't know if the unit even uses 2.4GHz to connect to the Vita. Isn't it bluetooth? If so then it's completely different radio card and would therefore not affect the capacity. The processor on the other hand might start to struggle with such an amount of data. This however is a much better answer. Likelihood is that it would be a near miracle to get anything above a 10Mbps connection to this kind of server. I could explain but I don't want the server that hosts the forum to die of boredom. In short, we don't need as much bandwidth as we think we do and creating certain technologies to get that bandwidth has a massively detrimental effect. Higher capacity wireless =/= better wireless.
  2. Ryse

    Ryse does too, apart from when one of you goes QRT then you and the person you're killing goes slo-mo and the rest of the game world runs at full speed. You end up running past each other going "WTF?"
  3. The Mr Men Masquerade

    ** Automerge proctection initiated **
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    And people say Hulk doesn't communicate well.
  5. Forgot you were in Canadia :p Yeah it's pretty much the same. Stores are having trouble shifting stock for some reason.
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    "Sony have bucked the trend by not putting 802.11ac in the system"? Fuck off IGN, like you need the ability to stream more than 75Mbps (station) at any given time you morons. Maybe think about the fact that if it was to work as an access point it could (by dictat of the standard) have up to 4x4 MIMO which would do over 200Mbps nicely. All without completely skullfucking the spectrum like 802.11ac is going to do. How about looking into H.265 which can possibly deliver 4K compressed video over only a 30Mbps bandwidth? Funnily enough I think Sony will have that totally covered considering they will be employing it in... I dunno... ALL of their high end video tech.
  7. The poll is a bit hard for me to answer as I'm in a bit of a special situation. Buying a PS4 to sell for reasons which are a long tale. However in reality I'd probably say none, not even Wii U (anymore) as I'm no longer in the mood to get shafted as an early adopter anymore. Would I rather wait 9-12 month and buy a console with a better initial bundle, where the kinks in the services have been worked out, where the release games have dropped in price by 75% already and there is a decent catalogue of games? Yes, yes I would. Save cash and get more? Winner. However there is another factor: I have a good PC now. This has massively put me off wanting a new console. It slams the Wii U almost across the board and the multiplatform titles for the PS4/XBone will be on it as well (probably still looking better!) And yes, talking about exclusives like Titanfall, Octodad and probably The Witness. It may have cost me more but I use it for many other things and Steam/Humble Bundle have saved me a shit ton of money already.
  8. Arrow (TV Show)

    Latest episode: Wwuuuuuuuuuuuuut?!
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    Agreed and that's why wrote my comment the way I did.
  10. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    That's not what the Wii Remote jacket is for!!!!
  11. What Have You Bought?

    Holy hell! Is that how much they cost? I see why people were complaining now!
  12. Ryse

    I've played it and that's all that it deserves. SO much wrong with it.
  13. Wii U General Discussion

    Is anyone else depressed by how little attention Nintendo Land gets? Sure that the Mario titles sell extremely well* and will increase the sales of the console but Nintendo Land actually proves what kind of new gameplay mechanics that you can enjoy with the system. *providing it's based on a 2D game.
  14. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    I get the impression that it's going to be quite like Mario Kart/sex: fun on your own but much better with others!
  15. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    Interesting conundrum... Surely they should be forced to pay it with you! Make s sad pug face at them until they do.
  16. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Pretty excited about this one! bluey will be getting it tonight whilst doing the XBone launch. I'm going to have to let her enjoy it though or we'll end up with the same situation we have now where I keep having to borrow her 3DS to play Phoenix Wright.
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    Isn't that what I just said? (once the mistakes were edited!)
  18. Wii U General Discussion

    So the PS4 has sold 1/4 of everything that the Wii U has sold internationally in 1 year, in the space of a weekend in 1 territory. This means that the console is doing well to you?
  19. Wii U General Discussion

    Yes very significant. But dude, I have one for sale!
  20. Wii U General Discussion

    Why? What are you gonna do if they don't?
  21. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Was one of my several theories. He could also be a ricochet character, where if he uses his ability then anyone that targets him will be deflected onto someone else.
  22. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Agreed, I think there is just as much on D1 for the mafia to gain from the town turning on itself and voting with a high probability of friendly fire. Me too! As much as I disagree it's good to read people slugging it out on day one!