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  1. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Hi guys, MASSIVE apologies. I know I've been kicking around N-E a bit lately and not come on here to post but suffice to say that I've been... unhappy is the best way that I can put it. But I'm back in the game now! I've been able to confirm that Rummy is town via some cross checking of my own. I'd recommend whoever is doing the "orgasms" pays him a visit. If we have a cop that wants to check either him or me to confirm then I'm good with that but I can also understand if they don't want to risk disclosing themselves.
  2. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    So.... we have Pit, Princess Zelda, Link, Megaman, Ganon(dorf) ... surely it's about time that they gave Kevin a run for his money! Let's face it, Smash Bros is almost the Captain N show anyway.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Ahhhhh yeah... Octodad is going to be getting a release date for Steam announced imminently and I'm thrilled! For anyone that hasn't caught this during the PS4 coverage, it's out to be a ridiculous and wonky kind of game where you play an octopus pretending to be a human. And you job is to fool your wife and kids. I've played the demo on PS4 and it was wicked:
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    No I'd concur with H-o-T's friend. They are strict and there are MANY peculiar standards that someone would have to meet (some of which are almost pointless). From my experience I've seen them be massively inconsistent with their submission and assessment process and I remember them (not permanently) rejecting a submission based on a vague guideline. Some of their stuff is neurotic and specific and the other bits feel... well badly translated really and when a company blows 10,000 or more on a submission then how do you think they feel? And when we talk standards, Nintendo doesn't give that much of a crap. They let this get in:
  5. Wii U General Discussion

    Wow I haven't read stuff that's categorically bullshit on here in ages. I've been to Japan in the past 12 months and bluey and I have plenty of connections there. Never once have I heard about anyone being conservative about energy use either through media whilst we were there or from the people that we know. Can you stop fabricating argument material please.
  6. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Well that's kind of my point, how can you trust that they're both town? If you have evidence to prove that surely it would help the group? Same goes for what @DuD said, he just seems to know a lot about Diageo's abilities from how he asked the question. Maybe I'm being naive at this early point in the game but doesn't informing the crowd always end up being in the towns favour? Admittedly there are dangers but atm we've got almost nothing to cross reference against.
  7. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    I got humped by something which meant I got role blocked. Better luck next time I guess! Also this: What's going on guys? It's like you have a team that's privy to special info.
  8. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Hi guys, sorry I've been pretty ill and away for work. Lost an investigator? Damn... Did you find anything out?
  9. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Yaaaay penguin baiting! Vote: No Lynch
  10. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    Cube, would you mind if I back-seat joined you? I really want to learn how to make one myself but I'd be starting from scratch in a big way.
  11. DIY : Rainbow Zoo Mafia - Sign Ups

    Me, me, MEEEEEEEE.....
  12. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    I take it that someone has done a BSG mafia?
  13. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Thanks chap :-) And yes... my memory is failing, of course you couldn't have known who I was. I'm going to have a think about the identity thing. It's a good concept providing it can be made to work. I really like the idea of being able to get away with murder (ha!) and not be able to be targeted for it. I think it would be quite intimidating for the mafia to be able to laud over the townies quite openly. EDIT: Oh I have an idea. Why not change the chance to kill for the mafia based on the info they give? If they know both the name and the character, then it's 100% chance of kill, only one piece of info and it's 60% say? Then you would need something else for balance most likely.
  14. The Mr Men Masquerade

    Yeah, I agree with @DuD that the anonymity could have been used a lot better. I've got to be honest as well, coming back to the game for the first time in a while, the mechanics had me pretty off-balance at first. I was able to talk after I died by had no idea how long for. Smeagol - Reason I didn't reveal who I was after I died was because I thought that my anonymity would be helpful and was trying to stir up the game a bit. Also I got no info from my target on the first night so didn't really have anything to "help". Question for the mafia: any reason why you targeted me on the first night? Did I enquire too much and look like trouble?
  15. Sherlock

    @MoogleViper and @jayseven
  16. New Year's Resolutions 2014

    Is this code for "I resolve to start that adult toy company that I keep going on about"?
  17. PC Gaming Discussion

    Got a fantastic haul of goodies from @bluey for Christmas. Already been enjoying Fez and itching to play Gone Home but I have hours of gaming ahead of me (not all from bluey): - Tomb Raider - Dark Souls - Fez - Gone Home - Ben there, Dan that! - Braid - Sk'rim - Magicka - Sanctum 2 - Stanley Parable - XCOM: EU - Trine 2 And now off to play Broken Sword with the missus too!
  18. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    That was so painful... On the upside, I'm loving how Samus looks in that shot. Almost looks 16-bit.
  19. bad stuff thread.

    Hey @Nolan , glad to hear that you're ok and that no one else was hurt (that's what you mean by cited yeah?). And no it's not Opera being shit that image is rendering huge in Chrome as well for me. I'm awake at 4:30 in the morning on Christmas eve as my darling wife actually pretended to open the bedroom window when I asked her to. Now have a splitting headache and pretty fucking angry. I'm going into work today to go to my job where shit is getting ridiculous. Our support documents need an overhaul, which is a massive job that I look like I'm going to have to do on my own and likely in my free time. Only this way can I get on and do the proper bits of my job without being interrupted by by retail customers that have bought kit that is way too complicated for them to install. I'm really starting to despise how current society encourages people to understand their computers so little that the vast majority of people can't understand how to set an IP address let alone understand what it it. I'm getting so little done at work in a day at the moment that I come home with no sense of achievement or progress and feel like everyday is trudging through treacle whilst gradually sliding backward. Not only that but as a team, we usually get on pretty well but some people I'm genuinely starting to despise and I don't like how that feels. I'm miserable, tired, angry and I'm struggling to feel like I'm going to be any kind of company during either the day or the evening today. Thanks work. Merry Christmas.
  20. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I was quite surprised by the animation too. I like the game a lot and the art style is lovely. The lack of animation punch just stops it from filling those characters with life and charm.
  21. NES Remix

    Yoshi level DLC for Sonic Lost Worlds was free This looks like a great game. Shame that I can't enjoy it on my 3DS and from the reactions that I've seen from various places, that would be a popular decision.
  22. Hyrule Warriors

    Which, if history serves, is exactly why it won't happen!