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  1. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    JUst going to double check a few details but yeah this is looking pretty conclusive. Vote: Yvonne
  2. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Ummm what? Come on!
  3. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    Yes semantics should be fed in small doses. It's important but it's all getting rather tedious...
  4. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    @The Peeps can you confirm this? I've had something that would suggest that he makes people more visible but I could be misinterpreting it. @Cube - The info I'm getting on you is... confusing. Is there anything that you can give me to clarify? It's like you can do something different each turn or am being target swapped or some shit?
  5. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    I disagree. I know plenty of people that own previous or next gen machines that would happily fork more money into the games than buy another console. Also many of the have families and would love a family games of Nintendo calibur to be on their COD/Halo/GTA machine. I guarantee you that if you released Mario Kart, multiplatform it's sales would piss all over almost any Mario Kart game released ever. It's a universal game that almost everybody loves and everyone can play and I'd be pretty happy to bet that almost every house that has a console would have Mario Kart.
  6. There are lots of things about Sunshine that are fantastic. The visual pallet was brilliant and the rendering style in the cut scenes was lovely with all of the heat haze and DOF. There are tons of little bit of Mario magic all over this game and it rewards environment exploration and curiosity in a way that I miss in many modern games. As a game I thought it was tons of fun however I'm not sure some of the levels were well placed in terms of the difficulty curve. The hotel level comes to mind particularly. I never felt comfortable with Yoshi's mechanic either as it felt like a bastardised version of FLUDD and not really very Yoshi like at all. I'd also agree with what But honestly that's all small potatoes. My main gripe is a combo of setting and story. I never felt in a rush to save the Princess and I felt totally disconnected emotionally to what was going on. I get the impression that Shadow Mario was meant to be kinda scary but he wasn't and Peach was void of any charm this time around which made saving her... a chore. Add to this Delfino itself... What can I say. I'm sure there was a discussion in the design department about whether they could or should introduce 2 completely new races to the Mario world. I would have loved for someone to say NO at this point. As much as I love the tropical and vibrantly colourful setting the two races lacked any real personality and were almost all faceless clones that just wibbled annoyingly. I compare that two irrepressible Luma from galaxy for instance and the loveable if misguided Toad patrol getting lost all of the time in their mushroom ship. There's no character that really stands out as memorable... even Baby Bowser is just kind of annoying. But don't get me wrong, this is still a fantastic game. 88/100 - A happy evolution if not a revolution in Mario.
  7. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    For some reason you've just inspired the gold mine of potential cross overs in my head including more of the Yarn games vs. LBP it's never going to happen...
  8. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    I agree with you about some down sizing but I'd suggest two points: 1) EVERY publisher resents paying Nintendo manufacturing costs and with the market going ever more digital, I think the income from this would decrease more so over time. 2) Putting Nintendo games on another platform would massively increase their sales potential. Nintendo would have the ability to trounce every pathetic excuse out there for a family title and if they didn't they would learn some valuable lessons through direct competition (e.g. Skylanders vs Pokemon Rumble). Huge potential install base with Nintendo having the ability the entire buying power of those looking for something for their kids/family. That's the kind of gaming that they do well and others do not (broadly speaking) and through a combination I think that both would benefit by having a broader catalogue. Also the stockholders are going to be wanting risk reduction. Nintendo's IP is the stronger part of the business not the hardware.
  9. Simple question. What do you think? With tons of resources being pushed at the Wii U I have a genuine concern that Nintendo will not have the financial or development capacity to create a decent line-up for both. It has been argued that Nintendo having to rescue the 3DS actually detracted from the resources available for the Wii U launch, so it's not like there isn't evidence of this issue already and Nintendo has already stated that it has massively underestimated the resources required to make HD games. So it's pretty likely that this going to happen all over again.
  10. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Don't understand, surely Yvonne could just as easily be a protector as mafia?
  11. Is the Wii U hurting the 3DS?

    I actually though liger was countering serebii's point you can take what you want from it. Either way, I think you're overreacting.
  12. Arrow (TV Show)

    We were talking about Laurel and how emaciated she's looking. Was genuinely worried the actress has a terminal illness. And yes, she's garbage as a character. She lands in a scene and irrationally gains everyone's attention for being a weak, swooning damsel and from a dramatic point of view she has no virtues that, from an audiences point of view, would make Oli even like her. Her crapness infects Oli, her Dad, her sister, Thea and Roy. Thank GOD Diggle and Felicity are all like: bitch pls.
  13. Is the Wii U hurting the 3DS?

    Care to expand?
  14. Is the Wii U hurting the 3DS?

    I categorically disagree with your view of the Wii U lineup as both evidence of capacity and quality and I would back up my claim with the market's response to it. NSMU and 3D World are the only games on that list that are 1st party development, have a decent budget, require sizeable development resources. Pikmin 3 for example has been developed over about a million years so it's impact on development capacity would be minimal.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    Agreed but you were using this as an example of them being proactive. I'd go so far as saying that the only 2 proactive things that Nintendo has done in the past 7 years from a business point of view are: - Miiverse - Nintendo Direct Nintendo as a business are the antithesis of proactive.
  16. Wii U General Discussion

    Don't be a child. You use the good time to prepare for the bad. Nintendo almost literally sat around for the whole of the second half of the Wii and failed to leverage their position or capitalize on any opportunities. It's not hindsight, it's called business analysis and planning. You know doing things that I dinosaur like Nintendo would never do, like investigate different business models or prepare the launch of their new console.
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    All of the above should have happened during the golden days of the Wii. Iwata has allowed the company to list into the position they are in now where they are being forced to fire fight all at the 11th hour and spend a ton of cash. That's not being proactive that's being reactive. And a HUGE increase in advertising budget? Yeah that happens when you have practically no advertising budget to deal with. The 3DS is keeping the Wii U afloat and I really don't think the profit margin will be good at all when you see it isolated. I'd actually wager that the stock sitting on shelves will easily cancel out any profit margin that the platform has made. If anything my concern is that Nintendo are going to continue focusing their efforts on a platform that no one owns at the cost of one that many people do. I seriously don't want the Wii U to be the dead weight that ruins the later half of the 3DS life. If I was on Nintendo's board I would be giving a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum. I think as a group of developers and (can only speak for NoE really) as a publisher I think that they're pretty damn awesome but as a business, they are poor. EDIT: Sorry dazzy, I'm gonna thrip a few ideas here.
  18. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Sorry, what do people mean by flip? Not sure if that's going to hurt the momentum that we could be gaining here.
  19. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Everyone's under scrutiny! :awesome:
  20. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Appreciate the info. I'd like to understand more about why you and Cube seem to trust each other so easily. Just because you have investigated the items he's holding doesn't mean that he's town right?
  21. PC Gaming Discussion

    Ah yeah! So it's getting a release on the 30th on PC and is going to have a level editor that will allow you to mod it quite a bit. BRING IT ON.
  22. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Couldn't agree more but if people don't get some pressure then nothing is going to happen. I'd be open to alternative methods if you have any. I want to know more about what @Sméagol has found out.
  23. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    I don't know Smeagol very well and I definitely don't know how he plays a mafia game but his behaviour is strange particularly on the first night. I can't tell if he's trying to bluff having nothing to give away or is just being overly cautious as an important town. However I'm not finding his conversation with Cube that bizarre. The mafia is just going to keep on picking us off if we do nothing with the daytime so I'm going to Vote: Smeagol. I don't have any direct evidence but I'm becoming aware that some pressure needs to be applied to stop us going extinct.
  24. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    I've managed to piece together a bit about his movements and who he has targeted. That behaviour would totally contradict the objectives of the mafia.
  25. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEE! The bits of info I have would seem to confirm Jimbob's power but I can't say anything about his alignment. And I don't know if this helps anyone else but I think Rummy targeted the same person as ... something... I think it's a lizard but my info isn't clear at all. That's all I've got. Sorry it's all so fractal.