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  1. Not sure that means it's there's anything wrong. If anything it means that you're together because you want to be not because you feel obligated. It's happiness without the drama :-) I wouldn't be in a hurry to make any decisions. Just enjoy being happy.
  2. Transformers 4 & 5

    Ah fair point, I was probably trying to get in on the "chill guys" thing as everyone has been (and continues to be so reactionary).
  3. Wii U General Discussion

    Mayabe micro-transactions would have been a better term to describe it.
  4. Transformers 4 & 5

    Wow, calling people stupid is kinda inappropriate. Especially when you go on to say that some of the Michael Bay TF firms were anything but rubbish.
  5. Transformers 4 & 5

    Nor me... fucking parachuting transformers. This whole thing looks even more bullshit than the last 2.
  6. You mean THESE guys?! Seriously... thanks to my save file situation I essentially had to start over which has meant that I've never finished it.
  7. Arrow (TV Show)

  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Indeed... The lipstick and noses irk me also.
  9. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

    Errrrrm does no one remember that awfulness that was Sonic the Hedgehog 2006? I just... GAH! HORRIBLE! Don't believe me? Ask Yahtzee what he thought of Unleashed: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/472-Sonic-Unleashed
  10. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Ok so WOW.... We've been contacting ETSY sellers about the raffle and raising money for SpecialEffect and we've had an amazing response from one individual. She designed and made a cushion with Ash and Pikachu and has had it signed by Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash, Ash's Mum (Mom!) and May. It's so special that it's not going into the raffle, we're going to have an open auction on it! Watch this space
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Aaaaaand I'm out.
  12. Wii U General Discussion

    You leave Daisy alone!
  13. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Good point! Thanks Retro : peace:
  14. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Cheers guys :-) My brain kinda freaked out with a lot of work stress and when I got home I just couldn't do ANYTHING. No thinking or doing stuff... was just exhausted.
  15. Rainbow Zoo Mafia

    Hey guys, wanted to say thanks so much for this game. I'm really gutted that I had to kind of bail at the end but life and mental health issues got in the way. Muchas thankos to @ReZourceman for putting on a great game. I think @Sheikah did a great job of following our lead as much and we had some total clangers when it came to non-kills! Just out of interest, was it just my inactivity that gave some suspicion or was it more to do with a lack of options left to be mafia?
  16. Clicked lolnope! Every game that I've enjoyed on the DS has been greatly linked to the actual console itself, often it's portability. I don't see any of these being improved by being on a bigger screen, particularly with the screen so physically split. It would ruin games like Contra and Sonic Rush that switch between screen regularly and games like Metroid Prime Hunters are going to require some sort of finger dislocation to play. In my opinion, I can't think of a single game that it would improve and I'm cynical enough to think that Nintendo will claim that they would have had to cherry pick the games because of this and that's why they only release 3 games a year. The 3DS has a full DS emulator built in. Put the service on the platform that it was meant for.
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    Not a chance with SEGA. They play with Nintendo but they don't want to be acquired. Plus I don't think Nintendo would have the money/get enough value to buy both Football Manager and the Empire franchises let alone Sonic. The developers of the former two would massively kick off as well as I very much doubt that they would have any confidence in Nintendo managing their IPs properly. There are plenty of people in the industry that love Nintendo but have no interest in working with them.
  18. Nintendo Investors Meeting ( now in english )

    Yes! I was saying this to Dakota the other day. Nintendoland should've been installed on the machine. Maybe 3 free attractions (one from each category) and then additional attractions at a few quid each. Then they could create new attractions for up and coming games (or anything I suppose). It would be amazing, everyone would have it, new do tent, promote other game series etc etc Maybe even 3rd parties (ha) could create attractions or whatever... Just thinking about it frustrates me, Nintendo never try anything ambitious with online! This is one of the best ideas for Nintendo that I've heard in the past few months. I personally think that Nintendoland is massively underated and not promoted anywhere near as much as it deserves. Totally agree on it being both a showcase and a promotional platform.
  19. Nintendo Investors Meeting ( now in english )

    That's both massively off-topic and a passive aggressive way of trying to pick a fight with me. I'm trying to do both you and everyone else here a favour. Lighten up mmmmkae
  20. Nintendo Investors Meeting ( now in english )

    When two people with a bit more perspective than you suggest that you should drop it @Sheikah then you probably should.
  21. Wii U General Discussion

    I see the whole VC announcement as an empty promise. So little chance that there will be a decent selection of games that people want to play and lets not forget that they will likely cost £15-20 each.
  22. I hate to poor water on the fire but I thought all this talk about taking advantage of the IP was about merchandising. If it's about forming good relationships with other developers then good luck. They done so well at working with others so far
  23. Nintendo Investors Meeting ( now in english )

    Can we get back on topic? Is no one else terrified that it seems that Nintendo have just woken up to several fact including the following: - To increase perceived value the Wii U must clearly demonstrate it's KSPs. - Having an accounts based system is a form of customer retention (not to mention stifles the resentment of paying for things more than once) - Their prices need to be examined. These are all things that should have been crystal clear and realised in strategy, a year before launch not over a year afterwards. Whose steering this ship anyway? A bunch of monkeys with typewriters?
  24. Wii U General Discussion

    My prediction is that nothing will change. Mostly because the promised that it would.