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  1. Extra Life 2014

    Thanks for getting back to me. Interesting how they have aimed to tackle that but a shame that things had to change. I'll keep any eye out for what's going on (more likely through FB). Do you have any idea where you're likely to be hosting it? I'll see if I can use some of my contacts to help, might even be able to lend you some kit if you're lucky ;-)
  2. Why N-Europe?

    Just so you guys understand, the reason why I started this thread was because I can't actually answer this myself. Sometimes I feel part of this community and then at others I don't. The mafia boards are really fun and much kudos are required for all of the people that spill all of their free time into organising them as well as @Ashely, @Shorty and all of the staff that help keep this place running, especially as I know for a fact that many of them put in over 20 hours a week of hard work in on top of their full time jobs/studies but including the leisure time that they spend on the boards. I've always struggled with the concept of these kind of forums anyway. We've got entire threads dedicated to things that I might mention during a passing conversation so both reading or typing anything that equates to just an opinion on a product feels almost a waste of time for me lately. If my friends in real life were interested in buying something then that may have an impact on what I buy then yeah I'd be interested in what they have to say. But without trying to be rude, I don't feel like I know people here and the ones that I have met in real life I know very little... I don't feel comfortable playing online with anyone that I know to that level and as a result have not enjoyed experimenting with playing MK7 league. Now that's not to say that anyone else on here should feel the same, it's obvious that a lot of people relish this place and I genuinely think that it's a great forum but probably not for me anymore. I think being here has taught me a lot of things but mostly my motivation has been that this place has in the past been a great source for news. However the gaming media has proliferated and changed since I joined back in the cube-europe days, there are multiple sources of factual news now that hits sites within 6 hours of it being available and tends to come with relatively little bias. I don't find Nintendo worth getting excited about at all and in reality haven't done since the early Wii days. Every E3 and direct has almost without fail not been worth spending my time watching as the company that it once was has clearly disappeared. It will be along time before I buy another console from a company that seems to almost outright lie through it's teeth about what it promises it's customers. My brain now responds with "prove it..." for every PR line that they have. If anything this community has, indirectly and through no fault of it's own, helped me falsely raise hope and excitement about Nintendo products which has in turn influenced my decision making about my purchases. That's entirely on me though obviously. So in short, I'll be spending a lot less time here. I don't really understand my relationship with this place and will definitely keep in touch with a handful of people via other means but yeah, don't let me stop you. I think this is a respectable haven in the gutter that constitutes a lot of the internet and it is well loved by it's constituents. I'm just not sure that I qualify as one of them.
  3. Extra Life 2014

    Not meaning to come across as a critic but Extra Life is an Americo-centrique charity isn't it? Is there a reason you guys didn't support something a little closer to home? Or am I completely misunderstanding?
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    You're right, I am trying to shit on your opinion. Mostly because it has no relevance or connection to how the average consumer feels about the Wii U and making comments like "the Wii U has 10 great games" is far from factual. You were wondering why people don't tar the PS4 with the same drought brush? I was pointing out that drought is a matter of opinion and perception. Specifically that your opinion differs from the majority of the market that has spoken loudly for 3 generations of hardware , saying: Nintendo could release a game a week but unless it's of a quality and of a type that I'm interested then that is essentially a drought.
  5. Wii U General Discussion

    This is entirely your opinion not everyone else's. Most people are happily excited about playing the mixture of 3rd party content on those consoles, including the massive raft of games that most current Nintendo fans don't care that much for. So sport, more generically action type games, stealth games, racing game more on the simulator end of the spectrum, FPSs and western RPGs are a selection of types of titles that Nintendo platforms won't get and if they do it will be an almost erroneous entry. The Nintendo fans that are left are those that are so enthusiastic about the games that they specialise in that (usually) they will have a second console to fill that need. The vast majority of other gamers either are happy playing the titles that pioneered the Wii or left long ago to get on the PS, Xbox or PC train. The ones left like the titles Nintendo produces almost by de facto due to Nintendo's neglect. It makes no difference if Nintendo carry on with a strategy that appeals to a market that they have already won. That market has already bought the Wii U and that's why I doubt Mario Kart will make a significant difference to the sales, just like 3D World didn't.
  6. I'm glad you're posting in this board again. Totally agree with the above.
  7. I'm not sure that Nintendo have met or even exceeded anyone's expectations of their line up in recent memory, with the exception of the 3DS. There is now a long list of big franchises that Nintendo haven't seemed to have addressed in a time frame of will be 18 months on into the Wii U's life cycle. Part of me is quite glad. I get the feeling that if we saw a Metroid, Starfox or F-Zero game at E3 that it would be a bit shit...
  8. God I can't wait for handheld Smash. I've still got plenty to play on my 3DS but I'm not even a little sorry that I got rid of my Wii U right now... I think we're going to see stuff for the second half of the year announced at E3 although I doubt it will be more than 1 or 2 new titles. There was far too much in that Direct that was without a solid date, so I expect the Nintendo conference to be a string of confirmed dates. I must say though.... with the amount of development grunt that they have, the output is bizarre at best atm.
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    I don't particularly approve of the way anyone is talking about this subject but it does genuinely feel like both you and dazzy are missing Sheikah's point on purpose. I don't think Sheikah disagrees that the unit and PS+ subscription is significantly more expensive than a Wii U on it's own. But if you take into account actually owning games over the lifetime of the unit then I think it's very likely that you will pay less on aggregate. I think that most people would easily get £200 worth of games out of PS+ over 5 years. And most of the games on disc, even the ones really worth getting, will likely drop in price to £20 or even £15. Compare that with Nintendo games that due to supply and demand, happily sit at £30 for a long time even waaaaay after they have been released. I don't really understand why you guys don't see this as a possible value argument. You are stating facts which are true enough without taking into account the real world scenario, that although is only a possibility and cannot be proven, is quite likely. Let's not even get onto the fact that the PS4 will likely price drop down to £250 quite easily in time.
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    The new bat has an air of japanese sex toy about it...
  11. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    OK, so apparently GAME stores are holding events for Tropical Freeze on 28th Feb/ 1st / 2nd of March depending on your area: GAME Store Maidstone Weston Favell Peterborough Portsmouth Braehead Westfield Stratford Leeds Whiterose Redditch
  12. Wii U General Discussion

    I've never heard a company confuse business strategy with unjustified loyalty before. I think these guys left their perspective at the check-in desk. Some details: - Apart from EA, it is my firm belief (with some industry feedback) that anyone not developing for Nintendo is not doing so for business reasons. - No one is more responsible for the 3rd party situation than Nintendo - Burning your relationships bridges within a small industry is foolish - As a small dev, restricting your options in terms of release platforms is near suicidal. - Nintendo does not reward 3rd party loyalty
  13. Why N-Europe?

    How do people feel about the community here then? Is it somewhere you feel personally connected, like real friends just separated by the internet, or is it more of a common interest thing? You know, like talking to people who understand or have a similar perspective to you? Also what do you think is your social "function" (for want of a better term!) in the forum? How do you see yourself? Do you feel close enough to people here to call out for help if needed? Is it a place that you can rely on?
  14. Meet Up, Gaming Tournament extravaganza!

    Hi dazzy, I can probably be more helpful contacts wise. Unfortunately bluey and I host similar events of our own now (including helping with StreetPass Brum!) so having the time to get involved with another group is something that we'd want to do but probably shouldn't for our sanities' sake! I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Lincoln's local StreetPass team: https://www.facebook.com/streetpasslincoln?fref=ts Sam Kenealy runs that group and is likely to be able to get you in touch with your local Nintendo rep and possible Nintendo UK's community manager, who is a really nice guy. They might lend you some capture units that can be hooked up to TVs if you get reeeeeally lucky but they will come with technicians and basically bodyguards. Politically, you need to make this worth Nintendo's while and they have budgetary constraints so keep that all in mind if you do end up talking to them. Take a look at the Winter Pokémon event that they did to get an idea of how awesome some of their official mascot costumes are: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.186148238255198&type=1 As far as other ideas go, I think that street performance and food would go pretty high on my list of culturally Japanese vibes. Things like ramune, interesting tea (like sakura tea) and some of the weirder food like takoyaki or something pretty fun like "make-your-own" okonamiyaki would be great. I would say do sushi as well but I don't think it would have the impact that it would have done say 10 years ago. You need to get some decent gatchapon machines too ;-)
  15. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Well there are a few things going on at the same time... Firstly, yes, this is a monthly meet for our local 3DS club to play a Mario Kart 7 tournament. There will also multiple games of Mario Party 3DS going on but keep in mind that these are both download play games, so you don't even need to own the game! There'll also be some Double Dash around to play so you can give some of the whippersnappers a run for their money. Second, as a bit of fun and a charity fund raising event we will be holding two raffles. The first is exclusively for the Pokémon cushion which is open to everyone around the world as entry is online. The second is for a range of gaming goodies but the winners get to pick their prizes, so you have to be there to enter. But generally it would be cool to have people to come and generally hang out and have a drink with us. The venue is a great place we wanted to encourage people we knew to come and support us and SpecialEffect. : peace:
  16. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    So the blue of my charging cradle hardly matches my 3DS XL at all... come on Ninty ¬_¬
  17. Ahem.... as is customary in my family (of two):
  18. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    OK mothercluckers.... here's just a taste of what we're going to have on the raffle at our event. It'll be a totally different raffle to the cushion: Awesome Pokémon hoodies! Wicked Mario cushion (seriously might have to fight @bluey for this) CAKE! Nintendo decals Pokémon Jewellery Oh yeah.... I'm gonna bombard you with what you're all missing out on. @Kaepora_Gaebora , @Goafer , @MoogleViper , @mr_bogus , you are more than welcome That goes for anyone in the Northamptonshire and North Oxfordshire area, in fact anyone in the West Midlands or London -> Birmingham train line area! EXCITED!
  19. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

    Just seen this gif... had to post:
  20. My Retro Consoles Collection

    I'm noticing a lack of Ecco and Shenmue for the Dreamcast in you life. This gives me a sad. Also do you have Toy Commander?
  21. You use OH in your posts a lot... you go on LoveHoney don't you :p
  22. Nothing says I love you quite like money...

    It took me a little while to decode that sentence!
  23. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    That's cool and I totally understand :-) Wasn't thinking about anything on the main page but possibly a post in the forum. I'm hoping that the guys on Nugget Bridge will bite
  24. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    OK so the page for purchasing tickets is now OPEN! (hint hint... it's our Just Giving page) http://www.justgiving.com/StreetPass-Banbury Please spread the word about this as everyone deserves a shot at this. @Serebii , I'd really appreciate it if you could waggle this at the visitors to your site. Best of luck to everyone, there are many more details on the tickets page but if you have any questions then fire away!