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  1. Demon's Souls

    So ive had this in my possession for a few days but work has prevented me from getting to play it, until later today. Anyone else have this or plan on getting it? Im interested in the online component, watching replays of people on your friends list getting slaughtered sounds nifty
  2. Dragon's Dogma

    Not sure whats going on in that trailer but it looks and sounds stellar!
  3. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Wasn't the DS the lead platform on this? That would explain the simplistic overworld
  4. Handhelds or Consoles?

    I have both a 3DS and Vita but i really can't justify playing them. Within 20 minutes my hands are cramping up and im thinking ''I'd rather be on my couch playing this on the big screen with a comfy controller'' So yeah, consoles all the way
  5. Why don't you have a Wii U?

    I'm holding out for a better SKU, that has all the important current and future firmware updates pre-installed. I'm happy to let early adoptors be the guinea pigs and ill probably do the same for the PS4
  6. Even though i couldnt bother finishing Skyrim, id put that on my list just for its sheer longevity. I'd learn to love it and its shitty combat system Street Fighter IV Dark Souls Mario All-Stars and assuming im not stranded on an island by myself, Beach Spikers (GC)
  7. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    This teaser has resurrected the part of my brain that gets excited about a new hardware cycle, which i thought was killed off for good with the Wii. (Disclaimer: I still want a Wii U at some point just not anytime soon). Barring a few hiccups, the PS3's ecosystem and steady stream of great games has served me well since '07 and i can't imagine the PS4 will do anything but improve on that.
  8. I agree for the most part. Everyone gets the best version of a game (because theres only one) and devs have 100 percent userbase to sell to. Meanwhile, the consumer gets access to 100 percent of the games release with just one console. Resources arent wasted on ports and devs can focus on finishing one game and beginning another. The only, ONLY thing I'd miss would be unique UI's and online services. I'd hate for something like Xbox Live or its ad-riddled UI to become some sort of industry standard. I suppose I'd miss fanboy wars too
  9. First World guilt?

    The thought of 7 billion people sucking the life out of the planet and each other is mortifying. Start pulling out, people!
  10. I found Skyrim's combat and menu to be terrible. But a Skyrim-caliber open world with Zelda/Dark Souls style combat and boss battles would please to me to no end
  11. How about a present-day Zelda in the vein of Goonies or Neverending Story where some lovable scamp finds ''something relevant to Zelda'' in his mute Grandmas dusty old attic. Im thinking the Book of Mudora from LttP here. Of course its in Hylian, so he can only interpret the book through its illustrations. He thinks the illustrations are guiding him , when in reality, they are warnings. So he inadvertently triggers ''some event'' where the Dark World begins bleeding over into his hometown. Things are looking grim and the kid is terrified. Then to make matters worse, some weird triangular symbol begins glowing on the back of his hand... I haven't thought it through beyond that but it could work!
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I do hope Sony shamelessly apes the TV Mode from the Wii U playbook. Conversely, I hope they don't ape ANYTHING from MS
  13. A Positive NINTENDO

    Whatever, i liked her
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Im cool with a controller redesign as long as its not too bizarre or gimmicky. I just basically want a PS3 with significantly faster network, UI, and load times
  15. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I hope the PS4 just refines and significantly speeds up everything about PS3/PSN. The codename ''Orbis'' fills me with dread though.
  16. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Im doing the exact same. Im sure this has been addressed somewhere but i cant find it. If i download the PS3 version of PS All Stars off PSN, do i still get the Vita version for free?
  17. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    So my 60 gig PS3 Fat just got the blinking red light of death. What should i do with this thing now?
  18. Restored faith in nintendo?

    As someone who emphatically hated the Wii, I still wish Nintendo would embrace their roots and drop this whole pompous Wii, Apple-wannabe facade they've been cultivating over the past decade. The aesthetics and branding of the hardware is just as hideous as the PR doublespeak that accompanies it. Having said that, Im excited for the Wii U. Its powerful, or at least powerful enough for Nintendo devs to make their games look amazing again and 25 GB of disc to fill. The Gamepad is the least gimmicky peripheral I've ever seen from Nintendo. I'd even go so far as to say that it's not a gimmick at all. Seriously, the seamless TV/remote control interface excites me to no end. Other nice touches like USB storage compatibility and free online multi are the icing on the cake. I won't be getting one at launch , mainly because the PS3 still has alot of life left in it and im simply not ready to unplug it. But once Nintendo starts showing off some top secret 1st party stuff, ill probably cave.
  19. Dark Souls

    You should really head upwards to the chapel first and tackle New Londo later. You're still gonna die repeatedly though. Enjoy!
  20. Metal Gear Solid 5

    This would actually make me run right out and buy a WiiU day one and would probably make excellent use of the gamepad, though real life doesnt always work the way i want it to.
  21. How many sugars...

    Slightly related, I go with 3 sugars in my coffee
  22. The Android Thread

    Id hold out for the Razr Maxx HD if possible. I have the original Maxx with a recent ICS upgrade and i can't stress enough how satisfied i am with it. I can only imagine how good the successor will be.
  23. How's Your Gaming Going In 2012?

    Dragons Dogma and MGS HD Collection (both excellent) are the only games ive purchased and ive only played through half of both. As much as i love the PS3, the next console i buy is going to have to focus on speed and instant gratification if im going to continue investing time and money into this hobby. Faster downloading and installing, sleep modes, save states for EVERYTHING, auto-updating, drastically reduced load times, a big charge mat that i can throw anything on it charges, etc. Basically I want to walk into my livingroom and pick up where i left off within seconds without having to wade through a bunch of bullshit.
  24. How should The Simpsons end?

    Something like the Lemon of Troy episode. No celebrity guests, no real-word parallels. Just focus on the Simpson family and Springfield. Ive only seen a handful of episodes from the last 5 or 6 seasons and they all left me cold and bitter.
  25. Dragon's Dogma

    Awesome! I didnt realize she was being used by anyone on here. I like how Arya-like she turned out, particularly the voiceover is uncanny. Like the rest of you, i find this game highly underrated. The devs really put the focus on the combat and character development....the things that really matter in a game like this. The combat in something like Skyrim feels archaic by comparison There are some tedious things that i dont care for such as keeping items fresh or combining herbs but its pretty much optional and there for people who do like that sort of thing. Hopefully more people will run out and buy this because id love a next-gen sequel!