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  1. Isaac 'Chef' Hayes quits South Park

    Heres the Chef returns episodes at Youtube: *Not here though!* The episode has been devided up. Its acutally a little sad to see Cheif be killed off and is it just me that found the death scene a little disturbing? (in a funny way)
  2. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    lol I was thinking just the same. I mean...Powerstone 1 AND 2...its very tempting. IGN have a small preview up now with a couple of screenshots. It will suport wireless multiplayer for 4 player mode and you only need one copy of the game for that.
  3. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    Looks like Capcom are re-releasing the two powerstone games together for PSP: http://www.gaming-age.com/cgi-bin/previews/preview.pl?sys=psp&game=powerstonecollection
  4. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Mario on ice! http://www.youtube.com/w/Mario-on-Ice!?v=5dABajN4N3o&search=Bowser Not sure whats up with Peachs eyes...or the whole video for that matter, but god I miss the 80's lol This is a video from a show in America called the daily show. They do a mock re-enacting of the Dick cheney shooting incident...but with Duck hunt. I can't stop laughing at it. And this is a kid playing one of those games that tried to scare you. I fell sorry for him at the end.
  5. New NOM

    I hate the look of it. It reminds me of when NOM tried to go for a ‘mature’ look a few years back and all issues where plain white and had a soulless boring feel to it, which is the total opposite of what Nintendo is about. Why do people think a bit of colour = immature? All that said the new team making the mag sounds excellent so I'm sure the content will be good.
  6. Phantasy Star Online Question

    I read around a bit, apprently playing Blue burst online itself with dial up is no problem and no worse then on the gamecube or Dreamcast (which always seemed fine to me) however when you first download the game it will probably will take awhile because its 500megs.
  7. Phantasy Star Online Question

    I used to play the Gamecube and Dreamcast versions quite a lot. PSO for the gamecube is fine for dial up and there’s no problem playing with people who are using broadband or anything like that. The game has four more levels then the Dreamcast versions and more weapons more online quests and some downloadable game demos if you have a GBA and GBA link cable. The only problem is that the amount of people online are very low (being that the games been out on the NGC for nearly 4 years now). However you only need 4 people for a game and I know a lot people still play the game regularly so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go online still. You could always get PSO Blue burst for PC which is the latest version released so the online population shouldn’t be too bad there.
  8. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    I was almost certain they would release a gamecube version while the cube was alive, what with Smash brothers being so popular and the similar game play. I hope Capcom make some sort of sequel in the future.
  9. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    Powerstone 2 was one of my favourite games on the Dreamcast, my friends and I used to play it for hours. I always wanted them to release it on the gamecube with some extras. I loved the whole way you unlocked weapons and items by “making†them yourself. I still remember the day I made a moped, I practically jump out my chair in excitement
  10. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    It should be ok to post this since the site streams the music not download.http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/view-all Its...its almost every video games soundtrack EVER! On top if that theres a lot of obscure and rares tracks like arranged albums and such. I think the Super mario arranged album is awesome. F-zero arranged album is worth a listen too.
  11. I have been robbed

    Fucking hell Maiky-NiSuTe I really feel for you, I really hope everything works out and the police catch the guys who did this.
  12. Are there any games you CANT play?

    The Tony hawks games: A friend always buys the new one every year and I always attempt to have a go, and…and I can see it’s a good game, I can appreciate how it can be fun and everything but I can’t play it for the life of me. Another game is Golden sun for the GBA. I’ve started twice over and both times, although when I first start I end up playing for a few hours, I never feel bothered to go back…even though everyone says its great and everything. Also: Metroid prime: marmite of gaming?
  13. Have yourself a Nintendo Christmas.

    I used to play any of the snow levels on Donkey kong Country on Christmas and end up playng the whole game through till the end. I usually start a playing Shenmue around Christmas time aswell.
  14. Phantasy Star Online Good or Bad?

    E3wannabe if you do want to try out Phantasy star still you could get PSO Blue burst for the PC. Its the same game as the gamecube version only with 4 new stages added to the original 8. It was only released this year so I'd guess that the servers will still have quite a few people on them. If I remember right you can download the game by paying for it online. Theres a 14 day free trial too. Heres the link: http://www.psoblueburst.com/en/index.html
  15. Phantasy Star Online Good or Bad?

    I corrupted as well thanks to that stupid double save thing when you entered a game. I was at level 147. However I did come back and got to level 200 in March last year. Maybe I know some of you guys … I used a Orange Racast called EGO-BOT.
  16. Phantasy Star Online Good or Bad?

    I have to agree that getting PSO now probably isnt such a good idea - Online is pretty much dead and offline isnt much fun, even in multiplayer mode. However someone has set up a private server which apperently quite a few people have gone online with.
  17. Phantasy star online episode 1&2 had nice graphics in the new areas like the Jungle stage: The level had three sections to it, one in the Jungle, one in a mountain area and a seaside area.
  18. Anyone played Custom Robo?

    Back when I used to play Phantasy star online, a lot of american players I knew used to talk about it and I always ment to buy it but never got around to buying a copy. I havnt got a clue where I'd get it from now though.
  19. Rumoured Revolution Games List

    A update of Punchout! is well overdue. And I hope the next Starfox is done by the original team.
  20. Most recent game you have completed

    I got Smackdown vs Raw 2006 for PS2 last Friday and I supose completed it last. Theres still a few things to unlock but I've got the main stuff I wanted: Million Dollar man and Wrestlemania 9 arena. I also finished Lego Starwars on the same day.
  21. CUBE Magazine Discontinued

    Apparently NGC is going to finish as well…which would really suck. =/
  22. CUBE Magazine Discontinued

    Which joke is that? I have to admit laughing at their (NOMs) Verdict comment for Donkey Kong country 3 for the GBA: The appeal was always the graphics. Be honest. Now the looks have faded, you can see she was never that interesting in the first place. Fat bitch.
  23. CUBE Magazine Discontinued

    wow that not good since NGC magazine sells LESS...so could that be gone soon? Also that thread mentions the official Nintendo magazine license is up for grabs.
  24. Crap Third Party Games.

    Jurassic park for the snes got reviews like 69% and 75% from most the mags at the time and I never got a game that scored below 85%. It was kind of dismissed as just another movie tie in game and crap. I wasn’t a huge Jurassic park fan so I wasn’t buying it for the name. However since the way they described the game didn’t seem that bad at all to me I thought it would be worth getting . I went out on a limb and brought it and its ended up being one of my favourite snes titles that I have. I still go back to and play from time to time (I played it just last month). When you where walking around the island itself the game had a top down perspective like Zelda alttp but when you went inside a building it changed to a First person shooter which was very different at the time. The missions/ things to do involved powering up the computer so you could open and shut the gates around the park, clearing a ship of Dinosaurs before it leaves the island, finding ID cards so you can access new areas and wiping out a raptor nest. That game does however feature the worst ending for a game ever.
  25. whats the best games on game cube???

    Aswell as all the games mentioned so far, Donkey Kong Jungle beat is one of the gamecubes best games.