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  1. Shenmue

    I wonder if Sega wil ever release the two shenmue games on PC.
  2. I agree, a lot of people didn’t want to commit to a Nintendo console after the N64 because we didnt know how well supported it would be. A lot of people got stung with the N64. They paid a lot of money for a great console when it came to Nintendo games but they didn’t come out every month. in between we had very little in the way of decent third party games with only Rare filling in the blanks. Rare going to Mincrosoft (even if rare seem to suck now) probably didn’t help matters. It also didn’t help matters that new Gamecube titles where £40 but the very same game would but £30 on the ps2. I also noticed that when a game came out on all 3 consoles, for some reason the GC version would be out a few weeks after the Xbox and ps2 versions sometimes later. For example, Lego starwars only came out a month or so ago for GC but everyone else got it Last year. In fact it was already on the PS2's platinum range late last year. On top of that if any of those titles had online options , they would be taken out of the cube version. One last thing, it sounds ridicules to say this now since so many people own DVD players and how cheap they are, but the gamecube really could of done with DVD playback. At the very least they could of released this here:
  3. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

    Why does this game look so awful though? Its not even Gamecube standard.
  4. I don't know about you...

    yes. and the Playstation 2 the "greystation poo" They certainly showed those Sony fanboys eh? Eh?
  5. Phantasy Star Universe.

    Official Site (Japanese) updated today with some more screenshots: More here: http://phantasystaruniverse.jp/
  6. Super Paper Mario

    Fresh Famitsu scans: http://img486.imageshack.us/img486/8022/66452superpapermariof914r9zf.jpg
  7. DK Bongo Blast (GC)

    Neo2046 at GAF posted some scans from the latest Famitsu magazine.

    ahhh Crap I only just saw this and I've missed everything. And I have enough points for a game too. Agreed.
  9. Super Mario Galaxy

    IGN weekly episode 11 came out last night and it has a section on Super mario galaxy with Matt Casamaaina playing and talking you through the E3 demo thing. I didnt know you could slow stuff down until I saw this video. http://media.games.ign.com/articles/693/693580/vids_1.html
  10. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Check the link in my other post, they just added a couple of PW tracks.
  11. Phantasy Star Universe.

    A couple of weeks ago PSOworld.com put up an interview with the producer of the game and he kind of confirmed it but said that it could change. I think it sucks if they separate 360 players from PC and ps2 players. Another thing they confirmed in the interview was that the Japanese servers will be separate from everyone else. You can read the interview here: http://www.pso-world.com/phantasy-star-universe-e3-2006-takao-miyoshi.php There's no word of the pricing yet of the monthly fee or even if it will have a monthly fee (but I'm pretty certain it will have one) Although they are calling it a MMORPG I don’t think it is because there isnt nothing really ‘massive’ about the game compared to WoW of FFXI. Its just bigger (a lot bigger)then Phantasy star online was really. Theres a descprion at the official site for the game: http://www.sega.com/games/game_temp.php?game=psu The cool thing about PSU though is now theres a offline RPG which is sepereate to your online game. It has a main character and story. they claim will take 40 hours to play through it. Online though is going to be like Phantasy star online, where you pick a character, choose what it looks like and team up with people online to killing monsters and leveling up. They have vehicles this time too. EDIT- PSOworld just put up some video's they took at E3 on the front page. They should give a good impression of what the online and offline modes will be like. Online looked great in the first video. http://www.pso-world.com/
  12. Phantasy Star Universe.

    No video's for the 360 yet bcause they where all from the PSU beta they did on PC the 360 won't look any different though. I think theres some video's due to be posted soon at gamespot and ign. The boxart has been shown however:
  13. Phantasy Star Universe.

    I was looking forward to it, but I was disapointed to read though that the Xbox 360 version of the game won't be sharing the same servers as the PC and Playstation 2 versions. I've also read that they are seperating the Japanese players from the american and EU players in PSU.There was an interview with the producer though and he said it might change. I'm still going to buy the game but this title was like my number one title I was looking forward to this year now I'm only half interested. BTW if anyones intereted, Sonitv team recently ran a beta test of the game and people posted video's of their gameplay on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search=phantasy+star+universe&search_type=search_videos Theres loads of stuff at PSOworld aswell.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    That would be great, fighting on top of Metal gear REX just like the end of MGS1/twinsnakes.
  15. Games you regret getting...

    I don't really regret any of the games I brought but I regret paying full price for a few. Mario Power Tennis is an awesome game as far as multiplayer mode is concerned but single player is really easy and you can unlock and see everything in about an hour of play. And why didn’t they put an option for 2 player vs the computer in story mode? The other game is Metal gear solid twin snakes. I love the game but again its too easy because they added all the features from MGS2 but didn’t beef up the guards AI to deal with the new abilities you had. Also they really should of put some unlockables for getting all the dog tags. Anything would of been better then nothing (artwork or something)
  16. Wii Hardware Discussion

    In the " Wii - everything you need to know" thread (http://www.revo-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5345) it mentions you need another attachement to play DVD but I havnt read this myself anywhere from anyone at Nintendo. I would of thought a software update would of been the better option for allowing the thing to play DVD's similar to the Xbox not playing DVD's until you brought the remote.
  17. NGC magazine

    I think I've got every issue of N64 magazine and most NGC issues, until, about a year ago I just stopped buying it, what’s worse I didn’t even realise I had stopped until recently. Sad to see it go, but its just coming back as a Wii magazine so its not too bad. Does anyone remember in one of the early issues when they showed you how to make ‘peppermint boo’s’? They where eatable Boo’s from Mario world! They also made some cakes with a marzipan Mario star hidden inside.
  18. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I got that picture from http://gonintendo.com and they don't seem to have any story behind it. Most people seem to think this is where the DVD attachement thing will go and the SD memory cards. I'm hoping for something more though.
  19. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Anyone seen this picture yet?
  20. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    The latest Kojima Productions Report from Hideo Kojimas blog has an interview with smash brothers director Masahiro Sakurai. Its not terribly revealing but he talks abit about the differences between being a freelance games designer to working for Nintendo and about Snake in smash brothers of course. Worth a listen. You can hear it here (Masahiro Sakurai interview starts about 15 minutes into it):http://www.blog.konami.jp/gs/hideoblog_e/2006/05/001664.html
  21. Yeah thats awesome, when you try to talk to him you hear the familar Zelda noise when you find a special item or finish a puzzle or something. Later on Samus from Metroid is sleeping in the same bed! I brought a NTSC snes and Mario RPG two months ago just to play that game. I hope Nintendo put in on the Wii's virtual console so more people can play it.
  22. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Very short video clip of Miyamoto pressing Eject on a Wii: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYNZ90kB2wk
  23. That Goron looks great as does the sheild with legs! Also: I don't recall ever seeing Mario in Majoras mask unless you mean on the mask salesmans big bag of mask's which had a mario mask on the outside of it: Nintendo always do cool stuff like that in games though and I like it. I think there was a Mario picture on the walls of some of the houses in Zelda link to the past and Malon had a Bowser broach thing in Ocarina of time etc. Never saw Kirby ina zelda game though.
  24. Classic Cartoons

    Most of the ones mentioned so far but The real Ghost busters was my favourite cartoon.