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  1. Phantasy Star Universe.

    PSO-World have this down as the minimum specs needed for PSU: Operating System: Win 2k/Win XP Processor: 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 RAM: 256 MB Video Card: 3D card with 64 MB of VRAM Direct X 9.0c Hard Drive Space: 8.0 GB Network Connection: Broadband DVD-ROM only
  2. Stars Catalogue

    Yeah sadly there's only wallpapers and ringtones. Every so often (like twice a year) they suddenly add a a few gamecube and GBA games and everyone buys them within about an hour and thats that for about another 6 months. Meanwhile in Japan they get stuff like this: And even an exclusive DS game:
  3. Phantasy Star Universe.

    Couple of scans from the new Famitsu (thanks to Neo2046 from GAF)
  4. omg MGS3: Subsistence in october!!!

    7 months after the Americans got this game and they havnt added anything to it. My copy of Snake eater was damaged so I was going to wait and get Subsistence instead of another copy of snake eater but I'm not waiting until October for this.
  5. Yeah having to change to wind all the time when sailing was something I didn’t like too. The main thing I hated though was collecting all the
  6. Animal crossing (game cube)

    One thing that’s a major difference between the two versions (well for me it was), and that being NES games. Every so often another villager would give you a present of a NES, which with a fully playable game on it. Some of the games in Animal crossing included, Zelda, Super Mario bros 1, Punch out! and exciterbike. For some of those games you could hook up your Gameboy advance with the GBA connecter and download the game so you could play NES games on the move. I can't believe they removed that. I got my copy of Animal crossing off ebay and the memory card that came with the game had a village where the guy had hacked most the NES games into his house. I kept the file and just moved into the village and that guys house is sort of an open arcade now.
  7. Games that make you angry.

    Gill the end boss from Street fighter 3 third strike. He is ridiculously hard and incredibly cheap to fight. And as if just wearing down his energy bar down to nothing wasn’t hard enough…his special is called Resurrection and he gains a full life bar from it! Still…because of this it all adds to a great end game boss. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  8. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    M.Bison in Super Mario brothers: http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=6316
  9. I think also not making a full proper pokemon game for the cube was just plain crazy. There really was no good reason not to have a full 3D pokemon rpg and the GBA connect thing would of been perfect for it. But no...better to release a mario party game every year isnt it?
  10. I was reading a post at gamefaqs where someone in the UK said he went to his local HMV in Manchester and they where handing out leaflets advertising the Wii. I haven’t seen any myself recently but then I haven’t been to HMV for about a month now. The guy posted a couple of pictures of them: If Nintendo are already stepping up their advertising in the UK then I’m very impressed. It shows Nintendo are perhaps going to try a little harder in promoting their new console here which is only a good thing. Have any of you seen anything like this yet?
  11. Games that make you angry.

    The jumping sections in the first Turok Dinosuar hunter game makes me want to punch and kick people.
  12. Just bought a freeloader...

    I got a Freeloader for Animal crossing aswell but I also brought a game called Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation. Its a wrestling game based on the cartoon but its made by AKI who made the excellent WWF No mercy for the N64. It plays like a very fast verson of that game only with a story mode (complete with full voice over cast) secret characters and a gallaery mode. Best of all is the multiplayer though. (you can see some screenshots and videos at gamespot: http://uk.gamespot.com/gamecube/sports/ultimatemusclelegendsvng/screenindex.html)
  13. Photoshop a new SSB:B character!

    I think this is brilliant.
  14. The mystery of the Wii flap revealed!

    You don’t think that in all the countless interviews with Reggie, Perrin Kaplan, Miyamoto and Iwata over the past month or so and all the hands on previews and questions from all the worlds gaming press across the 3 days at E3 earlier last month , that not one person asked what was under the flap? The question came up quite a few times and whoever was being asked was always deliberately coy about it. Like its already been said, most people knew it was just going to be the SD memory cards but the speculation started when it was hinted that there could be more then just memory card slots under it. It’s the fact Nintendo felt the need to be so secretive about something so trivial.
  15. The mystery of the Wii flap revealed!

    Quoted for truth as they say. I mean really…SD memory cards? This could have been revealed at E3. I know Nintendo just hold back things knowing the internet will be rife with speculation and although I suppose that’s good for gaining interest on the Wii , when whatever it is finally revealed its such a let down and a bit anti climatic. The console will be out in less then 6 months and so will the PS3 so its very unlikely at this stage anything can or will be copied. Just spill yer guts Nintendo.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I hope rather then just having Snake in different colours when more then one person picks him they have different outfits from past Metal gears. Like his sneaking suit from Metal gear solid 1 and the Tuxedo. Also I wonder if they will bring back the trophies this time or have a whole new type of collectable (I can’t think anything better then trophies though)
  17. The mystery of the Wii flap revealed!

    Y'know it does beg the question: What was the point of keeping something like that a secret? Whats the next secret - "The Wii will come with a power adaptor!" ?
  18. The mystery of the Wii flap revealed!

    Figured as much. How boring though. A time machine would of been awesome:bouncy:
  19. Your first Virtual Console download?

    Probably Mario 64 as the first N64 game and Streets of rage as my first megadrive game. Snes game will be Mario RPG OR secret of mana if Square enix annouce support for the VC at launch
  20. Your favourite Arcade games

    Great choices here already I thought I’d add a couple more: X-men Arcade game. Another scolling beat’em up. I didn’t read Xmen as a kid but this was a lot of fun to play with a friend. Best part for me was when a boss walked onto the screen and started announcing how they where going to destroy you” you could sharply interrupt them with a punch in the face sending them flying. Excellent. Aliens vs Predator arcade: Released by Capcom back in 1994. This really was great, you could pick from 2 human characters Major Dutch Schaefer or Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa and two Predator characters in a walk along beat em up against the Aliens. I remember this being very difficult, I never got past level 3 and chances are that was mostly down to putting in far too much money.
  21. NGC reborn! - NGamer

    Yeah don't like that Logo too much myself or the price point. Surly the last thing any gaming magazine wants to do is raise its price when less and less people are buying magazines.
  22. The mysterious Nintendo suitcase

    I hope they rerelease a N64 pad for the Wii, because the Retro pad thing looks like it will be fine for nes and snes games but terrible for n64 titles. If they where to release a N64 pad though, I'd like the analog stick to be like the Gamecubes stick (fatter and shorter) then the N64 one. All my N64 controllers analog' sticks have sunken in and lost a fair bit of their response.
  23. Super Paper Mario

    Sorry to double post but theres two gameplay video's up at Youtube!
  24. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I’m not trying to be contrary here but I honesty prefer the ‘before’ screenshot. What game is that from btw?