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  1. Wii Hardware Discussion

    This is a video of Elebits but they video the Wii itself and the controller a few times: http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/5266
  2. No 3rd Party Wii Wi-Fi Connection Games!

    I was unaware that any of the launch games where going to be online anyway. Plus IGN could be wrong. Weren’t they the ones claiming 5 new titles would be revealed for the Wii at Leipzig?
  3. No 3rd Party Wii Wi-Fi Connection Games!

    This isnt that much of a blow, out of all the 3rd party games at launch I don't think there's any that would really lose out on not being online. Its still a stupid move from Nintendo though. Xbox might of taken a year to get online, but Dreamcast was online out of the box.
  4. ^ Thats from the BBC front page This sucks, Pluto was always my favourite planet. Now its not even a planet.
  5. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    BBC have this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5280958.stm
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4 Discussion

    By looks I mean it has the same lettering on it as the Bosses grave, plus the white flowers are pretty much a dead give away its her tomb stone. Not saying there's no chance its Ninjas, But I really doubt it (unless they wrote "WHO SAVED THE WORLD on both their Tombstones )
  7. Wii to be under £100?

    Me too especially we keep being told the Wii will be eaiser and cheaper to develop for.
  8. Metal Gear Solid 4 Discussion

    I can't find it at the moment but there's a picture that compares the bosses grave from MGS 3 to the shot from the metal gear solid 4 trailer and they looks near identical.
  9. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Thing is I wasn’t expecting this to be on the scale of E3 since last year we got pretty much the same amount of info however like Owen said we really should know the date and launch line up by now. We know next to nothing about how the Virtual console thing will work out etc and this really should have been the time to do it. Announcing A Pink DS lite is something that can be done in a press release, Mario strikers wasn’t that great of a game on the cube so I’m not particularly excited about a sequel (online or not). Bwii is the only thing worth any interest. At least with Sony they gave us some cold hard facts, I actually know when its due and its price so I can actually make a decision on whether I will get one or not.
  10. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    New video from Leipzig: http://gamevideos.com/video/id/5229#
  11. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    There I was thinking no one will ever do a conference as bad as Sony E3 2006...
  12. Phantasy Star Universe.

    Gamespot have put up 5 new video's on there Xbox360 pages, there all seem to be from the offline mode. http://uk.gamespot.com/xbox360/rpg/phantasystariv/media.html And IGN have a hands on preview now up: http://pc.ign.com/articles/727/727216p1.html Edit: This is a pciture taken at the Leipzig Game Con, Looks like a November release date for Europe!:
  13. Official WWE Thread

    Summerslam results:
  14. Overplaying?

    I'm a bit ashamed to say it now but I used to play for 12 hours sometimes more on my gamecube. Mostly that was on Phantasy star online though. My Cube still works after a year of playing PSO most nights and then about 6 months of PSO CARD 3. However I'm now on my 3rd PS2. Both previous PS2's lasted just under a year each and the first ps2 only had 2 games brought for it in its life yet somehow got the ‘Disc read error’ problem.
  15. Demo Discs.

    I think Demo's would a really good thing especially for the Wii. A lot of people would look at something like Trauma center and think its a little weird and not buy it because they can't imageing it being fun. A demo of a game like that would be perfect to show of how good it is etc Useing WiFi would be good too, the only reason I can think of them not doing it would be the Wii's memory for saving these demo's.
  16. YouTube Your Favourite Show Openings!

    Duck tales!
  17. Demo Discs.

    It would be cool if they did make demos but even if Nintendo themselfs decided not to, third party companys could. Remember when NGC magazine had a splinter cell demo for the gamecube?
  18. Official WWE Thread

    Did anyone catch RAW on Monday night? The part where Hogan was beating up the fake Hogan was really clumsly and just a mess, not a good thing to see leading up to a PPV. Oh yeah apperently the reason Undetaker and Khali won't be fighting each other at the PPV is because Khali messes up so much they would rather Taker and him had a prerorded match that they can edit, which is why their match is this Friday on Smackdown,
  19. Wii to be under £100?

    I hope its no more then £120. Nothing I've seen for the Wii so far has made me think its worth anymore then that.
  20. Your favorite "Bad" game?

    Jurassic park on the Snes
  21. What are you listening to right now?

    Funky radio - from the Jet set Radio soundtrack
  22. What were some of your favourite arcade games you used to play all those years ago? What games had you slotting in 50p after 50p just to have another go against some almost impossible boss or level? Some of my favourites where: Teenage mutant Ninja/hero turtles. A scrolling beat’em up based of the great cartoon of the 80’s made by Konami. I remember the first level very well because you had to rescue April ‘o neil from a burning building. I’m still impressed at the animation from the weird drill type thing Bebop appears from and how many of the characters they put into the game. Bebop, Rocksteady and shredder all looked like they had came off the TV show. Also nothing beat hearing the theme tune being played from the machine. WWF: Wrestlefest. I still remember when I first saw this at a kebab shop near my house. It looked so damn good and I loved wrestling back then so me and a friend just had to play it. It was impossibly hard though (or at least it was at that kebab place) but watching Hulk Hogan do the leg drop on mr perfect was just such a cool thing to see. You could play Royal rumble or Saturday night main even which was a sort of tag team tourney for the tag belts. The Simpsons arcade. Another walk along beat em up from Konami. Konami really knew how to use a licence, almost every character from series one of the simposn was in this game. You could be Bart, Homer Marge or Lisa and you had to rescue Maggie from Mr burns and smithers.
  23. Your favourite Arcade games

    Mortal Kombat 2: I remember when this first came out, one of the first few arcades in the country happned to be in a arcade in Croydon 9where I live) and Gamesworld did a special on it and Big boy barry came down to play it. I hate to think how mucn money I put into this game but it was great trying to find out fatalitys and moves those first few weeks Jurrasic Park The Lost world: Made by Sega, I got to play it at Sega world in London 10 years ago. It was a light gun game and a lot of fun but also expensive.One of the reasons I brought the Dreamcast was because I thought it would be a given it would ge a Dreamcast release.
  24. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles gangster: