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  1. Game you have always wanted to play..

    Sin & Punishment which was only released in Japan for the N64. I'm hopeing for a virtual console release for this title on the Wii
  2. Wii Hardware Discussion

    IGN say Temco plan to support the Virtual console: http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/729/729152p1.html
  3. Region-free GC games?

    I don't know if this still stands but it was said at a Sony keynote speach near the start of the year PS3 titles will be region free its just watching Dvd's lock to region. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/sony/playstation-3-regionfree-162393.php
  4. Region-free GC games?

    I hope they make it region free for GC games and Wii games. The PS3 is region free and I've read a few times (although I don't know if its true or not) that the Xbox 360 is region free but its up to the publishers whether it takes advantage of that or not. The Wii being region free would be a major selling point because I have a few imported GC games I still play regulary.
  5. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Are you talking about the adapter that was mentioned before or something built in instead?
  6. THQ Event

    Oh man that can’t be a Wii shot that’s atrocious. Why do so many Wii games in early build look like PS1 graphics? I don't recall any of the gamecubes games when they showed early shots looking this bad. Then again Tony hawks looked pretty bad a few months ago and now look at it.
  7. Wii: What we don't know

    They should give a demo disc with the Wii that has playable demo's of all the current games availible and Some video's of upcomming games.
  8. Wii: What we don't know

    Thanks for the replys, I would rather of had it like the 360's pads but 60 hours is great And system based friend codes needs to happen.
  9. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    Just as much chance of this being right as there is of it being wrong but: From Gonintendo: http://gonintendo.com/?p=5033
  10. Wii: What we don't know

    Sorry for asking a dumb question but has it been said if the Wiimote takes normal batterys or does it recharge?
  11. Just watching E4 and they ahd this weird animation of a kitten walking up to a purple blob and sniffing it. Then a hand came out and grabed the kitten pulling it inside and the E4 logo came floating out. While all this is happening the background music was the music you hear in OoT when you're playing any of the arrow/slingshot minigames at Bazaar's shop.
  12. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I don’t think most broadband users have a wireless router in their home yet, even if they do there’s still a fair number of people who don’t. Don't get me wrong I'm glad the Wireless thing is built in but they should have put in the Ethernet connection in too. Maybe I’m missing something here, but it goes without saying you need an internet connection to connect to the internet.
  13. Wii Hardware Discussion

    That rules me being online with the Wii then unless I happen to get a Wireless router sometime soon. It wouldnt of been hard for them to have that adapter built in.
  14. Wii Hardware Discussion

    ...So the Wii is only Online out of the box if you have a wireless network?
  15. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii)

    I posted this video in the Wii Discusion thread but its relevant here too: http://www.jeuxvideo.tv/super-monkey-ball-banana-blitz-video-24337.html
  16. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Yeah I think you're right. Seemed odd to me that they would use USB for it. There's a new Video up at JuexVideo of someone playing Monkey ball, but the camera shows them useing the remote rather then the game: http://www.jeuxvideo.tv/super-monkey-ball-banana-blitz-video-24339.html Second video is half Monekyball Footage and haalf people useing the remote: http://www.jeuxvideo.tv/super-monkey-ball-banana-blitz-video-24337.html
  17. Wii Hardware Discussion

    The Nunchuck uses USB? http://gonintendo.com/?p=5021
  18. Battalion Wars Wii (BWii)

    There's a hands on Preview at Kotaku: http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/gc06/gc06-battalion-wars-2-the-perils-of-the-wii-and-ina-the-nintendo-booth-babe-196840.php The guy isnt too impressed with it or the Wii controller but it's pretty funny.
  19. Shenmue

    I had the same trouble with Disc 1 once but I just cleaned the disc and it worked. I really hope you're copys not damaged in anyway ...having it stop at the end of Disc two would drive me crazy.
  20. No 3rd Party Wii Wi-Fi Connection Games!

    I can understand why Fish isnt too happy about this news.Those games Fish mentioned probably would of been online but Nintendo have prevented that from happening by not giving them the tools to do so until next year. This is Nintendo unnecessarily holding back 3rd partys because no doubt they would rather anyone who does go online at launch do it on a Nintendo made game. Also online out of the box isnt that big a deal anymore. Dreamcast did it 5 years ago and 360 does too (be it by xbox live Silver).
  21. Battalion Wars Wii (BWii)

    IGN have just put up some video's: http://media.wii.ign.com/media/849/849911/vids_1.html
  22. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I still can't get over how small the thing is. Weird to think in just a few months we'll take it's looks for granted and it'll just be another electrical appliance in our living rooms.
  23. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    I can make out Baby bowser and Waluigi (not really a surpise) http://gonintendo.com/?p=4973
  24. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Gonintendo have some pictures of the Wii which is making me drool: http://gonintendo.com/?p=4973
  25. YouTube Your Favourite Show Openings!

    Anyone remember Ox Tales? ITV showed it over the summer holidays a million years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU7X2OAIFEo