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  1. New iPods!

    So tiny...
  2. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    Yeah the SoR2 music is awesome and a couple of tracks in SoR 1 are pretty decent too. I was going to buy Sonic mega Gems for the cube because the 3 SoR'S where unlockable games but they took that out of the EU and American copys of the game. The bastards. I hope Super Mario World is on the VC at launch. Out and out greatest game ever made.
  3. Steve Irwin dies

    Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter died last night stung through the heart by a stingray while filming http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200609/s1732439.htm R.I.P
  4. Phantasy Star Universe.

    http://www.phantasystaruniverse.com/index.php at the bottom of the page it has the Xbox logo but everywhere else seems to think the game is comming out later then PC and PS2. I'm sure something will be annoucened soon though
  5. http://www.charlesmartinet.com/ his site, you can hear sound clips of different voices he has done.
  6. Phantasy Star Universe.

    I don't think they have said anything about the 360 being region free yet. I think it is also comming out later then the PS2 and pc versions. I'm hoping we hear something on it this week. BTW the offcial site I linked to in my last post has now changed, the release date at the top of the page changes depending on which country you're in. For the UK it now says November 24th! Not sure I'm willing to wait a month for the EU release so I'm going to import the american version for PC as long as there's no problems in doing that. Still thats a lot better then the 6 months gap between the US and UK release of PSO for the gamecube.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. BTW if people had such an issue with the Cube being pruple, why didnt they buy a black one since both colours where availble at launch.
  8. GT Pro Series (Attachment Confirmed)

    Honestly I think the graphics in Windwaker are brilliant, I brought WW after seeing very little of it other then screenshots and I think one video of Myamoto playing it at E3. Its not the fact that GT Pro series is cel shaded but how bad it looks compared to just other cel shaded games, particularly Auto modellista.
  9. GT Pro Series (Attachment Confirmed)

    Looks pretty bad and unless the gameply has something truly orginal to it its just going to be a fairly generic racing title with crap graphics.
  10. Person is fired from Joystiq

    He should not of been fired because of this.
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Looks awesome, I'm looking forward to this much much more then Sonic wildfire/The secret of the rings.
  12. absolutely Feirce_Link, I've always hated whole hardcore/casuals tags, I think it’s an awful way to label people who buy different games. I don’t know why someone’s choice in games, how many hours they spend gaming or how many reviews they read on the internet before buying it even matters as long as their having fun with it I love the GTA games for example but they seem to always get this casual label put on it and “oh only chavs and people that want to be cool like those games†which is nonsense. I don’t know…I’ve never read a single console war topic that’s been intelligent, its always cheap digs at a “rival†console that usually the person insulting has never played . A lot of the time its simply sour grapes, someone can’t even bare to cope with the fact that something they don’t own might possibly be good so they mindlessly bash it.
  13. Metal Gear Solid 4 Discussion

    IGN have the trailer up in high def: http://uk.media.ps3.ign.com/media/714/714044/vids_1.html
  14. That NEEDS to be the box art. It really does
  15. Rumble Wiimoved from Wii

    Yep the offical site still says it has a rumble feture, I think Ngamer are talking crap. They did a lot of this when they where NGC magazine (although everything else in that mag was great).
  16. Super Paper Mario

    That’s disappointing, I doubt they will do anything special with the Wii remote with this game, had they left it on the cube Wii and cubes players could of both brought it.
  17. PS3 Delayed Till 2007

    Yeah I agree, you never know this might make Nintendo feel there's no rush to release the Wii until next year.
  18. PS3 Delayed Till 2007

    Freakishly Silmilar to the delay the N64 had in Europe 10 years ago. I had no intention of buying PS3 untill Metal gear solid 4 comes out so this news dosnt effect me much other then any then the chance of a slight price drop late 2007 has probably just gone out the window.
  19. Phantasy Star Universe.

    Offcial American site has updated...with the release date: http://www.phantasystaruniverse.com/index.php October 24th!!! I plan to import the American version so this is excellent news.
  20. Zell, can you check the new issue if they let you order back issues already? I missed the first issue and want the DVD aswell.
  21. It took me a while to get used to the fact the gamecube's buttons are not pressure sensitive so holding up guards is a bit different to the PS2 MGS games. Also, I , like a fool, went and collected all the dog tags thinking there would be a reward.
  22. Phantasy Star Universe.

    IGN have a hands on preview up with some new videos and screens: http://uk.ps2.ign.com/articles/730/730181p1.html I've said this already but I really cannot wait for this game, It came out in Japan a couple of days ago and as a result a ton of info about the game has come though; there's loads of screens and videos at PSO-world and more video's being put up at Youtube. By the way just incase anyone wants to know, the level cap is level 50, but that will be raised as the months go on aparently. I think this might be one of the reasons they seperated the Japan and EU/US servers, by the time we get it most JP players should be higher then level 50.
  23. Game you have always wanted to play..

    Why is Mario Kart Arcade "shit"? Just asking ebcause I've never played it
  24. Actually there is no reason why the Official Nintendo magazine Can't have an exclusive piece of information or news before it gets released on the intenet. Rockstar north For example usually release exclusive information on their games to magazines before gaming sites (Like every screenshot shown of Vice city stories so far has been shown magazines and not officially given to any site to show) They are the Official magazine, so you'd think Nintendo would let them know some info before anyone else and give them some exclusives. Isnt that the main draw of the Offcial tag? that they will get some new info before anyone else will? People assume that when a magazine in 2006 has bold claims of “EXCLUSIVE TITLE†that it doesn’t mean “Exclusive title…just so long as you have not read anything on the internet. heck, the Bwii 2 stuff was on teletext the following morning after the Game con.