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  1. Phantasy Star Universe.

    It should do, Sega are useing the same paysite for both American and EU players so it should be fine. Here's a picture of some of the extra clothes you can buy. Gotta love the rappy suit:
  2. Wing Island

    I think the gameplay for this will be a lot of fun, however they really should imporve those graphics.
  3. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    Crazy talk. The GTA games probably have more replay value out there then any other game series. I think the only types of games people put more time into would be a good MMORPG. If this is a GTA game I wonder if it'll be GTA 4 or some sort of spin off or remake.
  4. Shenmue

    Yeah why not I already played Shenmue 1 with the English VO, and played Shenmue 2 on the Dreamcast. lol I already know the acting is bad I just wanna play it!
  5. Shenmue

    I want Shenmue 2 to be on the Xbox 360's backwards compatable list. I already have it on my dreamcast but I'd like to play it with the English voice overs.
  6. Photo Viewer, You don't get it do you??

    Are you suggesting they don't want to pay a few pounds for a picture disc but will have no problem paying £180 for a games console just to do exactly the same thing? This is just a nice extra for us to piss about with our photo's,. I wonder if they will let us map faces from photo's onto characters we use in FPS games just like they where going to with perfect dark on the N64.
  7. Wii Hardware Discussion

    They could just use the Cubes Z button to replace Select. I can't think of many Snes or NES games that did anything with Select other then Zelda link to the past.
  8. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Wii play video's (not Wii sports) Looks a lot of fun: http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/853/853786/vids_1.html
  9. Nice minute long Video at IGN "Awesome Gameplay Montage": http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/748/748589/vids_1.html Also a video of the Wii IGN edioter fishing with the Wii more video thre.
  10. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Can anyone tell me if you can use the Gamecube pad to control VC games?
  11. Rip-off Britain...

    Thank you! I hate the way everyone gets so insecure just because some people don't believe everything Nintendo do is is oh so wonderful and brilliant.
  12. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Shots of the Dev kit incase anyone wants to see: http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/15/wii-developer-kit-shot-in-the-wild-many-luigi-green-with-envy/
  13. European Event- General Chat

    Hey thats perfect. Thats just what I wanted the VC games to cost. Here's a link with that Info incase anyone wants it: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=67671
  14. No DVD

    I don't think having DVD play back is as important as it was 5 or 6 years ago back when the PS2 launched. I mean they are so stupidly cheap now. However Nintendo should never of even mentioned the DVD playback thing in the first place.
  15. I have the money but its too much for what you get. I don't see Wii sports as a full "free game" in the same light as getting Mario world with the snes. Wii sports looks like a cheap demo that would retail at £15 at best. Also Zelda is the only thing I would buy for it and I'd rather wait for the Gamecube version (which will probably be better anyway)
  16. Donkey Kong Barrel Racing

    I’d defiantly recommend it! Jungle beat is easily the most fun game I’ve played in a very long time. don’t worry about the controls; it really becomes like seconds nature to control DK after about 30 seconds of playing. About DK Barrel blast - I’m disappointed its been moved to the Wii. You could already play it on the wii because of the backwards compatible thing now its Wii only. Its another kick in the face for cube owners.
  17. American Event - Gen Chat

    Good question. I have quite a few American games, (my copy of Resident evil 4 is American) for my cube. I'd love it if I could play them without a free laoder disc on the Wii.
  18. Japan Event- General Chat

    ...oh man thats not good. Guess the guys at GAF were right
  19. Japan Event- General Chat

    This is one sexy night. <.<
  20. Japan Event- General Chat

    Hey I see people and loads of chairs. And large screen thing.
  21. European Wii event on Sept 15th

    Anyone think we will see any new Smash brothers brawl stuff tonight?
  22. Happy Birthday Dreamcast! (56k no no)

    I remember in Resident Evil code veronica if you wanted to check you're life you just looked down at the little VMU screen through the controller and it would have a sort of heart beat monitor showing how you're character was doing. Ready to rumble used to have to bars one showing your stamina and the other showing how many punches thrown (I think) However most games just had some sort of moving picture or logo there. Street fighter games usually had the "CAPCOM" logo. What made the VMU's so cool though was stuff like in Soul calibre, when you completed the main game with certain characters, they would give you a mini game that loaded onto the VMU for you to play. Sonic adventure let you raise your Chao things on them like feed it and pet it etc. You could even connect two VMU's together to trade data (make two chaos meet each other for example). Man it’s a shame the dreamcast didn’t have a full life, it really was an awesome console.
  23. Japan.... 2 days in!

    Great post. I've always wanted to go to Japan it sounds like a great place, I look forward to you're next update
  24. Metal Gear Solid 4 Discussion

    Metal gear Solid 3 "Subsistence" is release in October and that has both the orginal Metal gear games (MSX Versions) included on it. I can't belive how badly we got screwed on that game, the Americans have been playing it with its online mode since March!
  25. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    Apparently it was because the if they put the three SoR games in the American version, then Sonic Mega gems would of got a ‘Teen’ rating from ESRB and Sega felt that would effect sales. They just didn’t change it back for the EU . The bastards.