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  1. Matt Casamassina:- Wii Aint Seen Nothing Yet!

    I'm beginning to see why there's so much dislike for this man. The whole story seems to be "I know something you don't, don't get jealous lolz"
  2. Gamecube online no more!

    I went back online with 1 & 2 a few months ago (we thought we'd reunite just before PSU comes out) and there where about 20 people online at the most, and pretty much all of them in locked games. Their was 1 guy in the lobby begging for weapons and every so often a guy called NOA_Bones came along and useing an action replay, try and delete everyones character Shame to see the game go but it is deserted. I wish Sega had taken advantage of the download secteion and let us download quests like West and East tower and some others. Also this means it'll be the last time we can download the Nights, Pyo Pyo and Chu chu rockets GBA games with the GBA connector.
  3. Metal gear solid:Twin snakes

    I liked the Mario and Yoshi figures but that cut scene with Otacon it felt like half the scene the camera was locked onto them. I liked the Zone of the enders clips too. I thought the Psycho mantis stuff was cool, he did the same thing on the Playstation version with some other Konami games.
  4. Shenmue

    There was a video at youtube but someone seems to have taken it down. It was a pretty cool secret hidden in shenmue 2. You had to collect these three medals (bronze, silver and gold) and then the lady in the tomato convenience store would let you play the duck race. I actually enjoyed the task of collecting the medals more then the reward of the duck race itself because to get the silver and gold medals you had to participate in 2 secret fights, one with the lady that sometimes just stands on the pier looking out to sea and the other with the tomato convenience store girl... and she was one of the harder people to fight in the game!
  5. ... he already said, if he wanted to play with friends he'd invite them around his house for multiplayer. I don't know why you feel the need to pretend all these things would make online safe and secure when they actually do no such thing and just end up being needles obstacles and, wait for it: Restrictions.
  6. Gamecube online no more!

    I knew that the PSO servers were closing - March is going to be free to play as I understand but I did not know you had to be recently active, which is pretty annoying if true. This means I cannot go online for the last month. Last time I went online on PSO was October and their where about 7 people online, peak on a Saturday night I'm actually a little sad to see the servers close though, I had some amazing times on both PSO 1/2 and 3 and met many people I still keep i contract with today. I was sometimes putting 12 hours a day into PSO (noting to be proud of lol) because I loved the game so much. So long PSO,thanks for the memories.
  7. Hopefully that image has changed now since the DS and Wii's release. I think pretty much every advert for the Wii has shown people of all ages (DS lite adverts too) playing so if Nintendo are aiming for everyone and anyone, to put a restictive online service will be a strange move. You're right though a lot of people will still see Nintendo as a company for kids and I'm sure some rag like the daily mail would just jump a the chance to try and start some small hysteria when the Wii goes online.
  8. Whenever Nintendo release the DVD playing Wii (and if they release it outside of Japan) They could bump up that 512 internal flash memory just a bit. MS dosnt seem to get any of those problems with Xboxlive or Sony with any of its online titles like Socom.
  9. The rarest game I own is probably Ultimate muscle legends vs new generation (USA), since it was never released here, and sold pretty bad in the states. Awesome game through and the multiplayer mode is probably the 2nd best multiplayer game on the cube (Smash brothers being number 1). I have Metal gear solid twin snakes but is it really rare? I always see it for sale somewhere. Other rare games I got are Phantasy star episode 3 C.A.R.D and Donkey Kong Jungle beat (again sold pretty badly here).
  10. Metal gear solid:Twin snakes

    I didn’t mind the redone voice acting apart from Mei lings new American voice (even if it makes more sense to be American I think the old accent was better ) Music took a down step but the controls were a bit dodgy...Holding Z for First person aiming and I found a bit difficult. Not sure why they went to the trouble of putting in all the dog tags for you collect but have no reward whatsoever for collecting them all
  11. Have a button configuration for the virtual console, y'know so that the option of using the GC pad isn’t pointless for some games.
  12. Wii Hardware Discussion

    And look in the background: The Wii's blue light is on! All is well with the world!
  13. I hope Nintendo haven’t delayed or cancelled the gamecube release for this game in Europe. If they have I'll try and import the American version (hope the free loader hasn’t got any problems with Zelda TP)
  14. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Not sure if this has already been asked and answered here but, does the Wii come with that little stand or is it brought separately?
  15. I wanted that thing so badly when I used to play PSO but it was far too exspensive so I settled for that other keyboard adapter. I could see people in my house using the browser since a lot of the time when my Mum or sister want to look on the internet its for short periods of time. Just turning on the Wii and accessing it would be a lot quicker then booting up the PC.
  16. Wii Hardware Discussion

    From http://gonintendo.com/?p=6083 Must not disassemble! Must not disassemble! Nun chuck is alive!
  17. Cooking Mama: Cooking with International Friends

    That looks like it'll be a lot of fun. If that gets a release here I'd be interested in buying it. Was the DS game any good?
  18. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Not sure how reputable GameKult is but they say this game will have: 70 missions Approximatively 10 hours to finish all the missions, and obviously more to obtain all the medals, hidden items, and other bonuses. No other playable characters. Only Sonic. They shifted from an extremely active gameplay scheme to an oversimplified one because they found the original too tiring. Also according to him, deep gameplays and big adventures don't suit the Wii philosophy. Over 30 mini-games, playable up to four players. Possibility to have online downloadable content. Link: http://www.gamekult.com/articles/A0000051320/
  19. Wii Channels Discussion

    In the Iwata Interveiw on the Wii Channels, they mentioned that they can up to 48 Wii Channels which you could download and have added to the Wii. What type of Channels do you think they could add or would like them to add to the Wii? Other then a porn channel.
  20. If I get a Wii at launch I'd like to download a couple of VC games if the service is up and running and then mess about in the menus and photo channels and things.
  21. I'm not sure if its been posted somewhere else but there are now 2 more parts: Volume 3: Wii Channels parts 1 & 2 http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/wii/?site=v3_01.html&l=enGB
  22. Well I hope Lon Lon Milk returns. Someone was selling replica bottles of this stuff on ebay a while ago Since this is set before Wind waker, I wonder if WW's Links grandma will be in it as a young woman.
  23. Official WWE Thread

    I enjoyed the PPV overall. Not to sure I enjoyed Seeing McMahons bloody face stuffed into Big shows ass though...
  24. Has there been any word on the Cube version of Zelda being released in the UK/EU or has it been canceled?
  25. Phantasy Star Universe.

    It should do, Sega are useing the same paysite for both American and EU players so it should be fine. Here's a picture of some of the extra clothes you can buy. Gotta love the rappy suit: