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  1. 1). A Link Between Worlds. I know this came out in November last year but my game time obviously carried on to the start of this year. It was a fantastic game and really felt like classic Zelda to me despite it having a new item mechanic to it. It would have been nice to have a new overworld rather than one based on A Link To The Past but ultimately it didn't detract from the gameplay. If handheld Zelda titles can continue to progress in this way it would be a good thing.


    2). Mariokart 8. Although I've bought every game in the Mario Kart series without fail, I had been doubting whether or not to get MK8. Since double dash I've felt that the home console versions have been in serious decline but the online options and the N-E league tempted me back again. The game itself is actually great. I've never been a fan of bikes and custom karts but typically it doesn't matter what you're driving as you can beat the AI in anything. Online is a slightly different matter but for the most part I could use a vehicle that still had a classic kart look to it. The league nights (although I only took part in a few) were great and kept me interested in the game but I soon got too busy to take part so I stopped playing altogether. It's still one of the best games I've played this year and it'll always be there if I have company round or have time for league nights again.


    3) Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. I wasn't going to get the 3DS version initially but I caved and bought it anyway. In retrospect I feel like it was a good demo for the Wii U version. Smash is great but I don't think it's greatly suited to the small screen and small controller of a handheld device. I had some good games with it but I've not touched it once since the Wii U version came out. The Wii U version is such an improvement on Brawl - the only game in the series I've not enjoyed. Melee is still, in my opinion, the epitome of Smash but I'm still very happy with Smash Bros U. The online is brilliant and it's pretty much all I do when I play now.


    For next year I would love it if Nintendo can continue to embrace online. Without online I don't think I'd still be playing Smash Bros and I don't think I would've bought MK8 at all. It's so important to have online functionality with games now and I'm glad Nintendo are finally including it. It just needs to feel more like part of the vision of the game rather than something tacked on at the end. It needs to be integrated into the console OS better I think but that's something for their next console (hopefully).


    The gamepad is basically dead to me now as well. It would be nice to see more games with it but at this point I really feel like they should just be cutting it out altogether.

  2. Majora's Mask had a three day cycle. Time literally looped.


    This new Zelda does have sci-fi elements to it from the looks of the trailer, I'd forgotten about that. I still wouldn't say it's indicative of what the series will offer from now on, it's just that sci-fi is in right now. Of course, Nintendo could cash in on this with a new F-Zero, Metroid or brand new IP but oh well :p

  3. The problem is that with each new game in the Zelda series, you're bringing forward your experience from all previous titles. You start every game with nothing but because you know how Zelda works, you know what you have to do. Majora's Mask is great because it starts you off as the confident young hero of OoT and rips it all away from you in the scariest way possible. Right from the start your perceived conventions of the Zelda series are thrown out the window. Every Zelda since then has pretty much followed the standard formula. Twilight Princess turned you into a wolf but it wasn't as shocking as becoming a Deku Scrub in MM.

  4. You've taken mechanics from one game and applied it to a whole series. I could just as easily say Zelda is all about transformation masks and looping time mechanics. The latest game in the Zelda series had none of the things we've both mentioned. I was merely disagreeing with you in a light hearted way but you felt the need to get defensive and call my posts flimsy and paper thin. I am deeply sorry for offending you, I had no idea you were so fragile.

  5. Yeah that segment in A Link Between Worlds where you had to kill the robots with that time shifting train really ruined the game for me :indeed:


    I keep meaning to replay Twilight Princess to see if it really is as bad as we all remember it... here's my list then:


    1. Majora's Mask

    2. Ocarina of Time

    3. Wind Waker

    4. Twilight Princess

    5. Skyward Sword


    On the whole, TP got more right than SS did. Midna > Fi.

  6. Our league positions will be as they normally would and the new teams would all start out in the lowest division. If there's a huge difference in strength I will boost the teams that need it (lower division only) if they want.


    Teams in for the cup:


    Lylat Wanderers

    Recall United

    Atlético Aqui1a

    AFC Dedede

    The Sixty-Fourthers

    Lords of Hydra

    Coloccini FC