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  1. Had to wait to find out why the Coventry/Dedede game wasn't played first. I put the fixtures up on Xpert already but I forgot to post here too, sorry


    Cup Fixtures


    Preliminary round results:


    Chesterfield 4-5 Lylat Wanderers

    AFC Dedede go through by default as Coventry City failed to challenge them.


    Round One:


    Lylat Wanderers vs Recall United

    Winston Garden Lions vs The Roger Federer Crew

    Atlético Aqui1a vs AFC Dedede

    Eights United vs New Forest Rovers


    Please can all home teams challenge by 9pm Thursday

    @dan\-likes\-trees @Jimbob

  2. Cup Fixtures


    Start date Tuesday 24th March.


    Participating Teams:


    1. Lylat Wanderers
    2. AFC Dedede
    3. New Forest Rovers
    4. Chesterfield
    5. The Roger Federer Crew
    6. Winston Garden Lions
    7. Coventry City
    8. Atlético Aqui1a
    9. Recall United
    10. Eights United


    Four teams will take part in a preliminary round with 6 receiving byes.




    1. Chesterfield vs Lylat Wanderers
    2. Coventry City vs AFC Dedede


    Byes to round two:

    New Forest Rovers

    The Roger Federer Crew

    Winston Garden Lions

    Atlético Aqui1a

    Recall United

    Eights United

  3. Surely it's only dangerous to those stupid enough to be facing the wrong way for a selfie?


    Most people that take selfies then? :indeed:


    I remember being terrified in the 1999 one because I was told I'd go blind if I looked at it. I was 10 at the time and that just made me scared to look outside at all haha!

  4. R.I.P. Terry Pratchett. :(


    I always liked the idea of owning the Discworld games on the Sega Saturn, I was always curious to know if they were in any way comparable to the books or at the very least complementary.


    Anyway, this is a sad day indeed.


    My brother had Discworld 2 on PC and it was great. I'm trying to find a version now so I can replay it.

  5. He had been fighting Alzheimers for some time :( sad news. I love the Discworld series but his Bromeliad/Nome trilogy is possibly my favourite set of novels by Pratchett. If you haven't read the Nome books then I highly recommend them. I've always wanted to see a big screen version of those stories.

  6. Bit harsh on Atlético there, I think they've done incredibly well this season. They've only conceded 8 goals all season!


    I honestly didn't think I'd be in with a shot with these away games but doing 6-1 over Zell has turned my attitude right around. Theoretically I could now win with just a draw (or less). Still potential for Aqui1a, Winston and Eights all to break through to first though.


    This is quite an exciting final :D

  7. When did I become mid-tier :( #wasgonnawintheleague



    I don't think it's a case of being mid-tier. I think the current top half of the top league are just really close in strength and skill. It only takes one or two unexpected results to drop 3 or 4 places and this season has been quite unpredictable (although I have predicted a Winston victory which is looking likely :p)