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  1. Had Wario World and completed it, traded it in... not interested in 1080 or donkey konga 2.. It is free though... waste of stars though incase there ends up being something I do want.


    Didn't they have Miyamoto signed posters and t-shirts a while back? I'm really annoyed at missing out on those due to lack of stars... DS made up for it though I am one of the 3000 :D (who got their ds from stars catalogue)

  2. I haven't read any of the above so apologies if it's just repeating ;P


    1. Worldwide release (give or take a week maybe) in May

    2. hopefully between £150 and £200 or even cheaper!

    3. revolution, nun-chuck add-on, controller, hopefully some form of freebie like a demo disc or even a game - not counting bundles :P Mario 128 bundle :D

    4. oooo erm..... £20?

    5. 1 Controller and chosen add-on - maybe £5 dearer if you buy a controller with an add-on rather than just a controller

    6. Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue (in order of likelihoodnessism <-- I know)

    7. Toss up between black or white... probably white as I have a sexy black cube *sings ebony and ivory*

    8. Mario 128 (or whatever it's now called)