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  1. I allowed myself to be swayed too easily in this one. I wanted to vote for Esequiel over animal and I wasn't convinced of Jimbob but it did seem like the only possible outcome. I'd even defended him a couple of times in the game stating that he's the cop and obviously good. I'll put it down to being rusty :p


    Thanks to Sméagol's ability I could communicate with everyone that was night killed. It didn't really help much but it was nice that those players weren't fully out of the game :p

  2. ReZ seems like a sound bet. I attempted to target Mr-Paul but was switched. Whoever I ended up at targeted me (did I end up at myself?).


    I tried to track Mr-Paul thinking it would at least show that he only had one target to narrow things down (or catch him as the killer) but now I've ended up with nothing :p

  3. Sorry again for inactivity. FRUK has been kicking my ass.


    I found out that Sheikah is a target switcher and Yvonne a roleblocker. Obviously we know this, but I wasn't 100% sure we had confirmation, and from everyone left I wasn't 100% sure on either of them, and being great players...seemed sensible.


    Jimbob being the only one not accounted for.....


    Vote : Jimbob


    You already targeted Yvonne, why would you do it again?

  4. Dedede died on night one with a copping power. The mafia may have acted fast to get a cover story. I'm having trouble believing it but everyone else is accounted for unless the mafia can use their ability as well as killing.


    ReZ is a power cop and all powers are out right now so he can't give us anything we don't already know anyway...

  5. I agree that ReZ is shifty but we can't ignore the fact that if he's mafia he would've been roleblocked last night. This only leaves Jimbob as the person who could have killed. Everyone else's actions are accounted for. We can see Mr-Paul highlighted Yvonne, Yvonne targeted me (rendering me roleblocked) and Sheikah caused Yvonne confusion.


    This leaves ReZ and Jimbob. If ReZ is mafia he would've been roleblocked last night (by my ability) so Jimbob must've killed.


    Vote: Jimbob

  6. I had to settle for the game alone. Amazon failed to deliver not only the adapter bundle but the controller as well. The controller would've been here yesterday if I hadn't cancelled it (more fuckery on their part as to cancel the game & and adapter bundle I also had to cancel the controller as it was ordered at the same time despite it being a separate item apparently?) but the adapter and game were not going to arrive until the 19th. I ordered on ShopTo on release day and the copy came today (wasn't able to cancel in time) and I went to Asda on the off-chance, thinking I could just cancel the ShopTo order (just going to return to Asda now) and managed to get a copy there.


    So I was able to get the game with extreme ease from two separate retailers on release day. It does seem that the adapters and/or controllers are the understocked items and not the games which seems ridiculous to me. Nintendo must've seriously underestimated the amount of people willing to buy the game and the controller adapter.


    The only thing I've taken from this is not to pre-order games from Amazon but it's not really damaged Nintendo's reputation in my eyes - they've must've already hit rock bottom as far as I'm concerned :p