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  1. Daaaaaaaazz where have you been? Get those Riddles posted ;P

  2. I'll most likely only be able to stay for the Saturday due to work :(

  3. lol what's Ronnie's problem... =\ totally being a cunt.

    (didn't want to give it any more attention in the thread)

  4. Seriously so jealous of your Zelda badge :| I would pin it to my skin lol

  5. As vain as it may be, I did make myself laugh with that line too ;D

  6. Yeah I was considering posting it there but figured the eShop thread could be for upcoming games to buy and my thread could be for talking about the actual games... but I've got no problem with them being merged, thanks :)

  7. lol forum stretching sig! It looks great but it's too long mate ;)

  8. Play mafia games. DO IT.

  9. It is :D it's just a shame you weren't in it for long :(

  10. I'm liking the new sig/av. I'm getting a 90s sweet shop vibe from the font & colour :p

  11. Yet another reason Denmark is awesome:



    Marmite sucks :p

  12. You win mock the thread! Winner does a round - either a 'scenes you'd like to see' style one or another funny headlines

  13. That's why the war is that much more futile and sad :(

  14. So I was looking through the list of player's signed up to my game thinking "who's missing..."

  15. Game's not full at all :p you're on the list!

  16. My game will definitely start on Saturday, maybe Friday if I get 20 roles by then. Let me know if you're in or out =)

  17. Well if you ever change your mind, don't hesitate! Doesn't take as much effort as it seems though you probably would want to take notes lol. Dazz has only been playing for a few games but he's already well into it.

  18. Mafia lurker!


    Join a game ;)

  19. It was just in the mafia forum of that game I think but Jonnas posted a list of roles from the last game in your newest game and called me Jigglypeeps in it lol.

  20. Caption comp winner = you

  21. lol Jigglypeeps. I saw that earlier and it made me chuckle

  22. Sir,

    I am delighted to inform you that you have beaten off your rivals and emerged victorious in the photogram captioning game. You are obligated to post a new photogram at your nearest convenience. Good day.

  23. Yeah it's a story. I don't want to give anything away because I think part of it's charm for me was that I knew nothing about it - along with it having no name and being by an anonymous writer. It was a surprise to get and a joy to read ;D my mafia will be aaaaages away so hopefully you'll get a chance to read it by then. Got a library near you? ;P

  24. lol I'm tempted to just buy it for you because I'm sure you'll love it ;P

  25. I highly recommend The Book With No Name for you. I think you'll love it as much as I do.