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  1. Well tbh it's mainly overwatch being better to be played as a group lol but there are a few games here and there even back from the PS3 that I've been interested in. It's coming with Drive Club, Uncharted 4 and Rachett and Clank. I'll give each one a bit of a go but I'll probably trade them in lol. Never had a playstation before so there's a big catalogue of exclusives to look through!

  2. I've had it on PC since release but I keep seeing you guys talking about it on facebook and I got a decent deal on a ps4 today. I'll be trading in a couple of games and getting overwatch tomorrow so can add you then :D

  3. Thank you for posting this (specifically the nintendo fan thing). I wanted to post it myself but it would just be adding fuel to the fire without an actual on-topic post to make in that thread :p

  4. Gotta love classic Simpsons :)

  5. I'm pleased that I figured you for a terrorist :p (in Sméagol's mafia game for anyone viewing this out of context)

  6. You've no room left in your PM inbox so I'll reply here :p


    If you could include the list of team names and the forum counterparts, that'd be cool :)


    AC Elites - Ellmeister

    Battlestar Odwinica - Mr Odwin

    DuDs Baggies - DuD

    Eights United - Tales

    Intergalactico Stars - Nikos

    Madpool - MadDog

    Rising Phoenix - Not on forum

    Silverdale Hotpot - Rowan

    Winston Gardens FC - Dan-Likes-Trees

    Yellow Submarine - Zell


    Aqui1a All Stars - Aqui1a

    Bayer Neverlusen - Charlie

    bob - bob

    Dragooooo - Flink

    Hadens Rangers - Haden

    Leeds M.O.T - Lucas

    Real Peeps - The Peeps

    The Comerade Co-op - Not on forum

    The Sixty-Fourthers - Gaggle

    The Roger Federer Crew - Not on forum


    AC Twozzinio - Twozzok

    Andys Allstars - Not on forum

    Coloccini FC - Milagi

    Cubic County - Cube

    Fedex United - Not on forum

    JD United - Jon Dedede

    Les Balbuzards - Not on forum

    Multiple Scorgasms - Fish

    Recall United - Jimbob

    Rossers Rovers - Not on forum



  7. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Congrats on getting engaged!

  9. You need to clear some space in your inbox dude! I can't send you any PMs :p

  10. You have an awesome username. Happy birthday

  11. Your signature reminds me of this image:




    Because of the guy on the right :p

  12. When it is your birthday, I will post this in your thread: ron.jpg

  13. How do you post like this drunk when you sent me that PM sober? ;P

  14. Come in the chatrooooooooooooom

  15. Added you back :p sorry it took so long

  16. It's mostly that I'm too lazy to enter in codes ;)

  17. Thanks for the add, I'll probably not add you back though lol. Nothing personal, I just don't see the point as I currently only play Mariokart online and we have the N-E community for games :)

  18. I will add you back if there's ever a chance of us having a game together :p at the moment I only have mariokart to play online and I always go into the N-E community so no need for friend codes so far ;)

  19. I hope you get 'mentioned' in every mafia sign-ups from now on ;)

  20. Fuck his jib.


    (really made me laugh for some reason)

  21. That must be it :p