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  1. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    I should be able to turn up for the day
  2. So, I've been thinking about whether or not I want a switch and the main draw at the moment is Breath of the Wild. This game is of course available on Wii U so my first question is really: what benefit is there for getting it on Switch instead of Wii U? My second question is: besides BotW, what games are currently out that are worth getting? I will accept games that are due to be released within the next month too. I like the concept of the Switch but I don't want another Wii U situation. I will mostly be using the Switch as a single player although I'll have a few opportunities for multi-player action too. Is it worth getting now or should I wait for more games and a price drop? Is it worth the money now?
  3. Should I get a switch right now?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I do want a switch and I know I'll end up getting one eventually so I think I will go down the route of trading in/selling my Wii U to help keep costs down. The real thing holding me back was the price. It's not that I think it's overpriced but that I was trying to justify spending all that money on a console I wasn't sure about. I like the increased portability with the switch and there are a couple of games I'm interested in (Fast RMX and Arms). Oh and I already have a PS4 :p
  4. Yooka-Laylee

    I backed it but I've held off playing any of the toybox so I can go in fresh. If I were getting the Nintendo... whatsitcalled.. I'd definitely switch to that version.
  5. Doctor Who

    Or hopefully at least one episode with good writing.
  6. Conflict With Neighbours?

    Maybe try and confirm everything first, it seems like there's a lot of "I'm not sure/I don't believe him" in there. You need to know for sure where you're allowed to park really.
  7. Forum apps.

    I just use my phone browser and it's generally fine
  8. "To Rummy. May this phone bring you many years of- D'OH!"
  9. Will you be getting a Switch at launch?

    The whole lot is overpriced and I've felt Nintendo have been lacking since half way into the Wii's lifespan. I can wait for Zelda (or can always get the Wii U version if not) so I'll probably get one around Christmas if there's a decent price drop and a couple more games I want (also at cheaper prices).
  10. MadDog Marathon [£1750+ raised!!]

    Donated 11 pounds
  11. Overwatch

    I can only play quickplay right now because you have to be lvl 25 for ranked so I'm happy for anyone to join me too :p
  12. Overwatch

    Finding it easy enough with controller although that may be more of a comment on my current opponents! Only at level 5 though because I've been playing solo so no group XP bonus
  13. Xbox Live Gamertags / PSN IDs / Steam Lists

    Can't find it in the list to put it in my avatar to the left so here it is: Falco_Peeps
  14. Well tbh it's mainly overwatch being better to be played as a group lol but there are a few games here and there even back from the PS3 that I've been interested in. It's coming with Drive Club, Uncharted 4 and Rachett and Clank. I'll give each one a bit of a go but I'll probably trade them in lol. Never had a playstation before so there's a big catalogue of exclusives to look through!

  15. Overwatch

    Bought a ps4 on Amazon today so that will arrive tomorrow with some games that I don't want. I'll be trading them in for overwatch tomorrow ;D Been playing on PC since release so expect complaints about how controllers are inferior to mouse/keyboard but other than that I'm looking forward to playing with the rest of you
  16. I've had it on PC since release but I keep seeing you guys talking about it on facebook and I got a decent deal on a ps4 today. I'll be trading in a couple of games and getting overwatch tomorrow so can add you then :D

  17. Arrow Season 5

    Yeah I lost confidence/interest in it after season 4 ended so I've not bothered with the latest season at all. The Flash is much better although this season has been a bit off.
  18. I'm sure Mario Maker won't conflict with mario kart and you'd be welcome to use my Wii U
  19. Marvel's Phase Three

    It was a complete and satisfying story but I still felt like it was too short and I wanted more. I guess that's how films should be really!
  20. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Spoke about the Switch to a few people at work today, they'd seen it announced but all thought it was called U-Switch =\
  21. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Really wasn't interested in the NX all that much until now. Curse you Nintendo, how do you always pull me back in! This had better make up for the Wii U... from the looks of it I think it will!
  22. Your favourite Smash, Kart & Party

    Mario Kart 64 My first N64 game and possibly one that I've played more than any other N64 title. It's definitely the game I've played the most out of all in the series. Something about the track design and the handling just really clicked and I think only Mario Kart DS has come close to repeating it. I will still play this iteration when my brother comes over and we go through each GP. Not a single hated track. Smash Bros Melee Smash Bros 64 was a brilliant breath of fresh air but this game expanded upon the original so well while remaining true to the fundamental gameplay. In Smash 64 I used Kirby exclusively so I was a bit disappointed with the changes made to him in Melee but once I found a main in Falco, I couldn't put the game down. Hours of replayability across multiple game modes. This game balanced substance and gameplay perfectly. Even after beating the main game and the challenges you could play them again and again. If you did get bored there was always VS mode against friends or AI. I didn't get on with Brawl. Something just felt off about the game. I found the online mode completely unplayable and the gameplay just wasn't the same as Melee so I simply reverted back. Smash Bros Wii U/3DS improved on Brawl a lot and the online was actually manageable. I didn't like the changes made to Falco since Melee though and although I found a new character that suited me (Little Mac!). It's probably nostalgia and the fact that I simply had more free time when Melee was released but I sunk way more hours into that game and would opt to play that over any other iteration given the chance. Mario Party 4 This was the first Mario Party released on the GameCube and my introduction to the series. I think I got it as a present which I hadn't asked for but was grateful for it all the same. It was a good game to play with my family but obviously not a game I would really play alone. I only got use out of it once a week when we'd go to my Uncle's house but we'd always have fun with it. I picked up a few later iterations but this is the one I played the most. It's not really a series I care about :p
  23. MadDog Marathon [£1750+ raised!!]

    I have already posted in the social group a while back but I'd just like to re-iterate that I'm up for taking part as a 24hr gamer :p
  24. Well now that I have weekends free with my new job I'd be up for that any time : peace: